I hate International week, mostly because it means there is not much Arsenal news to talk about.

I think Arsene forgot to mention to William Gallas when he signed him that our club are alot more classy than those wannabe big club lot from West London. We don't air our dirty laundry in public.

I have to agree with alot of what he said but he has no right to go talking about this to the press. I hope Arsene sits him down and translates this in French "William? Can you shut your mouth" and then we can move on as a club.
There is no doubt that we haven't seen the best of William Gallas at Arsenal yet and he will be a massive plus to our side. Apart from being a loud mouth off the pitch he is a talker and an organiser on the pitch which we have a lack of a the moment. So he will be vital to us in the longer term.

Abou Diaby made his debut for France coming on in the last minute, he will soon become a regular.

There is alot of rumours of a takeover at the Gunners which is not really a surprise. With the share prices going through the roof. I think it maybe a little more than just a rumour. But only time will tell. If something happens I think this will have to be a separate article.

Freddie Ljungberg convinced Sweden national team to train at Arsenal as the standard is so high.

I read a very interesting and entertaining article from Inside Arsenal about how life might look if Arsene Wenger and Arsenal football club did not cross paths, have a read.

Before I go, I would like to welcome Mornay Visser (3) and Michael Cheeseman to Arsenalvision, they have some very good ideas and good quality articles up their sleeves. So hopefully its onwards and upwards for AV.