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This column is supposed to be up on Wednesday evening and it is my fault that it wasn't. You are given permission to pelt rotten tomatoes at me. Anyway, have a read of what Mr James 'Raul' Stokes has to say and have your own say in the comments. Muchas gracias - Mean Lean.

Evening’s greetings, beautiful reader of Arsenal Vision. How are you? Are you well? My, my; that’s a lovely sweater-vest you have on. You look radiant. Have you done something different with your hair?

My silly platitudinous blathering aside, I do have a lovely piece for you today, and it’s all about the wonderful farrago of thoughts and opinions that is Arsenal’s online community.

More to the point; it’s about certain opinions.

I’ve always been hugely interested in strong opinion. Whether that be factual or blazingly inaccurate seems to matter little to me, I enjoy to read words written by someone with an obvious passion for their topic of choice.

Of the 5 popular Arsenal websites/blogs out there, four are universally revered, and 1 constantly maligned. I’m a huge fan of the more popular ones, but I’d like to use this weeks article to tell you why the one that attracts such displeasure happens to be my favourite.

You see, folks, the thing is; when I read what’s on offer from the aforementioned site - I shan’t name names, but you've probably already guessed - I disagree and much as I agree. That’s what brings me back on a daily basis. Many sites out there merely opt for homogenous regurgitation of news stories, others remain positive when all around them are losing their head. Some are just idiots with dubious hair-dos droning on about Theo Walcott’s telepathic underpants - that’s The Armchair Gooner. I’d avoid that one...

What marks the site to which I refer as my favourite is that the opinion is honest. It doesn't waver, it doesn’t crumble under mass scrutiny. It remains - even amidst a maelstrom of hatred. When I click on for my daily bit of digest, I know there’s a chance I’ll be howling wildly in bewildered disagreement or nodding my head as an opinion reflects my own. What I know I’ll never be is disinterested or bored. I know I’m reading the opinion of a regular attendee of The Arsenal who’s in a better position than most to comment.

With so many excellent writers and contributors displaying their skills throughout a vast and competitive environment like the ‘Goonerverse’, it’s very easy to find yourself taking sides and remaining on one once you’re there. There are many persuasive voices scattered across various sites who’ll woo you with their delicious prose and light-hearted wit.

My point to any of you reading is simple; read as much as you can, and form an opinion that is your own. Most importantly, don’t dispel the notions and thoughts of a site simply because it may be considered popular to do so. You’d be losing out.

Thanks again for taking the time to cast your peepers over what I’m offering up. I hope to see some of you in the comments section for a bit of friendly debate. In the meantime, should you desire, you can keep up with me, and my silly little blog via the wonders of Twitter - @_ArmchairGooner.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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