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Written by Omomo14 on Tuesday, 10 July 2012 12:40

Hello beautiful Gooners out there. Its been quite a while I put my thoughts in words on here.... So yeah, this is me doing it...

Last week, Robin van Persie dropped a bombshell on us, saying the route we are taking isn't the one for him, so in other words he wants out. I wouldn't say I wasn't half expecting this but I held the faintest of hopes that our dear captain, the one we called Captain Vantastic would be a lot different from the likes of Nasri, Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor. Well that's by the way, what brings me out today is his replacement.

Being on twitter, you would get a clear idea on who most fans would like to see come in for RvP. Most fans would like to see another centre forward come in even when you take into account that we have got new arrivals in Oliver Giroud and Lukas Podolski.

I for one think a new centre forward isn't a pressing need with RvP leaving. Giroud, Podolski, Theo and to a larger extent Park are more than enough bodies for a whole season. We have also got Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain who could very well slot in on the wings of our forward 3. Yeah, we are pretty much choked in the forward department meaning there is actually no need for another Centre forward.

Two names being bandied about by some of our supporters are David Villa and Edin Dzeko. Both in my opinion are complete forwards just like Oliver Giroud. Hard to see why we should be interested in any one of them when we have got 1 already who was top scorer in the Ligue 1.

I'm of the opinion that if we are to go for a centre forward then it should be someone dissimilar from what we have got on show at the moment. Someone in the mould of Suarez or Aguero or Tevez. Someone that is crafty and very creative, someone who isn't restricted to only one slot.

You would say there aren't a lot in the market that could tick those boxes but hey, that should be the kind of player we should be looking at and not a complete centre forward.

Stevan Jovetic who has constantly been linked with us is one player that I see would fit into our current crop, Skilful, eye for the final pass and also good movement in and around the area. The stumbling block is the huge price tag(€25m) on him. We don't do huge figures so we are likely gonna pass except Fiorentina would take a minimal fee being accompanied with Marouane Chamakh. Good business for both sides seeing that Fiorentina wants Chamakh and also are willing to sell Jovetic. Win - Win situation for all.

Yes, earlier on I talked about a centre forward not being a pressing need for us which I feel is incredibly right. The pressing need for us is in midfield. 2 key slots in midfield where I feel we suffered a lot from last season and heaped huge pressure on Song and RvP. The two key slots are Defensive Midfield and Attacking Midfield.

We conceded 49 goals last season in the league not because we have bad defenders but because we were left open in midfield. We had Song who helped out in the attacking 3rd most times leaving room for the opposition to counter. Arteta did a fantastic job covering but truth be told it wasn't enough and we paid dearly for it when he was out injured.

So yes, DM and AM are a pressing need and we need it filled ASAP. We all know we are interested in a DM and one name that constantly pops up is Yann M'Villa which would be a monstrous buy, a buy that speaks intent. N'Zonzi of Blackburn and Capoue of St. Ettiene have also been linked which I feel are also good enough to help bridge the gap and create a solid platform for us.

With RvP going, why not try for an AM instead of a like for like replacement. We lacked real creativity last season reason why Song surged forward but with one we can checkmate Songs forays in attack thereby solidifying our defence and also looking deadly in the final 3rd.

A lot would say we have got Rosicky and Jack coming back but we can't truly bank on them. Rosicky isn't getting any younger and Jack might need some time to get back to full fitness so an attacking midfielder is very essential if we are going to push for titles in 4 fronts.

With those two coming in we can have adequate rotation which in turn will lead to staying clear off long term injuries and keep our players fresh for the long haul.

Another issue that has come to my notice is the need for another top notch goal-keeper who is about the same age as Szczesny. I asked a question on twitter; Why do we need another Goal-Keeper? Yeah, Szczesny made some blunders last term but that doesn't say he isn't top class. De Gea made massive errors also but still SAF hasn't gone all out for a GK because he knows De Gea is massively good and can also improve with games.

I'm not entirely against a new GK, I want a GK who is a lot older and comes in with a wealth of experience who Szczesny can learn from. Also a GK that is happy to act as deputy.

Well that brings me to end of my post. Feel free to make comments. Cheers and God bless!!!

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Comments (35)

  • Steely Dan
    We don't need no Rob van Persie, We don't need no Fabregas - Hey Shitty leave our Club alone
  • Jimbo  - Agree totally
    Podolski & Giroud will give is more(if a lower quality) options up front than we had last season with plenty of cover on the flanks if we keep Theo.

    Jovetic & M'Vila would be my first choice options too and with Jovetic/Rosicky, Arteta/Wilshere, Song/M'Vila as well as Ramsey, Diaby i think it would really set us up to do well next season despite the presses' annual 'Arsenal in Crisis' bollox.

    Good article mate, keep up the good work.
  • rickthegooner  - good article
    A solid article

    But what I think we really need is truly loyal fans. I can't believe the articles I have been reading lately. So called supporters not renewing. Arsenal fans make me sick. You don't see Liverpool fans voting with their feet. Anfield will be full next year, despite the massive gap last term to City. Our stadium was a bloody library when it was full. God know what the atmosphere will be like when large sections of the ground are empty.
    It's easy to love and support a successful team. Real fans love their club through thick and thin.
    I'm fed up, like most fans are, but I can't see that the next logical step is to quit.
    Keep the faith
  • ben  - need a right back
    everyone overlooks the fact that we need a solid and proven right back.I was banking on van de wiel,but he was hopeless at euros. I would love to see us snap up bosingwa.ok he is from a rival,but he is free,and proven at the levels we need.both him and sagna are around the same age,and rotation would defo extend their playing careers.I can't think of another good rb for under £10mil,which I estimate to be the highest we would pay for one.also,jenkinson is good,ol I know,but he is not good enough,not yet.also,do we want to c djouru play there again???

    I would also be in favour of getting a very versatile defender,who can play in all positions adequately,I.e. boeteng.I still can't believe we didnt hi-jack the vertonghen deal from the spuds,or at least drive thier price up! lol.he can also play defensive mid very well.

    if we get a goalkeeper,he has to be world-class.I love sznezney,but we need a beast in goal,I.e lloris,the french 1st choice.

    agree we need a creative mid,missing fabregas too much,but I would be in favour of converting song to this pos.,as man coty have done well with yaya toure,and everton saw success with that fluffy haired Belgian lol.

    also,why did we miss kalou?he was free,we wanted him,and he accepted £45,000 a week.. we should defo snap up hoilette.I ratr his more than moses,and I'm sure he is younger,plus he is free.

    lastly,if man city really want rvp,and are adamant on not paying over £15mil,I say we take adebayor,and dzeko,plus £5mil cash.spuds cant get ade so cheap,also,big clubs buy thier rivals would send a good msg.we could even loan him to spuds,so they couldnt play him against us,and we could recall him whenever haha.also its insulting man city won't spend big on rvp,buy will let ade go so cheaply

    what do u think?
  • g clarke  - 2 good teams
    another 2 players and replace like for like who leaves and arsenal will have 2 danm good teams 2 cups to come cant believe how so many bloggers and followers claim to support the clum they really hate
  • Andy  - Really?
    Good article but personally if RVP goes we DO need to get another Striker. If Arsene had faith in Walcott, Ox, Gervinho or Park as strikers we'd have seen them play there last season.
    If RVP goes (which we assume he will) and Chamakh/Bendtner are sold (which we assume they will be) then out striking options are basically Giroud or Park. Podolski was bought to cut in from the left as Gervinho hasn't really done it for us yet. Wenger always intended Giroud to be a back up for RVP as he didn't trust his other strikers to get us goals when we needed them.
    That said I do agree on the need for a creative midfielder. But we won't need a defensive mid if we get that. Arsene should simply turn round to Song and say "Every time you go further than the halfway line you will be fined!" Then he would have no option but to focus on his defensive duties as a priority.

    Just my two penn'rth anyway!
  • byron

    Spot on mate- I think we did ok last season and have had a positive summer having already signed two quality players! Yet the average fan is having a sob about us not being good enough to win! What do people want, RvP to stay? Its not going to happen but trust me the Club will be fine!

    I see no reason not to be positive! Spud fans are more positive and they have no champions League, Lost a crafty manager, are set to loose key players yet they not having a Sulk.
  • @DaygeeDr
    Top top article.... Just one thing to add..... I honestly think it's time we moved on from Van Persie.... Podolski is a like for like replacement for me. Maybe not as good as Robin, but thats his replacement.... An AMF that can control amd take the game by the scruff of the neck is wat this team needs...
    Rem when Tomas was on form and firing.... We were conceding less goals and we were wining matches.... That to me is a major priority in our game at the moment.
  • Me  - Here's the thing
    Has anybody checked if Dennis Bergkamp is still fit?
  • Pazma  - Need a Dm? Why not Zoidberg?
    I think Coquelin can play a big part this season in Dm position. I'd concentrate on getting in some creativity if I were Wenger. M'Villa has proven to be a bit of a dick at the Euros, we don't need another Na$ri, we had one, that's more than enough. Finding a proper creative player for the right price is tricky but I have faith Wenger and the scouting team have a couple of prospects lined up. They seemed to have learned from last season.
  • craig
    Ha, easiest question I've had to answer on this site. We are lacking a MANAGER WITH AMBITION!!!

  • Drew Peakcock  - Craig is a goose
    Thanks for that insight, Craig - who do you think could achieve more than Wenger all things considered?
  • paspartu
    ******************************* silver alert******************************

    code red !!!!!! we have lost our ambition!!! please, whoever finds it send it back to seven sisters road whl with attention to craig a.k.a leturd

    *************** :P :P :P :P :P **********************

    ahahahha ...
  • paspartu
    i suppose craig is the ambassador of ambition as tottenham hotspurs demonstrate year in year out :P :P :P

    hey chicken on a basketball ..... your feathers are red ....maybe its the blood from the canon raping you all these years :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    or maybe fat alisha had her period and couldnt find anything to wipe herself off and just grapped the chicken next door and got on with it .... :D :D :D
  • Drew Peakcock

    you need help
  • paspartu
    mind your own business drew ........ :wink:

    craig is my friend , thats how we talk to eachother :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • craig
    paspartu- don't kid yourself. you've got no friends. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • craig
    Drew- whenever did I claim I was a manager? All I am doing is accusing Wenger of having no ambition. Something ex-arsenal players have also done over recent years.
  • paspartu
    ive got you though havent i ? :D :D :D

    quick ..usma needs a lemon soda...fetch :D
  • Andy Mack
    1) if he doesn't go out on loan, Afobe will need to play a few games.
    2) DM - between Song, Frimpong and Coq, we're covered unless we have another horrible injury year.
    3) AM - Hopefully Diabys surgery has finally fixed his ankle problem. If not, we need to get rid of him. If is has sorted it, and he gets a run of games, he's a good player. He drives forward which creates space for others which isn't quite 'creative' but Jack, Rosicky and Arteta should do well.

    Does this mean we don't need anyone, NO, but it does mean we only want better players not 'similar' players.
    Over the last few years we've had loud-mouths shouting about us needing Melo, Veloso and many more but few of them have consistently played well in the lesser Italian/French/Portugese leagues.
    Can they really keep up with the speed of the premier league.
    AW can judge that better than we can!
  • Drew Peakcock
    @ craig

    Ok. Assuming you're a Wenger-hater, I could understand if you said he was dissilusioned with what he thinks we can achieve with the current squad/team, and that our current Board-set strategy possibly sets us up for failure (I also think we have a lack of balance across the team, and often poor execution at times when it matters), but it's certainly not through lack of ambition in Wenger, IMO.

    Wenger's passion and desire to win is evident both when we win and even more so when we lose.

    @ paspartu

    Apologies, I guess Im out of touch with the way people speak to eachother these days.
  • craig
    Drew. Firstly no need to apologise to Paspartu- he doesn't understand the concept of manners so it's completely lost on him.

    Secondly, I wouldn't describe myself as a "hater". I simply regard him has having run out of ideas. His comments (not mine or anyone else's) about being satisfied to finish second (since followed up with comments about the need to simply finish above the Scum) as being the pinnacle of his ambition - is what I dislike and what I've questioned.

    I support Arsenal not Arsene. I want my club to push to be successful.

  • arsene  - wancker
    in arsene we rot !! get rid of him NOW. bring in 'arry. he's terrific!!
  • Drew Peakcock
    @ craig

    With our current squad, second place is in my opinion over ambitious so I'm not really sure where you're coming from - unless we all pretend we're better than we really are and 'believe' we can win the league.

    We had to out-perform to finish above the scum this year and it was too close in the end.

    Without the blinkers on I'd say Wenger's comment (if true) is pretty much spot on!
  • craig
    Drew, the point is that Wenger's been in charge for 16 years and also behind Project Youth and overseen the 'development' of the likes of Walcott and Diaby etc. He is the man responsible for the "current squad" (including the reason why quality players like Cesc have left - soon to be joined by RVP).

    So it's no good to say that he's overachieved. I would accept that argument had he only taken over the role last September following the previous manager being sacked after the 8-2 drubbing by Man U (but he wasn't). Wenger has taken this club on a journey of decline over the past 7 seasons. The AST report shows more and more fans are disgruntled. It's time to go.

  • Andy Mack
    I'd guess you're a new supported because if not, you've got rose tinted glasses on. Before AW we were a Cup team that had the odd good run. We finished the year mid table as often as top 6. very rarely above top 3. AW has put us in a position where we've done well over the last few diffiicult years of change and will thrive under the FFP unlike many other teams. If I could see 1 manager out there that i thought could work within a budget and get better results , I'd certainly think about him as an option. But there isn't!
  • Andy Mack
    new supporter!
  • craig  - wtf is andy mack
    Arsenal supporter since 1978
  • Andy Mack
    OK, Rose tinted glasses or a poor memory

    (from a 68'er)
  • Waterboy
    Interesting article but your suggestion of a dedicated DM would mean a change in our formation. What formation would you use to compliment a dedicated AM and a dedicated DM?
  • jab  - m'villa in diaby,chamak,djouru,bendtner out
    i am an arsenal fan for almost 20y and know we are one of the cheapest clubs in the world profit-spend on players.
    why everone hates mancity/barca/chelsea i dont know, all they do is go for the best players they can find.
    unlike us who are happy to sell a player for 30-40 mil, but wont even spend 20mil on a replacement.
    the reason why these teams are doing better than us is because they go for the best they can get... we do not do this instead we have become a feeder club for all of these clubs for different reasons starting with the sale of arsenals best ever left back cristiano& messi dont like playing against him for a reason.
    the only team i dont like is man utd mainly due to the unfair ref's that give them an advantage in almost all prem league games.
  • 21gunsalute  - Arsenal decline
    Arsenal are failing because Wenger has changed tack. Why are we linked with the power players but never get them?. We have been linked with players who could have won us titles but we never signed them. Podolski is not winning us the premiership or cl, let's face it. Why didn't we buy Jermaine Defoe a proven goal poacher?. Why haven't we signed Darren Bent?. What happened to Loic Remy?. What about Andre Ayew?. Linked with Mvilla, but no offer. What is that?. Why are the stars from the academy not flooding through if you have so much faith?. Arsene Wenger & Arsenal are living on on memories from a time when they had Henry, Wright, Viera, Anelka, Lauren, Kanu, Cole, Bergkamp, Overmars, Petit, Ljungberg, Keown, Dixon, Bould, Winterburn, Adams etc... These players were massive, but no you are signing light weight players & expecting them to cut it. We had a chance for Drogba before he became a Chelsea legend & we flopped. What about Crisitiano Ronaldo?. We were even linked at one point with the real Ronaldo & Ronaldinho. Arsenal seem to me like a team which will flounder under Wenger & the current board unless something is altered. Stop being linked with players & not buying them. This is dumb!.
  • Spectrum
    " Where do we really lack " ? I would have thought the question didn' t need asking. A guy who keeps on saying we need to improve the defence, yet has watched us concede 31, 37, 41, 43, 49 league goals in the last 5 years.

    Pretty obvious to me. And we're getting progressively worse at it. Based purely on the above figures ALONE, I'd say we lack a decent manager too !!!

  • Spectrum
    Andy Mack @15;44 - quote ; "If I could see 1 manager out there that i thought could work within a budget and get better results , I'd certainly think about him as an option. "
    Well we' ve BEEN working within our budget, and the results have been 31, 37, 41, 43, 49 league goals conceded in the last 5 years. Shouldn' t be hard to find a manager who can do better than THAT, eh ?

  • taumata  - Back to basics.
    RVP tried hard when he wasn't injured and had one great season.
    But he is 28 and its time to go.
    He was loyal for eight years and the club loyal to him.
    We wish him all the best.
    I think the players we have all ready are good enough.
    Don't buy any more.
    Injury prone players must go.
    Players must play at least twenty league games a year.
    Why pay A hundred million pounds a season for non players?
    Why do we have reserves and youth squads?
    Ninety five percent of them never become senior Arsenal players.
    I guess we are paying lip service to the myth that any young English kid can work his way up to become a star in the EPL.
    Very few ever do.
    We need to be harder physically and mentally. Play a tighter style.
    The key to me is to at least draw with the big clubs like City, United, Chelsea Liverpool , Spurs and Newcastle. Then beat the rest.
    Losing to Swansea, Blackburn, QPR and drawing with teams like Norwich, Wigan and Wolves at home are Title killers.
    The squad looks stronger this year and more experienced.
    Three quality players in each position and rotate them.
    A regular squad playing basic consistent football
    week in week out and I will be happy.
    We don't need five super star strikers.
    Two goals will win you most games.
    We have ninety minutes to score 2 goals which take 5 seconds each.
    Surely 11 multi millionaires can achieve that!!!
    We will be contenders this year but I think it will be mental toughness
    which will decide our position.
    Beat the dummy teams home and away and at least draw with the big guns and we will win the EPL .
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