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Good evening, folks.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the ‘law of opposites’; a concept that for every extreme one can envisage, there is an opposite of the polar. One of these extremes cannot exist without the other. Think; ying and yang, hot and cold, day and night or love and hate.

Fabrice Muamba’s tragic cardiac arrest serves as a perfect example. It took something undeniably tragic and shocking to unearth the harmonious and heart-warming side of our beautiful game. Something that invariably is conspicuous by its absence, and unfortunately was born with a nefarious twin.

I didn’t watch any footage of the incident itself - I couldn’t bring myself to - so I followed the news as it unfolded more in hope more than expectation. Like many of you, I was dumfounded to see a young man so healthy and virile suddenly stricken by a potentially fatal condition. Like many of you, I kept myself glued to Twitter for updates.

As the hours passed, something beautiful occurred before my eyes. Rivalries were put aside. Where petulant jibes and insults ordinarily reside, a sense of unity and goodwill had replaced them. The global football community came together as one cohesive entity to get behind a player who was fighting for his life. I was genuinely moved by some of the tributes and comments from all across the world. Fans, coaches, players and pundits alike focused their thoughts towards Fabrice.

The medical teams of Tottenham and Bolton deserve special mention for the swift and excellent work in reviving Muamba, as do the fans of both clubs, who repeatedly sung his name until the eventual postponement of the match. As a Gooner, I don’t often single out Spurs for praise, but their attitude and behavior on the day was nothing short of magnificent.

Then the law of opposites came into play.

For all the beauty on display from the vast majority of decent and respectable football fans, there was the odd contribution from the cretinous. By now, most of you will be familiar with the name Liam Stacey; a feculent and worthless individual whose comments toward Muamba were beyond despicable, and into as-yet uncharted realms of opprobrium.

I don’t wish violent sodomy on anyone - maybe Teddy Sheringham - but I’d like to think there’s a sniveling little weasel sat somewhere in Swansea suffering sleepless nights over that very concept. The opposite to the beauty reared its grotesque visage and was quickly reported to the authorities, and promptly arrested. The aforementioned unity served as a means of ousting the darker extreme.

At the time of writing, Fabrice Muamba is showing encouraging signs of recovery, and is able to speak and recognize family members. Like many of you, that’s the best piece of news I’ve heard in quite a while. Like many of you, I wish him the fullest and swiftest of recoveries.

I look forward to the day we see that ebullient, beaming smile of his back where it belongs; on a football pitch.

Thanks for reading, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little bit of blathering. Tonight we’ve an important fixturre at Goodison. Let’s get three points, put in a performance and dedicate it to Fabrice. Up The Arsenal!

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