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Howdy, Arsenal Vision readers.

So that’s it then, another season put to bed, finished. There may be no glittering silverware at the end of our tumultuous journey, but to finish third after such an inauspicious and harrowing start is in itself something of an accomplishment. Had that been offered to me during September or January, I’d have gladly accepted.

Yet I can’t bring myself to be in a celebratory mood about it. Don’t get me wrong, folks; I’m not one of these perpetually miserable fans you encounter whose central pre-occupation seems to be casting aspersions over each, every and any aspect of the club. I like to consider myself a realist. However welcome and unexpected our final placing may be, I can’t help but wonder where we might have been had we avoided certain silly mistakes over the past summer.

Arsenal are headed into the off-season of 2012 facing a very similar situation. The future of our captain and star player remains very much up in the air., and a lengthy, drawn-out conclusion looms ominously on the horizon. Will he stay? I’ve got no idea. Whatever his choice may be, this time around we need to employ swift and decisive action. If he signs on the dotted line, then lets go out there and recruit some new faces. Podolski is an excellent start, and Yann M’Vila would be a brilliant acquisition - assuming the maelstrom of tales have a modicum of truth, that is.

However, and this is where I may court a little controversy, if he isn’t willing to commit to the club, he has to go. In his last season with Arsenal, Cesc Fabregas looked to be about 60% focused on his performances, and 40% sulking about having to stay. Whilst he and Robin are undoubtedly different characters, I don’t think I can endure watching a player captain our club if he hasn’t fully committed to us. I’m tired of the endless speculation and wondering, and I hope the club are too.

I wouldn’t want any outcome other than a contract renewal, signed by Robin, that sees him at Arsenal for the next 4 years. That’s the ideal scenario. If he decides to allow his deal to run out, sell him abroad and use the money to recruit someone else. No one player is bigger than Arsenal. The club shouldn’t be held to ransom by anyone, nor have it’s policies dictated to them my the playing staff - even if they might be right. It sends out a bad message to the other members of the team.

Just a quick column today, folks. I’ve a busy day of writing ahead of me, and I’ve precious little time in which to complete the tasks set. I hope you lovely individuals will use the comments to share your delicious views on the subject, and take a moment to follow my Twitter account @_ArmchairGooner.

Until next week, take care of yourselves.

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