Good morning to you all, I am in a bad mood today and this time it is not because of Arsenal. Although I could always include it into my mood to make my mood even worse.

My reason for my mood is just pure tiredness. I played football last night and my body has not coped very well with it. Anyway, I'm sure you did not click this article to hear about me but to be honest there is not much going on in the world of Arsenal apart from us looking forward to the Bolton match.

Johan Djourou is willing to wait for his chance to get into the first team, now that's the kind of attitude that I like to hear.

There were rumours flying around earlier that William Gallas has told Wenger that he wants off in the summer to AC Milan. I have a very good source (my aunties, sisters, brothers, son who writes a blog now and again)
Would I be surprised? Nope, not at all. But I would be very pissed off though.

** Anyway, its just a rumour so there is no point beating someone up about it just yet.

It made me feel a little sick watching the three English champions league teams progress while our players were sat at home playing with their playstation 3's, not a good feeling. But thank you to Tottenham fans for making it a little easier for me to digest.

I was thinking the other day about next season. What happens if Arsene does not sign any new players and we finish 4th again, will the board continue to think, its ok because we are in the Champions League. And will Arsene continue to stick with his plan? It's an interesting thought don't you think?

Anyway, I have to go and get on with the routine of everyday life, but at least its Friday. Have a good one ywall. Here is James with the match preview.....

** - Arsenalvision do not advocate violence in anyway, it is not clever please do not take what I say literally, unless the person happens to be from the following... Tottenham Fans, Chelsea Fans, Manchester United Fans, Ashley Cole, Sam Allardyce or any of the Bolton team, especially that large headed freak Kevin Davies. Its ok to do so, just ask your local policeman first to get the all clear