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Written by @Gunnerpunner on Saturday, 02 February 2013 11:44

Hi there.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that, in between acting childish and laying traps for idiots, I occasionally make a few good points about football. Last night was one of those rare occasions. Following our transfer-window ‘activity’, I was set off into a 40-tweet rant by what I can only describe as a waste of time post by the AST, which, to me, appeared to be purely there to antagonise and to capitalise on a particularly sensitive time for many confused Arsenal fans. I thought about writing that up into a proper article, but I felt it was better to just lay those tweets out for you to see the raw emotion. This is where I think we find ourselves at this moment in time. Enjoy:

The AST just need to shut up. That statement said nothing at all. Wonder how many members actually think it's helpful.

I love Wenger, but I understand most of the criticism. I just think we should be careful to jump to conclusions. Nobody knows the truth.

Wenger makes mistakes, but there's no outstanding candidate to replace him now Pep's off to Bayern. And there's nobody I'd rather have.

Wenger still has a pull that means players want to come to Arsenal to play under him. His sides consistently outperform their potential.

People who don't think Wenger gets players to outperform should look at Song, Hleb, Flamini, Nasri etc once they left.

Yes, his transfer dealings have been questionable for a few years, but we don't know the reason why. I don't want anyone else in charge.

Who out there is obviously a better option for the club? Pep isn't an option.

Then you have groups, like the AST, who have no idea what they want. Their mixed messages and empty statements are nothing but irritating.

Are Stan Kroenke, Gazidis, Law or Wenger responsible for Sagna falling over & Vermaelen missing the ball? No. Did they draw with Liverpool?

I don't buy Moyes as a replacement for a second. Worked wonders for Everton. But no track record of winning. Whole different ball game.

There are some managers who have specialised in keeping teams in the league. They've all struggled at achieving anything more.

Moyes has done brilliantly at taking Everton to where they are, but building and managing a title-winning side is another thing altogether.

Klopp? Would Klopp come to Arsenal? Maybe, but I doubt it. And he's probably too mental for our club philosophy, anyway.

I really rate Klopp. In fact he's the only person I'd want to replace Arsene if I had to take someone now. But I just can't see it.

I'm not 'content' with not winning. I know we have money. But are we £50m off City? Doubt it.

To win the league and catch up instantly we'd more likely need to spend £100m+ and then wages on top. Either that, or be patient.

We have fans who don't know what's wrong, so instantly blame the manager, or the board. I'm ok admitting that I don't know what's wrong.

I want us to challenge. I miss us winning things. I really do. But I also accept that, right now, it's a huge ask.

Don't come out and blame Kroenke. He's hardly damaged the club. We'd be the same with or without him.

Gazidis doesn't go anywhere near transfers, so how can he be to blame? Surely some common sense is needed.

Our club makes mistakes, but they get most things right. One Andy Carroll-sized mistake though, and we're no longer competitive on any level.

One bad signing could ruin our club. So those who think we should just spend our way to the top need to think about that.

I'm not championing any cause here. It annoys me to see people blaming anyone and everyone around the club for something beyond our control.

I'm not even saying the Arsenal way is the only way. But we took a course, and we should see it through.

We made the stadium decision etc even before all the billionaire stuff kicked off. Imagine where we'd be without that bold move.

Without Danny Fiszman, we'd probably either be sat in mid-table, or in some serious debt.

If anyone thinks Henry & Vieira had better careers once they left us you're being an idiot.

We have £60m in the bank? We'd just about break even if it wasn't for transfer proceeds. And that £60m can only be spent once.

A £30m player on £100k/wk is £56m over a 5-year contract. Plus bonuses, plus signing on fees. Basically, one top player would eat that £60m.

Our last four transfers have been Podolski, Giroud, Cazorla and Monreal. Anybody got any complaints?

And it makes me so upset when I think back to 10 years ago. But football is cyclical and this club will be back.

I can understand young'uns who only remember the last 15yrs expecting us to win everything, but those who saw us when we were truly shit...

Players out? Weirdly, the big names leaving have all been one-off exceptions. Clichy aside, whose departure suited both us and him at the time.

RvP was incredible, but he decided to go. Contract-wise, we would've been castigated for giving him a long-term deal in 2011.

Cesc went back to Barca. And that's not all. He went on strike. We got screwed on price because of it.

This season we've tried to switch to a much more dynamic, more mobile style of play. Alex Song would've been the worst player imaginable.

I liked Song. But his time had come. £15m looking like a good deal. And he'd turned into a stroppy one.

A month ago, everyone was killing the club for not giving Sagna a two-year deal. Suddenly everyone's shut up about that. Club aren't stupid.

I'm done for a bit. Going to end by saying let's stop whining and just get behind our team. They're not perfect, but I love them anyway.

And there we were. That is where I see the club as we stand. Not perfect – far from it. But trying to do the right thing and, largely, getting it right. I understand that we all want our club to be the best it can be, and that’s even more frustrating seeing where we were 10 years ago, but things changed faster than they ever have before, or at least since the Premier League came about. I understand that many concerns people have are genuine, and that many are trying to be helpful, but there are also those who complain for the sake of it, or who can’t understand how or why we are in the situation we are currently in, so want to find scapegoats. From where I am – and I think about Arsenal the whole time – I still find it incredibly hard to put my finger on what’s wrong with the club. But I’m ok with that. People who aren’t ok with that – those who choose someone to blame and turn everything round to suit their decision – are turning the club into a toxic place.

The Emirates should be a fortress and yes, I understand that come largely from the players on the pitch. But it also comes from us. Go to a game and it’ll be silent when we’re winning, but the crowd will be on everyone’s backs if we go behind, or if we’re still level at half-time. Turn this around, and look at what it was like watching Chelsea fans boo Torres. When you see a home crowd get on their players back, you start believing. You feel like that home advantage has suddenly been eaten up. WE have to do our bit too. And I don’t buy into the idea that we’ll start chanting when the team play well because a) that doesn’t happen and b) since when is our support for Arsenal conditional?

Protests about the board, about the management and about anything off the pitch should be kept away from the stadium –  at least until the end of a game. Imagine playing for your club when the fans have all been on a public march before the game, or when you have 55,000 people waiting for you to make a slight mistake before they start groaning. We need some perspective.

Irrespective of all that, and regardless of our activity (or lack of) in the January window, this is how we are. This is where we are. This is where we will be until May at the very earliest. And we should accept that. So leave your complaints until then. You will have 2 months to get your point across. Stop the stupid, tribal divisions between Arsenal fans. We all want the same thing at the end of the day, even if we have different visions for getting the club there. Let’s just make the most of what we have. We’re not far off 4th. We’re in a much better position that we were during our lowest point of last season, and we’ve seen how fragile both Tottenham and Chelsea are. We could realistically come anywhere from 3rd to 6th.

I know where I want Arsenal to be at the end of the season. And I know there’s one person that I want to see lead us there. You may all disagree with the second part, but I know we all agree on the first. Let’s stop this irrational, toxic bickering and just make the most of this season. It’s not over yet.


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Comments (28)

  • tissiam
    i dont know about you acting childish but you are making very good ,strong,valid ponts!!great article man :D :D
  • Sarthak  - Stupid Article
    You are living in denial.
  • Kevin  - Blackburn
    Everyone who wants wenger out and want to boo the team at home think of Blackburn disgraceful fans although relegated they was second in championship sack with only one defeat the board gave into the crowd now look where they are keep the faith wenger when moving to a great stadium he had a ten Year plan we are still competing and will with in the next two years win the league !!
  • Prasan Kumar  - the-state-of-my-arsenal.html
    Excellent one and well written too!!People must start becoming supporters more and fans less!!
  • Zinc  - Hmm.
    You don't understand how the structure of paying for players works regarding the £60 million, but lots of good points that I agree with.

    The club can afford to go out and buy a £30 million player without taking any fiscal risks long term but our money is finite and has to be used wisely, Chelsea can write off a £50 million flop, we'd absolutely have to make do if we made the wrong move and wait a good few years before we could correct the mistake. I believe Wenger wants to bring in quality, a big name but has only recently had access to the money to do so and is now being careful - I think he'll bid big again this summe, for someone special, whether we get the player we're after or not is another question but there's plenty of evidence out there he's tried to make ambitious moves in the transfer market over the past two windows - one thing he's not going to do is pay massively over the odds for a player because other teams do.

    The worry for AST and a lot of fans is securing CL football for next year, you may disagree with the AST's opinions but we're all talking about these issues for the same reason - love and concern for our club, we just differ on the perception of the facts or lack of and have different ideas of how to go forwards, there's no reason to snap at each other unless people are genuinely being horrible little pricks - personally I'm hoping we can snatch 4th then make a couple of decisive moves in the market in the summer and start next year with a team who have had time to gel and those quality additions that could push us in the right direction, even if that means no trophies next year but just a better Arsenal on the pitch I'll be happy. I think a lot of fans just want to see progression more than anything, that doesn't have to mean spending £100 million and winning every trophy, but an FA Cup and better performances against the smaller teams consistently wouldn't hurt.
  • Ankit  - Lol
    :lol: Comes from a guy who asks his mommy for inside info..Theo is off to Chelsea mommy.
  • Tammy
    I fucking LOVE this article! I LOVE ur brain, And I LOVE you! Thou art Awesome!
  • Vishal
    ''Are Stan Kroenke, Gazidis, Law or
    Wenger responsible for Sagna
    falling over & Vermaelen missing
    the ball? No. Did they draw with
    Liverpool?'' This is probably the stupidest thing i have ever read.
  • Dave
    Well said, about time someone spoke a bit of common sense.
  • Paul
    I think I smiled and nodded with every point and sentiment you made!
  • Tammy
    My God! You blew me away with this very sound and well-balanced reasoning... I swear I want to talk to you. Will you be my friend for Gibbs' sake?
  • Tammy
    My God! You blew me away with this very sound and well-balanced reasoning... I swear I want to talk to you. Will you be my friend for Gibbs' sake?
  • Tammy
  • Shadi
    I am a foreign Fan. currently i am on a trip to london to watch few games before i return home, only 2 games left todays and next saturday.

    Support your team til May. Nothing can be done now but hope for wenger to make these players outperform

    I agree with most points you said except of Sagna comment. I think Sagna had a major dip in form and it came the same time with comments came up from him on some newspapers. I think there is a problem there, its clear he is not happy and its causing him to lose form. did the Club address this issue til now ?

    But either way i like your views and i wish i can meet you for a drink if possible at half time or something.

  • Simbo
    You make some good points but you are glossing over the fact that wenger has wasted money on gervinho , squalachi ,park, santos, chamach, wenger pontificates about not buying because it will hamper youth well what has happened to einsfeld the guy was outstanding when he came on against reading now he isn't even in the squad so wenger is guilty of holding him back where is a young left back surely the reserves have better quality than the liability that is santos wenger has too much power he should stick to coaching let gazidis and kroenke run the club he cannot do it all he has gone from managing the invincibles to managing a club in decline and if you cannot see that you are truely wearing rose tinted glasses
  • Tony  - Meh
    You should do your homework on Kronke.Look at the state of the teams he owns.Rams? Simply awful.Nuggets? Not good enough.Avalanche? Never a playoff team. A really poor effort from you.
  • Anonymous
    Well said. lets get behind our team they need our support.
  • Tony
    And i really despise your transfer trolls on twitter.You over do it.Really sad act to gain some followers. 'laying traps for idiots' ? You are the attention seeking idiot here.
  • GunnerPunner  - Kroenke
    Tony - how do Kroenke's American teams have anything to do with Arsenal? He doesn't do anything.
  • Kofi Jnr  - Not sure of all said

    And if Gazidis doesn't go anywhere near transfers, players contracts run until they are nearly free to leave, what is he paid for? Arsenal is very expensive to watch among other elite EU Clubs. These guys at the helm of affairs are not interested in winning than balance accounting books and enjoy bonuses. Wenger. Gazidis etc are all on huge salaries and they need to account for performance both on the field as 1st priority and then the balance sheet.
  • craig
    So you love Arsenal but don't blame the manager, the board or the players for the slump in form which has gotten worse over the past few seasons. We were lucky to finish fourth last season. Only coz Arry was thinking about England and not paying his tax that the scum fell away so badly. Worse season under Wenger since he came and deservedly likely to finish in Europa spot (if we are lucky). IAWR
  • gooner-girl  - Stand up for the Arsenal!
    The crowd got behind the boys v Liverpool, let's makes some noise today too. See you there!
  • Bobby
    Tammy nosh him off ffs
  • paspartu
    and you should do your homework on wenger too tony..... :wink:

    kofi, i think there's a staircase somewhere in need of a mop, hush...

    ahhh craig..poor arry and tottenham and the english manager distraction, what a pity indeed... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Nick N
    I posted this comment over northlondonisred, but I found it's also relevant here:

    "I hope we can all stay positive and support our players instead of whining, criticizing, or even abusing our own players. If they’re not good enough, give them your honest opinions (without abusing of course) and a pat on their back just like what Wenger did to Santos after the Brighton game. These could encourage a player a lot if we understand the psychology of it. Some players like honest and reasonable critique to work hard and be better while others need encouragements more. The latter I think applies well to Santos. I feel he’s a chap who likes to be given “sweet punishment” in order to do well. At least we can give him a chance to show us what he can offer to the team until the summer, no? He just came back from 2-month injury so he definitely needs game time to find his feet again. And the last time he did, did he not score an important goal vs West Brom last season to put us in 3rd? Besides, we really have a bad memory, don’t we? Who questioned Wenger’s decision to pick Santos for the last game of Champions League Group Stage versus Olympiacos last season, which led to him being injured? I remember he was in good form and we were all whining about Wenger picking him for an unnecessary game. Yes, I’m defending Santos here because he is still a Gunner and I think he deserves it. We’re just being too impatient with a player who just came back from injury. Whether he’s good enough for the team or not, I think the manager and the coaching staffs have a better idea than all of us here. They talk and work with him everyday while we only see him on the pitch and on twitter. If Wenger said himself that he still believes that Santos still has something to offer to the team. I’ll blindly believe him then.

    To be honest, here is what I think we should all do, especially ones who can attend home and away games: SUPPORT and BE POSITIVE. Frankly, we, human beings are social creatures whose actions and behaviors are greatly influenced by the surrounding environment and people around us. If we’re around people with negative thoughts all the time, we more likely CONFORM with people around us due to social pressures (we don’t want to be the one who stand out, and plus it’s easier to conform with the rest than put up a thoughtful argument to defend our own views). Gradually, this whole negative stuff spreads out and reaches the team. And it affects them even greater as they’re going through a rough patch, low on form, etc. Therefore, if we can be positive and keep supporting, I believe the whole concept I mention above will also apply. We can together create a positive atmosphere around the Emirates, which I believe the players will feel it and thrive under it. Yes they earn lots of money and are professional players. However, they’re still human and the fact that they earn lots of money doesn’t mean that they should be treated differently when it comes to this psychology stuff, or like Wenger usually said “mental strength”. Now we can see why the players themselves said that they do much better in training than in real match. Because our negatives do not really reach them while they’re inside Colney while in real game, we often boo some miss passes, or wrong decisions. Don’t get me wrong as I’m not criticizing any of us. We have the right to have different opinions but whatever opinions we have, please do not let them affect our players. We, supporters, should do what we’re good at: SUPPORTING."
  • Zayed
    3 this
  • Zayed
    woops, that shouldve been a heart hehe "
  • Mr Play
    One thing. The who will replace Arsene Wenger tweet. Based on your criteria you wouldn't have selected Arsene Wenger back in 1996.
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