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Under 17 World Cup 2007

AFC (4)

1. Japan

2. Korea DPR
3. Tajikistan
4. Syria

CAF (4)

1. Nigeria

2. Togo
3. Ghana
4. Tunisia


1. Haiti

2. Honduras
3. It is between; Canada,
4. Trinidad and Tobago and the USA
5. Costa Rica Jamaica,


1. Brazil

2. Colombia
3. Argentina
4. Peru

OFC (1)

1. New Zealand

The UEFA U-17 European Championship final tournament will take place in Belgium from 2-13 May, with five of the eight participants qualifying for the FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007. Group A will comprise France, Spain, Germany and the Ukraine, with the Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland and England competing in Group B. The top two from each pool will progress to the semi-finals and clinch a ticket to Korea, where they will be joined by the winner of the fifth-placed playoff between the third-placed teams.

HOST (1) 1. Korea Republic

I will not bother with looking at the all of the European teams, just those I here have a promising youth, and maybe England too.

Anyone who wants to mention work permits remember we can send them to feeder clubs.



Player to watch Yoichiro Kakitani, a Cerezo Osaka midfielder whose dazzling play won him the Most Valuable Player award at this year's AFC U-17 Championship. He appeared in five of Japan's six matches, scoring four goals.

Arsenal’s Interests

Japan will always have the odd star and won the Asian youth cup, after Wenger’s time in Japan expect him to be watching.

South Korea (hosts):

Players to watch.

Yoon Bitgaram / Ju Sung-Hwan / Bae Chun-Suk

Arsenals Interests

One of the nations we do not have representing us, each age is improving and it wont be long till they produce a world class player, we should be watching.

North Korea

Very little to find about this team, but they showed good quality in Peru 05, beating Ivory Coast 3-0, we all know how good the Ivory Coast are at producing quality at the moment. Plus they were finalists in the Asian Youth Cup

Cannot find the squad but Ri Myong-Jun, Ri Sang-Chol and O Jin-Hyok (their playmaker) are there forward threat.

Arsenals Interests

They are a little behind there southern neighbours in terms of quality but to the Gunners though.


I can’t find much. 3rd in the Asian youth cup beating south Korea, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and others on the way, but were eliminated by North Korea in the semis.

Star player

Affectionately nicknamed ‘beanpole’, 16-year-old Davrondzhon Tukhtasunov is Tajikistan’s top marksman. He burst into the continental arena at this year’s AFC U-17 Championship, scoring four times to help his team qualify for FIFA U-17 World Cup Korea 2007- idol is Thierry Henry and with his lightning speed, deft skills and sharp nose for goals, Tukhtasunov is hoping prove Tajikistan’s answer to Arsenal’s fantastic Frenchman.

Arsenals interests

If he is as quick as they say then expect wenger to be looking as almost every young player we sign have frightening pace. Apart from this I think the quality of the championship will be elsewhere.


Star Player

Mohammad Jaafar Asian youth cup golden boot with 6 goals. There only hope.

Arsenals Interests

Very little.



Forever producing quality players, the African nations have caught up in recent years but they are still a top African nation. Looking in midfield for the powerhouse players.

Arsenals Interests

Some good quick strong players, seems to be perfect for the Premiership. This team will have at least one future star.


A rising nation from Africa who could surprise a few people.

Star man

Abraw Camaldine ST, soon to go on a 3 month trial with Anderlecht.

Arsenals Interests

If there’s quality expect Wenger to be there. With Adebayor already at Arsenal all of this squad would love to follow him.


Another rising nation, Essien is a brilliant player and expect more to follow. If they play in the same fashion as the men’s team do then they will be well worth the viewing.

Arsenals Interests

Missed out on Essien a player that would be brilliant at Arsenal, hopefully we’ll get the next Ghana superstar.


Player to watch

Hadhria Nour- either foot, plays off the main striker, make the team tick.

Arsenals Interests

Few but as with all African nations, have masses of potential.


Mexico did not qualify. I am shocked to say this as this was the only team worth talking about. In Peru we found Vela, we all know about Barca’s Dos Santos as well. I heard that Mexico were starting to produce a good crop, obviously not this year.

Honduras may be worth a watch as they are improving but maybe this tournament is too early for them.


(The reason why we’re here)


Star Players

Lula (Luiz Marcelo Morais dos Reis) Corinthians-behind everything they create AM orchestrates their attacks. Qualifying 12 goals / 9 games-need I say more.

Maicon and Fabio-classic Brazilian wing backs.

Arsenals Interests

This Lula bases himself on Ronaldinho and Zidane-yes please.

Are Brazilians are growing at Arsenal and I for one would like to see more.


Frightening Defence, toughest in South America-they simply kick people, and I for one like it. Will be worth the watch. Held the mighty Brazil 0-0 conceding 5 in 9. At this age is very good.

Star Player

Cristian Nazarith-Combining speed, power and explosive finishing skills to devastating effect -looking for a move to Europe.

Arsenal Interest

Another nation we do not possess at Arsenal, maybe now will be the time, especially in defence where I’d like to see some brute strength and bullying.


Star Players

Eduardo Salvio will be their main attacking threat, however the stand out player is injured for the tournament-Federico Laurito (Udinese)

Arsenals Interests

An argie at arsenal sounds strange, I’m sure Wenger will be trying to find one that isn’t already owned by MSI.


One day good the next day terrible.

Star Player

Reimond Manco-player of the qualifiers and the one to watch. Alianza is his club, but he is yet to play for them but has played for Peru under 20’s.

Arsenals Interest

Not much but Manco and if he is what they say than it’ll be worth the watch.


Australia didn’t compete and New Zealand won. That’s all I have to say.

UEFA-5 of the 8 teams will qualify


Players to watch

Bourgeois and Saivet

Arsenals Interests

If they’re French and they’re good then I’m sure we’ll see them at the Emirates sooner or later-I doubt Wenger will watch their matches as he probably knows all about them anyway.


I know that this nation is having another boom of talent, look to Dinamo Kiev as ever they’ll be producing the national team.

Star Players

Shevchuk and Korkishko

Arsenals Interests

Expect more eastern Europeans in the Premiership, hopefully we’ll get the best ones although it’ll be difficult if they all already play for Kiev!

Iceland knocked out Portugal but do not expect too much. Player to watch Kolbeinn Sigthórsson

Germany cruised an easy group. Player to watch Kroos

Belgium hosted.


Some talented youngsters worth watching. Dutch football has slumped in recent years so the possibility of signing players cheap from them has risen. I do not expect another super generation but talent as always.

Arsenals Interests

Barazite will be playing so it’ll be worth seeing how he does.

With Van Persie starring for Arsenal and Holland and the clubs large Dutch support another Dutch kid is always on the cards. Wenger will be watching, so should we.


The place to sign from at the moment. All Spanish kids know about Fabregas and we have since signed Merida and are looking for more.

Players to watch

Fran Merida-should be brilliant to watch our young starlet

Bojan Krkic-the player that everyone will be watching.

Arsenals Interests

Expect Wenger to be watching closely, we’ve taken Cesc and Fran from Barca, to take Bojan would be perfect-although I believe impossible, next season he is in Barca B and it wont be long when he replaces someone in the first team-unbelievable talent.

Finally England

I hope we are watching and can bring more English through at Arsenal that are good enough for the first team.

Players to watch

Rhys Murphy, Henry Lansbury

Let’s see how our English hopefuls do.

Not one Spurs player in the squad!

Arsenals Interests

We need a home grown Englishman at Arsenal to come through, so lets keep an eye out for what we have or what we can acquire.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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