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Evening, folks.

It looks like we’re in for a nervous 2 weeks, doesn’t it?  After they both secured wins last night, all that separates us from Newcastle and Spurs is a single, meagre little point.

Ordinarily, I’d be feeling confident with games against Norwich and WBA on the horizon. With no disrespect intended to either club, we ought be dispatching both with little or no trouble. However, if the 2011/2012 season has taught us anything, it’s that nothing goes according to plan. Even with 2 games left, there’s still room for someone to do something catastrophically idiotic.

Mercifully, there’s no Almunia to worry about. Can you imagine anything as terrifying as him screaming out of his goal at The Hawthornes when we need a result? I’d be holding my hands over my eyes every time the ball floated towards Squillaci’s person if he was lumbering around the pitch inducing mass panic in supporters the world over. Thank the apotheosis of footballer, Dennis Bergkamp, that there’s no Clichy to play everyone onside.

Point being, I feel a degree more confident about our chances of avoiding blunders in critical moments this season. The defence has looked like a unit when we’ve the first choice back four out there. My biggest worry surrounds the forward ventures and ‘I am Rivaldo’ mind-set that’s occupied Alex Song. Without the stabilizing presence of Mikel Arteta, I fully expect to see gaping holes in the midfield whilst ‘Songinho’ wanders around the left wing looking for defenders to bamboozle with his newfound trickery.

The final fixtures require a team effort. Everyone has a position and a job, and they’ll be needing to adopt a professional approach. Take things lightly, be blasé and there could be more reason for us to wish humiliating defeat on Chelsea when they play Bayern - if we needed any more. I don’t want to be watching the games and screaming at the television, ‘SONG!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? YOU’RE NOT MESSI!!” as the Norwich players casually saunter towards our goal unopposed.

Finishing third is of paramount importance. We have done well to snare Lukas Podolski, and we’ll stand a greater chance of luring more established players to the club at an earlier time than the last debacle if we have guaranteed Champions League football as a means of enticement.

It perhaps shouldn’t have ever got to this point; the point where the strength of my bladder and my sanity will undergo a severe test, but it’s the situation we’re in. I’ve every faith we’ll be smiling at the seasons’ end. Arsenal, go out there and do me proud.

That’s all for today folks. Thanks for taking a moment to have a read. I’m off to brave the torrential downpours in Bristol. I’m currently doing a very curious dance to the brilliant Alan Braxe as I write this. I’ve got unquestionable rhythm. Quite why I felt the need to share that will remain a mystery.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @_ArmchairGooner. There’s plenty more of my oddities to be found there.

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