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Good day to you, intrepid reader of delicious Arsenal Vision.

It seems that the week since my last entry has seen both football's supporters and governing bodies twisting the cap off the bottle marked 'crazy pills' and taking a hefty overdose. In this globally interactive world, the occasional bout of drooling insanity or unbridled lunacy is hardly a rare occurrence, but I've been especially baffled by the two major talking points of the week.

When viewing Mario Ballotelli's tackle on Alex Song, I wince. In fact, the wincing is accompanied by curious exclamation such as "GAWRR!' or "YEEOWWWN!" - both an idiosyncratic means of expressing my utter dismay. I imagine that most rational folks will do something similar. However, when the powers-that-be, the 'respected' organisation of The FA, look at the same incident, they see something that requires no action. Instead, they choose to side with a referee who himself saw the incident and decided not to act.

Many things in life confuse and baffle me; the clasps at the back of bras, the existence of N-Dubz, 'celebrity' game shows, Redknapp's tax evasion and those blankets with sleeves are but a few examples. The fact that a panel of presumably very well paid men can sit down and view that video and decide not to act is about the most astonishingly stupid thing I've heard in a long while. And, to compound matters even further,  it went hand-in-hand with the conclusion that QPR's Derry - red-carded for gently stroking Ashley Young - wouldn't have his ban rescinded.

How can a governing body wielding that much power, allow decisions to be made by people who quite obviously have no experience or understanding of the game? It must be time to have representation on these panels from someone -anyone - who has some level of experience in football. If not, stupidity, violence and cheating will continue to go unpunished because of appalling incompetence and ridiculous loopholes put in place to enable fat, corrupt bureaucrats to have no means of overruling the dubious Nazis they allow to officiate games.

It's simply bewilderingly stupid.

An on that note, we come to the epic saga involving comedian and Gooner, Alan Davies.

By now, the vast majority of you lovely people will have witnessed the delirious maelstrom of hatred concocted by Liverpool fans on the back of his statements regarding their club's refusal to ever play matches on April15th. I'm a regular listener of The Tuesday Club, and when I first heard the remarks he made, I thought to myself "Crikey, that's a bit harsh... Hmmm, he does kind of have a point, though". His comments were perhaps a little ill-advised, but they weren't disrespectful the the people who lost their lives. Not in my opinion. He made a fair point in a fairly stupid way.

Of course, what he got in return from those practitioners of the famed 'Scouse wit' was numerous threats on his life and wild assumptions about his sexual orientation. The whole thing has been wildly blown out of proportion, and Davies has made an apology. It should just end there, but it won't. As I write this, the media juggernaut is rolling onwards and picking up on anything. Should Davies so much as pass wind in an offensive note, you can safely bet The Daily Mail will be there to report how his bodily functions are a covert means of disrespecting the dead.

In all this head-spinning stupidity, the media themselves are those truly reprehensible; peddling any sort of moronic drivel and unsubstantiated, sensationalist dross about a genuine tragedy for the simple means of selling a few newspapers. I can't defend what Davies did in it's entirety, but I can certainly see there is a far bigger evil at work here.

That's me finished for this week, folks. I hope you've enjoyed this column and those that came before it. It's a pleasure to write for each one of you. Please take a moment to drop a comment and follow me at my Twitter account @_ArmchairGooner.

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