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Manchester Utd owe £650 million with annual interest of £60 million a year!

Yes the Glazers are buying players but with money the club doesn’t have. He is not a football fan so he wants to make money. How he can do that whilst paying off the debt is beyond me, by the time man utd pay it off he will probably be dead, what’s in it for him, I can’t find anything, and this is what frightens me. I can’t figure out what’s these yanks want to do with our clubs.

Liverpool were bought for £220 million, are fairer price but the two investors Hicks and Gillett are not as rich as the Glazers or Kroenke, the club has no debt from the takeover, however a new stadium lets say costing £140 million is in the process, are the owners paying for that or is that on Liverpool’s debt, new signings from the owners pockets of Liverpool’s. With Abramovich spending millions at Chelsea what do these Americans think is going to happen, they can spend £30m on players and buy the title? I don’t thinks so, and with Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Villa, and perhaps now Arsenal being bought there is no guarantee of winning on the pitch so it’s something off of the pitch that interests them.

Therefore, a new owner say Kroenke, buying Arsenal is looking to make money, he spends half his fortune buying the club, is he going to wipe away the stadium debt as well and then spend £50m on players in his first season? £600m + £230m + £50m.

£900m from someone who is worth $1.8 billion (£900m) I don’t think so.

Do they believe that the US dollar will further deteriorate meaning that at say $4 to the pound they will sell at £600m ($2.4 billion) risky strategy I think?

Do they believe in the global brand of football and when the American and Chinese markets take in the premiership that they’ll triple they’re investment?

I am in Hong Kong and I have been to China and with the exception of a few, football or any sport for that matter is not on the top of their agenda.

How about Africa and South America, 2 football loving continents, oh wait, no money, when they will have money? Probably not for 100 years or so. Either way it seems to be a risky strategy of making money quickly and why would a load of old 60+ yanks get into it if they wouldn’t see and profits.

Arsenal will take 20 years to pay off the stadium, at that point under the current board; we will be a big global club, with superstars, a big 60,000 seater stadium, millions of fans and no debt to hold on the pitch investment back.

With Kroenke, we will take 20 years to pay off the stadium debt, as long as he places no other debts on top, we will be a big global club, with superstars, a big 60,000 seater stadium, millions of fans and if we have no debt the profits will be reinvested into the team? Or put in Kroenke’s pocket to finally reap some benefit of his investment 20 years earlier, if he is alive.

Liverpool will have a stadium debt and owners that want some money back from their investment.

Man Utd will have a huge debt and owners that want some money back from their investment.

Chelsea will be relying on a crooked Russian who will sell the club and leave them in terrible debt without a stadium to finance it, once he is arrested like all of his friends who raped the Russian government and People in the mid nineties.

Arsenal (current board) will have stadium debt and owners that want to see the club progress.

Arsenal (Kroenke) will have a stadium debt and owners that want some money back from their investment.

Please do not be so short sighted as to believe that Kroenke will be good for Arsenal, he will not be the one paying for the stadium or superstars, it will be us the fans, with higher ticket prices and a stadium that is for football on the weekends and an Asda during the week! (All those that don’t know, Kroenke’s wife is a Walton and her personal wealth is twice as much as his – family own Walmart)

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more