As nothing official has come out yet I won't read into this story just yet, although I think this will happen at some point.

The fee quoted was somewhere in the region of 16 million pounds. Yeah, let me repeat that for you... £16 Mil! Now I'm sure Shevchenko cost Chelsea almost double that amount and he is roughly the same age. I know its one price for Chelsea and one for other teams but we are getting shafted there slightly.

Now make no mistake about it, If Thierry leaves myself and 99% of Arsenal fans will miss him. He has been one of the true greats not just at Arsenal football club but in English football.

But one thing we cannot forget is that great players have come and gone. Brady, Wright, Vieira, Adams, etc have all come and gone and we have moved on as a club, we have continued to win trophies until a few seasons ago. And the man that is responsible for this is the manager.

Arsene Wenger may have made the decision to let Thierry Henry go, we don't know the details as yet (If any at all) I am sure if he knows that Henry will be leaving then he will have his replacement already lined up. It will be a case of selling before buying. So I expect to see the Reyes transfer out of the club soon then we can see Wenger doing a bit of magic in the transfer market.

Don't forget that Manchester United lost their top goal scorer to Real Madrid then went on to win the league, so as long as Arsene spends correctly then there is no reason why we cannot be optimistic.

Next season Arsene will sit down with the board (whoever that maybe) and talk about his future. I am hoping that Wenger's plan is to see this young squad grow up and prove alot of people wrong.