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Apologies for the absence in the last week or so. That's what moving house does to you I suppose. I was going to talk in detail about the Everton match but its been spoken about, written about and thought about already. I've missed the last train for the Everton discussion. What I will say is that there was no surprise it was always coming. Too many changes at the back, no goalscoring strikers.

This could have quite easily been the result against Aston Villa but luck was on our side through the match, as we all know, luck runs out.

Arsene spoke to the press about the return of Nicklas Bendtner next season to compete with our forwards. Is this an indication that Julio Baptista will not be wearing an Arsenal shirt next season? 6 Strikers competing for two places isn't really going to work so 1 maybe 2 players will go. We know that other player is Jeremie Aliadiere. Its a shame because when he is involved in the game he looks quite bright. Works hard, makes runs and takes on defenders (Bolton away springs to mind in the FA cup) unfortunately his confidence appears to be low right now and looks nervous infront of goal. I still think there is a good player in him.

Next up is another trip to Anfield, we have had a nice little time up there lately but this is at another stage of the season to the earlier results against them and will mean virtually nothing.

Before that we have a whole load of these crap International matches. Alot of people enjoy them but they bore me silly, extremely boring. They make me want to beat someone with a wooden spoon. So no doubt we will get a lovely extension to our already overcrowded injury list. If we are lucky enough to have our players back from their pointless duties without strains, knocks etc then I would like to see us go to Anfield and play 4-5-1. Adebayor would return as the lone front man with a midfield of Rosicky, Cesc, Gilberto, Diaby and Hleb with hopefully Eboue and Clichy returning to fullbacks. Gilberto would hold and this would allow Cesc and Diaby the freedom to push forward and support Adebayor.

I think Diaby has goals in him. I personally don't see how he can line up alongside Cesc in the middle of a 4-4-2. His natural game is to attack and drive forward. Its a bit like the way that Cesc and Vieira didn't really work, and Vieira was more defensive than his clone. The two young major talents need to be alongside Gilberto, Makelele, Marquez. That's why I think the 5 in midfield could really benefit the current fit squad members.

I hope Wenger doesn't keep up the Gilberto at centre back idea that has popped into his head in recent weeks. Berty boy scared the hell out of me against PSV and although he was better against Everton he was sorely missed in midfield in both matches. Diaby or Cesc are not going to fill in at right back when Eboue gets caught too far forward and make last ditch tackles.

I hold my hands up it has taken me a while to totally appreciate what Gilberto does in his role. Its easy to notice that he can look poor on the ball (although that seems to have improved alot this season) but what he does off the ball is very important to Arsenal, he has been one of the plus points this term.

I hate comparing us to Manchester United but when I watched them against Bolton I looked hard for the differences between our style and their style. And what I noticed is that Manchester United play to go forward. Everything is done with the intention of having a goalscoring opportunity.

When I watched the game at Goodison I saw us play with the intention of passing. Side to side, into gaps, Cesc playing low curling cross field passes to the right. Nothing very direct, nothing urgent enough. That has been the case for most of the season. Pires, Bergkamp, Wright, Anelka, Overmars were aggressive in the final third. Ronaldo and Rooney are aggressive around the box. Hleb, Cesc and Adebayor are not.

It seems like young French wonderkid Gilles Sunu is set to put pen to paper on a four year deal. I have looked high and low for a clip of him but its no use. Maybe something will creep out once he puts pen to paper. Apparently he is being named as Henry the 2nd, lets home its the good side of Mr Henry.
The guy is only 16 so along with Merida and Lansbury we may have to wait until next seasons Carling cup to see them in first team action.

Did you all see the shit at the end of the Tottenham Chelsea match? Only a Spurs fan can miss someone who isn't looking the right way from a few inches away! Well what would you expect.

Now I ain't saying the Spurs fan was right.... but I understand. Should have chosen Ashley Cole though.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more