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Welcome to your world of sport, welcome to eGO

I have heard and read a lot of ex footballers, pundits, journalists criticise Wenger for not stumping the cash for Cahill rather than going for a cheap alternative in Per Mertesacker. I see no reason why anyone would fault Wenger's judgement on this one. Mertesacker has a wealth of experience which Cahill can only dream of. He has won the Uefa Cup with Werder Bremen, competed in the Champions League and represented his country at the highest level. He has 75 caps for his country, Played 147 Bundesliga

Out of the blue Arsenal snapped up the experienced Brazilian International from Turkish side Fenerbahçe in which is played 52 times scoring 10 goals. A strike rate that Emile Heskey would be proud of. At just over £6m he looks like a bargain. Santos looks like a powerful, yet very skilful wide player who will probably enjoy bombing forward down the Emirates turf. When Gael Clichy was at Arsenal, we usually had Sagna pushing forward to provide the width and crossing while Clichy stayed

Considering the fact they were thrust in at the deep end, the kids didn’t do too badly. An undeniable ray of light was Emanuel ‘DEEEEEEEENCH’ Frimpong whose performance before his red card has been rightly lauded from all quarters. After all the tippy-tappy, it’s refreshing to see a more combative element to the Arsenal midfield. There’s no way the team will ever be considered a ‘soft touch’ with this lad charging about like a rabid rhinoceros on speed. For all the talk of Arsene Wenger’s youth policy

The positives from the game was our back 4 and Frimpong. Vermaelen was gold on the day, Caroll didn't get a sniff. Vermaelen won everything on ground and in the air, its a real shame we didn't get to keep a clean sheet on that kind of performance.  Miquel was very impressive and he was very unlucky that his clearance hit Ramsey and went in to give Liverpool the lead. Jenkinson was impressive too

In defence, we definitely have Gibbs out of proceedings tomorrow, Djourou is rated 50-50. We saw Jenkinson make his debut for us in the Champions League the other night and to be honest I wasn't convinced with his performance at left back. Yeah, I agree he isn't a left back and he would suffer against a Liverpool side who are likely to play Downing on the right of their attack to trouble the inexperienced Jenkinson. Jenkinson on the right is his preferred position, while Sagna on the left who

With all the focus on Cesc Fabregas over the past few days you’d be well within your rights to consider Arsenal a one man team - a one man team no longer in possession of that one particular man. A no man team, then  Luckily for all of the Arsenal world, and unluckily for any of our potential opponents, we are not in fact a one man team. We are perhaps a team minus one man, but that’s about as far as

We still need a replacement for Cesc, I know no one in the squad or what Wenger is looking at outside of the squad can replace Cesc but still we need someone who can come in to soften the blow of the impending Cesc's departure. A player like Mata could do a fine job and whispers suggest he is one of the players Wenger is looking at along with Jadson. I don't know a awful lot about

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more