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Written by Tweeters Monday, 05 October 2015 08:12

Ramsey must play in the middle". This they suggest would allow the OX to play as a wide forward. That idea is now totally discredited based on recent performances by the Englishman. Others of that cult have gone  further and suggest that Rambo should play centrally instead of Santi. The idea that we not play our most technically proficient central-midfielder so as to shoehorn the Welshman

Written by Tweeters Sunday, 27 September 2015 03:48

His performance was excellent. I also noticed that he was holding the ball up much better. He needs to improve on his composure and finishing a little but that will come with just starting more games. I don’t see Wenger signing a striker or any player for that matter in January and with Giroud off form and Danny Welbeck injured I see Theo being given the opportunity to make that position his own until Welbeck is fit at least. He is making very Henry like runs and I feel we COULD be watching the next evolution of Theo into a genuine world-class striker. How far he goes depends a lot on how often Wenger starts him in that position. If he starts 80% of our games in that position, barring injury he will get between

Written by Tweeters Saturday, 19 September 2015 23:59

I think if Dean saw both of Costa's assaults on Koscielny, then there is no excuse for NOT giving Costa a red card. It was great to see Gabriel stand up to Costa at first, but after both were booked there was no need to remain so close to him. After the yellow, Gabriel's attitude was a childish and got himself sent off in the dumbest of ways. He completely felt for Costa's game, he was too innocent. Although I'm not exactly sure what it was Mike Dean saw for Gabriel's red, it couldn't have been worse than either of Costa's attacks on Koscielny

Written by Tweeters Friday, 18 September 2015 05:02

Yes. It's hard not to sound bitter. No matter how many times I watch it back I can't see how it's not a foul for us on his first yellow. Should he not challenge for the ball? Eyes on the ball and the player backs in to cause, what looked a nasty fall. My first reaction was worry that he'd got injured. The second is soft at most. He's trying to play the ball. VERY harsh

Written by Alex Bird Monday, 14 September 2015 06:26

You recoil with horror yet his is all very sensible, particularly in a Moneyball sense. You know, cleansing your mind of the biases that deny the hard data, emancipating yourself from the kind of reflex devotion to your team that bookmakers prey on. Think of the Tottenham fan betting that this will be the season they break the top four, or a Liverpool supporter convinced that 2015-16 is their year. They're danged fools, right?
I don't want to be a danged fool, and with nothing to say in the face of this common sense I accepted the possibility that I too might learn to enjoy a goal by someone I don't like. And I have to admit it feels great.

Written by Tweeters Sunday, 13 September 2015 03:31

I think he can do a job there but he isn't the world class striker that we're looking for. It's interesting that he's now only really looked at as a striker after playing most of his football on the right. Sometimes I wonder wether or not Wenger could tinker with things and have him playing off Giroud, looking for those flicks. I still think the manager will buy big in the striker department when the right one comes along.

Written by Alex Bird Monday, 07 September 2015 04:42

So when you run down the names that were mooted, Joey Barton is the decaying scrotal sack our Frankenstein frankly doesn't need. Charlie Austin is a replacement appendix. Yeah, he might serve as a useful squad player for a few months. What happens when we realise that he's a bottom-half player at best, and have to pay inflated salary for a few more years?
Who else? Callum Wilson is a third nipple, and Victor Wanyama is a head growing out of our monster's chest. Pretty cool as it goes, and I'd love to hear him say