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Written by Mean Lean on Saturday, 06 October 2007 03:40


Robin Van Persie missed alot of football last season because of the dreaded metatarsal injury. He came back healed and ready for football during the pre season. Long term injuries effect many things for a footballer. Confidence, mentally and form are some of the things that Van Persie has overcome all of these except for form.

In the last few weeks Robin's form has slowly started coming back to how it was during his very best last season where he notched 13 goals in 30 matches in all competitions for Arsenal, roughly a goal in every 2.3 games.

Robin Van Persie and Emmanuel Adebayor were carried by the midfield at the beginning of the season but now both player have been scoring goals, Van Persie has scored in the last three Arsenal games but he needs to now improve his team play in the final third. Van Persie has 1 assist in 10 games this season, at times he passes when he should shoot but more often than not he shoots when he should pass. This will obviously improve as the season goes on and his match sharpness improves further.

Like I have said before, I don't think that Adebayor and Van Persie are suited partners, I don't think they get the best out of eachother, they don't click. At the moment the form of the team means that this is not a problem. Both players are scoring separate goals right now. There has not been a match this season where both strikers have scored in the same match. This may well change against Sunderland who have alot of key players out of the side right now.

I think Roy Keane will not allow Sunderland to come unprepared. Alex Ferguson has told him many times about how to beat Arsenal but it will not be enough to cope with a confident and hardworking Arsenal team.

Here is a bold prediction.. Robin Van Persie will score his first freekick of the season and will score more than 1 goal.

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