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Ljungberg and departed after 8 years service for the club and Jose Reyes could not handle life in London so he has made his exit back home to sunny Spain.

Last season we were guilty of being far to narrow and not being able to stretch teams. Most of our play was through the middle. This was largely due to our current 'wingers'

Regularly readers of ArsenalVision will know how I feel about players like Alex Hleb and Tomas Rosicky. Two top quality players who give the team different qualities.

We know they are both playmakers, we know what their strengthens are.

We also know that their weaknesses are. Both players want to come inside the pitch and play from central areas. The number of times you see Rosicky collect the ball from Clichy and scuttle infield towards Cesc of Gilberto. Hleb will collect the ball and run diagonally inside towards the front man and look to play it into his feet.

It was refreshing to see a 17 year old Theo Walcott step onto the Emirates turf against Aston Villa for his debut and offer natural width. He came on the left hand side and made an instant impact.
Infact it was he who beat a defender and swung in a cross which found Gilberto to slam home the equaliser.

Arsene then switched him to the right and thought that he could get more out of him in that position and he made several big impacts from the bench.

A home match against Hamburg really caught my eye. Walcott came off the bench and raced forward on the right stuck his head up and delivered an inch perfect cross to Baptista who headered in for 3-1.
This was all before his injury and drop in form.

Walcott has the tools to become a great player.

He has a fantastic final ball, electric pace and is a very good calm finisher. The problem so far is that his all round game isn't quite up to scratch. Sometimes his first touch will let him down or he doesn't see the pass early enough. Hopefully he will improve this side of his game. Surely what he is weak at can be developed easier than what he already has.

Eboue looks like he could become a major player down the right hand side as he showed against Inter and as he showed against Tottenham in last seasons Carling cup home tie against Tottenham when he came on and changed the game.

Could Walcott replace Marc Overmars and become the new left winger/third striker. Can he create and score goals? Can Theo keep possession well enough like Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky? Does he have enough defensive qualities to play wide in a 4-4-2? All these questions have entered the managers head since Walcott signed from Southampton.

Arsene will want a right footed winger to play on the left, that is my guess. Apart from Reyes, Arsene has never had two out and out left and right footed wingers in the same side?

Overmars, Parlour

Pires, Ljungberg

Rosicky, Hleb

I don't think he will start now. He wants the left sided player to be able to play the ball inside. He wants links with Cesc, links with the front men.

I hope the whole squad including Eduardo can feature in the Amsterdam tournament then maybe we will be able to see what Wenger sees as his strongest side.

Will Theo be playing alongside Lehmann, Cesc, and Van Persie?

We'll find out on Thursday, I guess

  • 15 Sep 2015
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