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Season 2006/2007 came to an end and it was a disappointing campaign over all. Injuries to key forwards, falling apart at an important stage of the season, missed chances, conceding silly goals and lack of width were pretty much the overall points in the side that needed improving.

Arsene was asked if he would be active in the summer transfer market and he said something along the lines of 'Major surgery is not needed I will only bring in super super class players if I can find them'

The speculation started to begin. Names were being thrown into the hat from all areas. Ribery, Malouda, Anelka, Martins, Torres etc etc

Arsene had to sort out the whole Thierry Henry issue first. Wenger done what he could to keep him but Thierry had already made his mind up so Arsene and the club went about trying to get the best price for Arsenal football club.
What some people tend to forget is that transfers are very complex and time consuming. A transfer cannot be done in a day. They can take weeks, months to sort out.

The Hargreaves, Nani and Anderson deals were surely worked out more of less during last season so it was easy for the players to all have their medicals and tie up the loose ends.

Once the Henry deal went through, Arsene had to put his initial targets on hold and purchase the Henry replacement asap. He obviously watches alot of players and depending on our current squad situation will depend on how far interest will go in that target. I'm sure Arsene knows of plenty good right backs around the world but there is no place in our squad for another.

Like buying a house, you have to sort out a buyer for your own property before you can figure out what you can afford for your new house. This same principle goes with Arsene and Arsenal.
Aliadiere , Muamba , Ljungberg and Reyes all followed Henry out of Arsenal.

Eduardo was the man to fill the strikers role that Henry left. Arsene knew that there was only ever going to be one Thierry Henry so he looked at it from a different angle. Arsenal missed many clear cut chances last season with no real natural finisher being available to us so he brought in a young hungry goalscorer who can play football the Arsenal way and has a very impressive goalscoring record.

Arsene with an eye on the African cup of nations purchased a french right back who can cover center back and left back. As Toure and Eboue will be missing from the back four during January. This was a move to strengthen the defensive capabilities of the team as well as give us more options.

So what of this super class player? Why did Wenger say this?

Well my guess is that he wanted to sort out the Reyes transfer first because the super player that we are looking for is a wide player. Arsene said at the start of pre season that we missed Reyes during spells last season. We missed the natural balance that he gave us. Wenger also said that he could have played 433 with Reyes last season.

I wondered if Arsene had scraped his search for a winger when he started playing Eboue on the right against Inter Milan and Ajax. Less experimental Arsenal teams.

Arsene was asked if he is still looking to bring players in and he said that he doesn't sleep, which I interpret that to mean that he is working hard behind the scenes. What Wenger hasn't got is time so if something is to happen then it will have to happen soon.

I think its highly unlikely that we would buy a left footed winger as he likes his left sided players to be able to cut in and link up with the midfield as Pires and Overmars did before him.

Arsene Wenger likes to watch players who make an instant impact on him. A few wingers have come and gone during this transfer window like Ribery (Bayern Munich), Malouda (Chelsea), Babel (Liverpool)
I quite like Robinho of Real Madrid. His pace and direct running would give Arsenal a different option.

Last season Arsenal played against Porto in two group matches and Ricardo Quaresma would have surely caught Arsene's eye. He caused us problems in the 0-0 draw and hit the inside of Lehmann's post twice. He is a tricky winger, much in the mould of Cristano Ronaldo. But he would command a huge transfer fee, it would have to be a fee that would break our transfer record. Does he have the right character? Would he come to England? More importantly, is Arsene interested? Alot of questions that we do not know the answer to, Anyone who thinks they know is talking out of the wrong side of their body.

Arsene may even been trying to sign another unknown. Who is to say that super class means that they are well known.

Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Cesc Fabregas and Thierry Henry all turned out to be super class players.

So now its a waiting game. As I said transfers are complex. Sometimes they come off and sometimes they don't. All we can do, is press F5 Refresh and just wait. Arsene knows what he needs.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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