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A very quick piece today, life tends to disrupt thoughts.

After the result on Sunday, it seems as though Arsenal have become incredibly active on the transfer market. There are reports of a new forward in that South Korean chap, Park Kim Il something or other, as well as a Brazilian left back and a German centre back. Those seem like more concrete rumours, while there are a few reports linking us with Arteta and Benayoun.. After the result, the Board have realized that this time is more lightweight than a feather cart made of feathers.

Did Wenger maybe, MAYBE, MAYBE¸ force their hand by sending out a team without any strategy, deliberately, just to get spanked and to show the board in very real terms the need for new players?

There have been more than a few reports coming out of the various blog sites of a potential split between Wenger and the board. This coupled with Brady’s remarks concerning Wenger’s transfer targets and the boards lack of desire to fund the necessary finance to acquire such targets. If this is the case, then perhaps the seemingly illogical point made previously gets more legs on which to stand. Wenger does know the team is more bantam weight than an anorexic rooster starting a fight with a rabid pit bull cross chicken raping puppy (funny vid, search it u tube), and he has set targets to reinforce the squad, however the board feels that it is good enough to secure a top 4 finish and therefore secure another year of profitability. This move would have shown in no uncertain terms that this is not the case and that the team without reinforcement would struggle to make the top 4, therefore forcing the board to release the funds.
While a lot of fans gripe about the perceived penny pinching nature of our Manager, maybe he is getting stick for merely doing the best with what the board has made available to him. Now, with that result, it seems that the purse strings have been loosened.

It’s just a thought.

No matter what you think, it does seem as though we are going to get a few more new faces, and if that is the final result of the game on Sunday, then maybe if we’d lost by more, we could have seen Messi come through the door... Yeah right!!!!

Either which way, the only way this team will succeed in these dark day, is if we the fans do what we expect them, the players to do, and that is to do our part in supporting this club with as much heart as we expect them to play with, and with as much fight as we expect them to play with. We can’t expect them to fight if we don’t and that is not to say we should fight with each other, but with the enemy and the enemy is every other team in the league, and everything else that is not Arsenal. We need to unite and drive this team forward.

In other words


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