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Written by Tweeters Saturday, 29 August 2015 17:04

Tempo Tempo Tempo. Arsenal at tempo are Arsenal. We are based on technical ability at speed. That’s not just pace of foot but pace of pass and how we receive and move the ball. Ok we seemed to of lost our scoring character and decision making. Choosing the wrong foot or style of finish. It’s not as simple as buy a new striker - it’s mentality issue for me and all you can do is work harder and practice finishing until the mental barrier is broken then the goals will flow. Not creating chances is a bigger issue as that tells you that your pattern of play is deficient. Just relax it will come

Written by Tweeters Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:42

It was Cech or Coquelin for me. Both of them kept us in the game in the first with big saves and good tackles. I would go with Big Pete because he finally showed us why Wenger wanted him so much. The save from Benteke shows how fast he can still move and shuffle his feet (save of the season already). For once a goalkeeper who had a blinder the Emirates was ours.

Written by Tweeters Sunday, 16 August 2015 22:49

Firstly, I'd have to credit Palace's fans today. Having experienced several away days in the past couple of years, they really are the loudest and simply never turn their back on their team, I'd say the Emirates crowd could learn a lot! Secondly, let's take 4 or 6 points from the next 2 games before the break, more fitness in the legs and make a real fist of this title race!

Written by Tweeters Sunday, 09 August 2015 17:42

On the 1st goal, Cech has to take the blame. If you come out for a cross, you must get something on it. Thats a cardinal rule of goalkeeping. If he had stayed on his line and the header was on target, ultimately resulting in a goal, then we could blame the marker on the set piece. As for the 2nd goal, no blame on Cech. The defence switched off as soon the Ox lost the ball. By the way, this is becoming a bad habit he needs to cut out of his game ASAP. We saw him lose the ball in dangerous positions against Monaco last season and more recently against Everton in pre-season, both errors leading to us conceding needlessly, just like today

Written by WengerBoy Thursday, 02 July 2015 15:32

Our squad, rocked as it was, would have crumbled without his influence that season. Our best player, some guy called Ronald I think, had the best year of his career - he could not have done any more. That extra 5-10% - the difference between gasping our last breath as the turbulent current pulled us under and grasping the life preserver with our outstretched hand - would have to come from someone else. In a team with an equally moderate smattering of talent and brain cells we desperately needed another leader – on the pitch and off it - to help shepherd the masses

Written by Tweeters Saturday, 30 May 2015 23:16

I think if we all looked at the game objectively perhaps. This was a team we trounced 3-0 and 5-0 before the exit of Paul Lambert and while Tim Sherwood has gotten them to this point and with huge improvement in the form of Christian Benteke, they have still been capable of getting shelled due to their desire to be an attacking side. With that in mind we should have been a lot more confident, but you can't blame Arsenal fans for being a nervous wreck. Last year's final was several heart attacks in 120

Written by JR Thursday, 28 May 2015 14:02


Wenger is loath to sign players in order to keep them from the clutches of other teams; Fabregas was the most recent example, opting not to sign the player due to Ozil’s status at the club despite knowledge that Chelsea would follow up with a bid. Similarly, Wenger recommended Antonio Valencia to Wigan back in 2008; having scouted the player for quite a while, Wenger recommended him to Steve Bruce as we were well stocked for wide players at the time. It is one of the attributes that makes him such a fantastic man to work with, his compassion and respect for his players is well known and is one of the reasons he is spoken of so highly of by former players. But with the financial arsenal at his disposal, it may now be the time to become rather more cold-blooded.