Why oh why do they allow matches to be played on Valentines day.

Don't they understand that this causes problems all over the country with girlfriends and wives making lives difficult for men. My girlfriend thinks she is smart. She came out with something like

"You might as well just watch the game because you normally put Arsenal first"

In my younger days I would have thought "sweet! She is fine by it" but experience tells me that really means.

"I want you to try and watch it so I can moan and complain for as long as I can"

so what to do? Any help would be much appreciated. I created an animation last year, and I thought I'd share it with you as its quite fitting.

Onto other news. The Sun says that we are linked to Scott Carson who is on loan from Liverpool to Charlton. He had a great game against us at the Emirates earlier in the season. But I don't see any quotes or anything substantial from the article. Good luck to the gunners tomorrow, I hope we can have another Anfield type of performance. And good luck to all the blokes out there.