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Hello readers, long time no hear. The reason for this is that I'm still netless, Infact I will be until the 25th, 5 weeks without the internet is really not fun.

So the season is over, it was a strange feeling really. I've never felt happier that a season has ended before. Our season could not have changed even if went on for another year with the available players in the squad.

Portsmouth away was pretty much the story of our season so far (apart from Portsmouth scoring the first goal) Arsene made wholesale changes he rested some of the experienced players before their heavy schedule of sitting around doing nothing for around 2 months. Bit late for a match review isn't it? Ok, fair enough. But did you enjoy Baptista's farewell match? No? Why on earth not? I liked the way he makes missing chances look so easy, its obviously a skill of the highest degree. I mean come on! How many strikers do you know can miss three penalties this season and not score any? He has probably broken the record in his first year. At least he can bow out in style. Ok, maybe I'm being a tad harsh on the Brazilian superstar international. He does give a shit and did work for the team. But it really should be a standard procedure for you to be an Arsenal player. Lets hope Nicklas Bendtner takes note when he joins the big boys next season.

So what have we got to look forward to over the next couple months? Alot of bullshit from journalists who will make up any random bollocks to sell stories, which I guess is fair enough because that is what they do but unfortunately you end up thinking that it is a possibility. Then you find yourself writing down team line ups with random players in it. (ok, maybe that is just me)

Arsene knows deep down that we will need some additions to the squad for us to challenge next time around so I will be keeping my eye on teletext and the net (eventually) in hope for not necessarily a big name but for players of quality.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more