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Waking up this Saturday morning, I am still wondering if this is all a bad dream, the transfer of Arsenal’s go(a)lden Boy, Thierry Henry. All in all it is a bit tough to swallow, seeing how he and Wenger constantly were reassuring fans of being there next season again, so as one can imagine, one feels pretty much bamboozled by these two.

Wasn’t it just a few months ago, when Henry, in an official interview with Skysports, stated, he was tired of repeating the statement of playing for Arsenal next season, even going as far as to say, that he was thinking of wearing a T-shirt, stating he would be staying...well Thierry, here’s hoping you have packed that T-shirt in on your way to the Catalans.
Another factor that seriously bothers me if how the transfer fee, for him seems peanuts if you compare him and his strike rate to Shevchenko at Chelsea, since Milan milked Chelsea for 30m Pounds, whereas we get a measly 16m Pounds, for a guy, who has been banging in goals for fun, ever since we was in an Arsenal shirt.
Another point I would like to bring up, with this deal, if Arsenal don’t get a Barca, player or players in this deal, I would not only feel pretty pissed but robbed as well, since Wenger is already a scrooge in the transfer market, not thoroughly strengthening the squad, could see us lagging even further behind the Top 3.

With the deal of Henry, I am really starting to wonder, I we becoming just a feeder club to Europe’s elite??? You have Henry, pretty useless at Juve, due to tactics, comes to Arsenal and become this iconic figure at the club, the scoring machine, sold for under 20m Pounds. We had Patrick Vieira, an unknown in Milan, brought to the club, was a juggernaut in central midfield, again sold for under 20m Pounds. Nicolas Anelka, signed for half a million pounds, sold off to Madrid for 23m Pounds. We swap loaned Reyes and Baptista, we give Madrid, one of our players who chipped in vital goals in their title winning campaign and we get a dead-weight ox, who lacked a first touch and most times choked in front of goal. We have in the past gotten rid of talents, without given enough chance to shine, like Stokes, Muamba, Larsson, and Lupoli while keeping guys like Aliadiere for almost six years. I read an article a few days after Aliadiere signed for Boro and him complaining about being frozen out by Wenger, now correct me if I am wrong but during our striker crisis the past season, this guy, had the chance to stake his claim to show that he can hold down his place. Watching him then fill in for Henry, Van Persie and Adebayor, was painful to watch as this guy would have the goal beckoning and he would either sky, scoff or miss-kick his attempt. So Jeremie, I don’t think you’ll be missed.

Now with the Wenger deal, which is running out next season, he has stated he will make his decision whether to stay or go in December 2007, we wait in anticipation. Though should Wenger decide to leave, yes it would leave the club somewhat in chaos, since this man, started this fantastic style of football, brilliant training methods and an excellent youth set up. Though now I am starting to wonder if the likes of Henry and Wenger are showing more loyalty to David Dein than to Arsenal Football Club. Yes it is good to have friends in football but in the current state of things, football is a business and if one on the board decides to leave and all of a sudden players and the manager start acting uneasy, it is not good for the club and I am sure all of you...feel, Arsenal FC’s well being comes first. Yes you can have problems with the board but why must the club and fans suffer? Who buys the matchday tickets, the kits and whatever marketing ploys Arsenal have to offer?

So should the Wenger era, come to an end, at whatever point...(though it would be better we be prepared, wouldn’t want to be caught out like the bombshell of yesterday evening, when the Henry news broke)...he does leave, as tough as it will be, we should get someone who can take our football to the next level. The youth set up is there, now it is time to strengthen the squad with some decent experienced players, who in turn the likes of Djourou, Fabregas, Walcott, etc, will learn off from.
I mentioned it at the start of my time writing for Arsenalvision, the job formally filled by David Dein, would be a perfect role for Arsene, he has a real footballing brain, along with his economics degree, so he knows the wheeling and dealings in the transfer market. Surely Wenger knows roughly, who he would love to succeed him at the reigns at Arsenal, when he decides to call it a day, as Arsenal manager.

As for positives, well the team, surely by all this news, will be unsettled but the kids and the older lads should now grow stronger after losing a key player but most of them have the Arsenal grit, we love in all our players, past and present. Kolo Toure, I hope (though it would probably be Gilberto) will be the guy who can take Arsenal to greater heights, he has that genuine leadership skills, which is a major plus to us. Cesc Fabregas, is another, one of the great talents around, his vision on and off the pitch, should guide us to success. Robin Van Persie, all of a sudden the young Dutchman, will carry the goalscoring mantle from next season, who his partner will be is anyone’s guess, since all of a sudden, Arsenal’s warchest has grown by 16m Pounds. You take these three players, add our squad and bring in a few more solid signings and all of a sudden things don’t look so gloomy, hope you all have a fab weekend....Gooners for Life!

  • 15 Sep 2015
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