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I didn't want to write about it after the match so I thought I'd wait for a few days and hopefully I'd see it a bit clearer. Nope, still pretty much the same really.

While alot of people have blamed Blackburn for not trying to play football I didn't think that was the main problem. To be honest how could you argue with what Mark Hughes did. His team just came back from a Uefa cup match in Germany and he was missing several of his better players. Pedersen, McCarthy, Savage and a few others were not available for selection.

His stronger side came to Arsenal and were hit for 6 so you can't expect Blackburn to attack an inform Arsenal side with a weak team away from home. What I do expect is to see an Arsenal team try a bit harder to beat a defensive side at home.

In the first half I thought I was watching a training session. Most of the first 45 minutes was played at walking pace.

But weren't the players tired from the Bolton match a few days earlier?

Nonsense! 9 changes to that side rubbish that theory. We had enough quality to beat Blackburn by three goals. It certainly was not the players ability. The likes of Cesc, Henry, Ljungberg, Toure and Gallas should have proved to be enough to overcome a weakened average side at home.

I've used the word tempo on this site a number of times already. The victory at Bolton was all about tempo, it was fantastic to watch and Bolton could not live with us. Arsenal went to the opposite end of the scale against Blackburn.

It was far too easy for Rovers to deal with. Poor Theo Walcott really should be removed from first team duties and away from the spot light. His first touch was a constant problem and as soon as he got possession he had two Blackburn players around him.
He is currently finding it hard to deal with one defender so needless to say young Theo had another game to forget.

Ljungberg didn't make any runs into the box which meant that he didn't do anything worth talking about. Flamini is now 5 choice in his preferred central midfield position. And it shows. He is a defensive player who makes runs forward far too often and play breaks down around him. Flamini will only be a squad player or he will have to look elsewhere because he just isn't good enough to be an Arsenal player.

Thierry Henry had another off game. Coasting through the game without breaking sweat. He is floating around the D trying to be Bergkamp.
He is not playing on the shoulder of the last defender anymore. He isn't waiting for through passes so he can use his pace and finish off chances. This is what made him a success at Arsenal. Is this Arsene or Thierry? Either way I don't really like it very much. The only one to come out of the game with any credit is Jeremie Aliadiere.

At least he had a go. He ran at the Blackburn defence as much as he could. But even the much improved Aliadiere could not get into the game as much as he could have. He did earn a clear penalty that the referee decided not to give. He did have a bloody awful game to be honest. Gave us alot of decisions that he shouldn't have. But then didn't give us the obvious.

Rosicky and Adebayor came on and made a difference. The tempo increased but it was far to late. Friedel had another typical display against us and made a double save from Henry and Hoyte.

If we are to progress in all competitions then we are going to have to start games as we finish

  • 15 Sep 2015
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