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Written by @Gooner_In_BCN on Wednesday, 06 February 2013 13:55

Arsene Wenger has been at the middle of everything Arsenal since 1996. He reshaped the team, the club, the culture. He took a great thing and made it greater. Most love him, some hate him (now), but all must admit he has brought much to North London and has literally helped reshape the skyline.

Ultimately though, as fickle as supporters are these days, legacy means nothing to them, it is primarily a "what have you done for me lately" attitude and the truth is Arsene hasn't done much but hang on. Maybe hanging on to past glories has cost the club trophies that should now be in the trophy cabinet. Maybe the board giving its accountant, ermmm, excuse me, its manager so much leeway has led to these "down" times. I put down in quotation marks because success is relative. If Arsenal were, say, Everton, no trophies in 8 years would be okay as long as that CL paycheck kept coming in. But in the end, Arsenal are Arsenal and 8 years without a trophy after going to the highest levels of every competition is simply not enough. Not for the 5th richest football club in the world and for one of the most successful football clubs on the continent.

All that said, people have differing views on the subject. Some say Wenger must be given a chance to turn it around. Others say Wenger must change. A growing minority say Wenger must go! And they may yet get their wish.

I have a source that works for RMFC, I have mentioned him before and his tidbits of information have always been very informative. Now this source claims that Mourinho is set to go from Real this summer. The divide between players and coach is too great for Florentino Perez to salvage.   Incidents with Ramos, Casillas and many others internally have left the team in disarray and many inside the organization, quietly, blame that rift for the current league standing of the historic club. As of today they are in 3rd place, 16 points off leaders FC Barcelona.

What does this have to do with AFC? What does this have to do with Wenger? Well, it is very interesting indeed.

As Madrid outwardly deny all rumors of fights, rifts, arguments, etc.; they are internally preparing themselves for the inevitable. The team has assembled a list of possible replacements and targets. The name at the top of that list is none other than AW, Arsenal's main man. The information given to me is that Real are not so much concerned by FFP, but annoyed by it. If you recall it is Florentino Perez that began speaking out about a possible "Super League", were the best from each country would breakaway from UEFA's Champion's League format and face each other. Perez felt that UEFA had mishandled the CL and wanted to ensure the "best play the best". Now that plan has been all but forgotten and Real are bracing themselves for some sort of FFP implementation. Perez is after a replacement that will develop the highly touted youth ranks at Madrid and see through footballers that would, by the current culture at RMFC, be sold before they are ever given a chance to shine at the Bernabeu. The imagination of Florentino Perez has been and is currently reported to be intrigued about what Wenger could do with Madrid’s talent, youth system and hefty budget.

Perez has been a longtime admirer of Wenger, and as most remember, has been after the Frenchman for quite some time. With his contract up in 18 months’ time, Real, much like it was reported PSG were ready to do, may in fact table a compensation package to see if they can pry Arsene away from the Emirates to the Spanish capital. There are no figures in place yet for the possible offer, but it is being talked about. Will it ever materialize? Will we ever know? Those are questions for the summer. But the fact that a team like RMFC is after Wenger, as well as others such as PSG - as reported in December, makes you think if the Wenger Out Boys have got it wrong.

I am not defending Arsene. Primarily these past couple of years he has made many questionable tactical decisions, ridiculous substitutions, and does himself no favors when he speaks to the media. That said, I, like many sane Gooners, don't put ALL the blame on him alone. He may make MANY key decisions, but there are many people in the background agreeing with those decisions that have the power to override or at the very least check and balance them. So in essence, there is MUCH blame to go around and many parties where that blame lies at Arsenal.

This is intriguing news and gives much to think about the next few months. Are we watching the last months of the Wenger Era at Arsenal? Will "Le Prof" turn away the Spanish giants once again? This may shape up to be the most intriguing summer yet for the Gunners, with the possibility that they lose their manager this time around. As he is intricately tied to every single decision down to what toilet paper is used (sarcasm), it may take many years to reorganize the club. Reorganization may work wonders and turn out well, but what if it doesn't? It's easy to sit and make a banner, it's easy to sit at a desk or a couch and type "Wenger Out". It's much more difficult to make those decisions with human beings in the line of fire and emotions of years of attachment as well. Reality is a cruel thing and perceptions are often wrong.

You say Wenger Out, I say it may happen. No one knows what happens after if it does indeed occur. Be careful what you wish for, you may not like the result if you do in fact get your wish.

Comments (34)

  • Tony  - Drivel
    *** Comment deleted ***

    Why? Because Tony doesn't seem to be capable of responding to a well thought out opinion without spitting vile. Which obviously is a reflection of himself.

    If anyone cannot debate reasonably then there comment will simply be deleted so don't waste your own time.
  • Russafc  - Go
    Yeah us wenger out now boys really must be careful what we wish for. Someone that knows tactics, how to defend, play players in right positions, can outwit a manager from Bradford, buys players that can actually play football. Win a trophy (4th is not a trophy) Change a game when it need changing and not waiting until the 68 min to sub like for like.

    I could go on but I think you know where I'm coming from

  • Fishpie  - Apologies from the Human Race
    You know that when you write a blog, you hope not to get it but you kind of have to expect some abuse. It is such a sad thing to see your well considered piece receive just the one comment so far and that comment to be so crass and abusive. I apologise on behalf of the human race.

    Arsene will go one day that's for sure. I hope when he leaves he will have won a least one more trophy. But even if he leaves without another pot, even the most convinced "Arsene Out" fan will have to acknowledge Wenger gave them some of their greatest football experiences and Arsenal years. His Fabregas/Van Persie years did not live up to their billing in the end but I'm quietly hopeful for the new team that is emerging. The key question is, is he still capable of finishing the building of the squad to make us champions again (back up keeper, dependable centre back, combative defensive mid, second striker) or will he continue to have a squad always short of the final jigsaw pieces.

    Maybe a less cautious man is needed to finish the job.
  • John  - Responses
    Nothing in this entry was negative, factual? Absolutely. I don't care if Wenger stays or goes, I care about how the team fares in competitions. I am an Arsenal supporter, not an AKB or a WOB. The same for players, I support who is in the shirt, not a certain player here or there.
    There is no Arsene to Madrid agenda. To read the above entry and get THAT out of it is laughable. The only agenda here is yours and it's full of unnecessary vitriol.
    I don't support Citeh, I support Arsenal and have done for 22 years, thanks for the suggestion.

    Wenger knows tactics, he just refuses to change them?
    He doesn't defend, the players do and their crap at it at the moment.
    No argument about the players in right positions, I think the Bradford comment is a bit of a reach.
    Last time I checked, Giroud was doing better, Cazorla and Poldi doing better than avg, and I'm pretty sure they all can play football.
    4th is NOT a trophy, completely agreed.
    While I disagree with some, I also agree with other points you made, but those were also listed in the entry, so yeah, that.

  • paspartu
    bravo tony ! this kid reminds me of ferguson

    " oh please please dont sing that awful song when wenger comes to town"

    granted he at least admits that wenger aint got complete 100% authority on all things arsenal...thats progress at least....

    yes russa we know where youre coming from...right out your mom;s anus

    fishpie are you actually doubting our managers ability to win things? are you doubting his ability to build teams also?
  • John  - Paspartu
    Although I love writing here, I have written many an entry in support of Wenger on my personal page and both the criticisms and praises are very valid to a point.
    Because someone doesn't agree with me and just because they or I may not agree with you doesn't make them wrong. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's those at the extremes that think their view is the only valid one, that have got it all wrong.
    As far as the "kid" comment, I appreciate it. Anything to feel younger. You have a great day as always.
  • paspartu
    so things were calm and mild this week with a bit of positivity going around but no.... lets not forget what the real agenda is huh you gooner _in_bcn?

    since when do we pay attention to a minority of idiots who dont understand things and react like muppets abusing club players and managers?

    we are not gonna let the savages take over the civilised, thats not how it works.

    the minority of abusive idiots demanding change will be isolated and dealt with. hillwood and gazidis to gather all these muppets by name and ticket number and return them their fucking money together with a "fuck you" card.

    ast and pierced organ and the sheep abusing the club can go to a shrink and sort out their negative outlook on arsenal, we dont need them. ....... just take your rotten negative attitude away from our club please!
  • John  - Paspartu
    Exactly what is negative about this entry? It clearly states the obvious on both sides of the line.

    RMFC are making Wenger a target again, that's not an agenda, that's reality. My question was if RMFC and PSG are after Wenger, maybe those wanting him out for his recent shortcomings aren't giving the bigger picture a look.

    The fact that you can discern negativity from that entry makes it obvious that's what you are looking for.

    I am grateful to AW for his years of service, but that doesn't make him a saint and it doesn't absolve him of his shortcomings now.

    I am entitled to my opinion as are you and so are all the people that support the club. Who are you to say otherwise? Are you Tony in disguise?

    You don't follow my blog, you don't follow me, so you have no clue as to how positive I am about the team and state of the club, but the reality of the failures of the past few years is undeniable, unless of course your blind and/or in denial.

    Keep on assuming, as it seems that's what your good at.
  • Esel
    think before you decide to open ya mouths! A lot of delusional comments there. However its pretty clear that our team lack depth and quality and that's the reason we lye 6th in the EPL atm. Wenger said at the beginning of january there wos funds to spend why dint he spend unless he was lying? Monreal doesn't count because if gibbs wos fit he wouldn't have signed him. Wenger lies and some of you delusioned fans ar too far up his arse to see it. I despise Wenger because He's a compulsive liar and you can see the proof in all his january transfer press conference, its actually embarassing the amount of times he contradict himself. He is styl stuck on 02/03 season and living on past success not current. How can you compete consistantly with teams that spend yet you don't spend. Its not rocket science guys. Meanwhile we all biting our own heads of STAN KROENKE is busy opening several malls in america probly using our transfer funds maybe that's why we not buying the quality we need to be buying. The real problem why arsenal aint succeding is the board! The board are greedy bastards wanting to make money from our beloved ARsenal, open ya eyes Gooners and do ya research. KROENKE OUT - The russian billionaire USAMANOV IN
  • Esel
    Plus just remember 8years trophyless aint a joke. Our emirates trophy cabinet is empty which is a shame. If you think this is acceptable for a football club of Arsenal's Calibre kill yourself right now before you reply or comment. #gunner4life
  • Joe p  - Really????
    This article is irrelevant and idiotic; the guy is only a few years away from retirement anyway.

    The real question to ask is (does wenger have the guts to go to real).

    I think not, and even if he did, he would get sacked after one season.
  • gooner52  - SAD
    :cry: I am 56 and have supported our great club well since birth really as it was born into me, it sadens me so so much to hear so called fellow supporters slag off the one person that has taken us to a level that could only be dreamed about before he arrived. You people slag him off when we are probably the only club that continues to be run in the correct way and with dignity and above all "CLASS".
    We do not spend other peoples money we spend our own, we are now up against clubs that get trophys because the live on handouts they have little or no class at all. I am proud of the way Arsene leads us and it will be a sorry day indeed when he finally goes, I do not believe there is a manager on the planet that could have done what he has done with the budget he had and kept us at a level that was way behond what he should have been able to do. The club has been kicked in the teeeth by players that have no loyalty but want to fill their already buldging pockets I do not have to name them as you all know who they are. This is a good article and very relevent. Be very carefull what you wish for as any other manager other the the one we have who has Arsenal blood will be a big downward move. All you so called true supporters "please "Get off his back or support someone else"
  • Lobster
    The greatest achievement of our “7year trophy doubt” is succesfully weeding out the plastic from the real Arsenal fans. A lot of “Arsenal supporters” have shown they are not mature enough to get through tough times with class and spirit, they show the world how good they are at throwing bitchfits and toddler tantrums. The real shame is that the real Goonners out there have to be associated with these fucking
  • paspartu
    hallo john, i dont care what real madrid does...we better take care of our own home before looking elsewhere..and by home i mean some of our own fans who are behaving like pricks and their negativity is spreading on our team and players..

    i dont want to see ramsey being afraid he might be booed. i dont want to see wilshere or jenks with the handbreak on in fear that they might disappoint you or anyone else in the stands. we have a manager who is trying to keep all that shit away from them and it is our duty as supporters to do same.

    you are certainly entitiled to your opinion as i am, but when your opinion is the result of bigotry and frustration i cannot take you seriously. if you want your opinion to be valued it has to have balance and take things into perspective. when your opinion is only about 8 trophyless years it tells me that you obviously disregard the difficulty of building and repaying a 450m investment in todays football industry through your own means plus you obviously do not factor in the three bayern munichs in the epl league who can outspend for any position and for any player at any time.

    i am certain that if you sit down calmly and approach the subject of arsenal with intelligence everything will fall in place and you will see the sence and logic of it.

    you created your fucking blog after wenge;r inspiration and work and success for us and now you feel entitled to critisise him and his work? can you explain that to me cause i dont really get it....

    can i come to your line of work with no previous experience and call you a cunt who has lost it and that you should me removed? would you like to hear such criticism from someoen who clearly aint got the knowledge experience or qualifications to judge your own work.

    so why would it be any different for wenger? who the hell are you or anyone else to feel entitlement to make opinions on his work? not even ferguson dares critisise wenger and his work for arsenal....yet some fans think they are equals and can lecture him on how to run the football club he transformed...

    dont you see how ridiculous some of you have become ?
  • paspartu
    "it sadens me so so much to hear so called fellow supporters slag off the one person that has taken us to a level that could only be dreamed about before he arrived"

    bloody well said. i respect your opinion sir and as a younger supporter i also get mad at all these idiots who feel entitled to critisise THIS manager.
  • paspartu
    esel = cunt 8)
  • John  - Papartu
    Again you make many assumptions from reading one or two blogs. Opinions are going to be positive or negative and will not please everyone.

    I have made many entries supporting what Wenger has had to put up with, the likelihood the "transfer kitty" was more for show then for spend, etc..etc..

    That doesn't mean he is not allowed to be criticized when mistaken.

    The only ridiculous thing that I see is the fact that you want to temper people's opinions. That is ridiculous. I have supported the club before Wenger and will continue well after he leaves.

    He is not the club, but he HAS made it that much better. I appreciate that and have praised him on many occasion for it. I have praised him hanging on to top 4 with the little resources he has been given.
    That doesn't mean I won't criticize him for not substituting X player when it was obvious a change was needed or starting X player when he was clearly out of form, or playing X player in the wrong position.

    Anyway, you can save your thoughts for those that are WOB's, as I have stated I support the club, whoever is managing, whoever is playing and wherever we are in the table.

    And I will certainly not let anyone tell me what I can or can't say, what's relevant or idiotic, or what I should think otherwise I'm not a supporter.
    That's asinine.
  • paspartu
    no john....whoever suggests that this manager is to be removed is a moron and i dont mind saying it loud & proud, and i can also back it up with proper logical arguements and stats and not personal feelings of frustration and disappointment .......

    to hell with you and your dumb@rse opinions...go concentrate on your life and your own career and remember football is entertainment and not a subject in which you have a PHD to go round pontificating to professionals like wenger how to do their jobs......

    the buck stops here CUNTS...

    you had your says ..weve heard your opinions, weve seen what youre all about and you have showed your colours. there is no turning back. when we win stuff again dont come celebrating with bunch of cunts....

    and if its about your ticket you cheap bastard ..take it back and shove it up your arse...can you leave our players and manager alone now to focus on their jobs? thank you.....
  • paspartu
    critisised by who though?> you and me and peter in block17 ? what the fuck do we know about running football clubs john ? i aint got a you?

    so what is it that gives you the entitlement to critisise ? please explain it to all ears/eyes...
  • paspartu
    what assumptions my freind? do you realise that fans negativity has been polluting the atmosphere the last 2 -3 years? are you blind? do you not see how yours or others negative criticism affects our players? do you see your methods improving anything in the squad? are you that naive to believe that your opinion will change the startegy of a football club? the plans have been made my friend..whoever disagrees can either switch off or go support some other "winner" till we get back to the level we want.

    gervinho is scared shitless to express himself in fear that a bunch of savages will abuse him, his family, his country and everything sacred in his life...i understand such behaviours from tottenham fans but why from our own?

    do you have any explanations for the fans embarassing behaviour and the ingratitude they show?

    what is your opinion about then when pulis and pardew critisise wenger? dont you laugh at them mugs? of course you why should it be any different for me and your opinions?
  • paspartu
    so why dont you focus on finding out what is it that has turned a section of our fans against our club manager and players and leave the tactical critique for mourinho ffs...yes?

    how about you sit down and check the propaganda against arsenal and how taunts about "trophyless years", "feeder club", "dont like it up em" have messed with some of our fans minds?

    why not critisise the weak minded arseholes who allow the bigotry of the press and rivals to affect their support for OUR CLUB.

    oh dont offer opinions for such things...only for wenger;s tactics.....i suppose its because you were taught tactics next to cruyff and lippi
  • John  - Paspartu
    I've criticized all of that actually.
    But I also have a right to say what I want, just as you do.

    I would appreciate it though if you would not put words in my mouth because about 90% of what you have posted, re-posted and continue to spam is nowhere in this article.

    Yes there are some criticisms, just like there are some positives given as well. It's called balancing, it's what happens when you don't have an agenda and see things from all sides

    The fact you can try and associate me with any movement based on two articles is beyond me. I've been writing for quite some time about our club and it's always been rational and most of the time TOO positive. Excuse me for living in the real world where opinions are allowed to be expressed. I never learned tactics under Cryuff, I doubt you did either. So you can stop the bad attempts at condescension...

    This will be my last response as yours don't merit any more. They are as laughable as your failed attempts to be clever.

    To anyone else that's half rational, thanks for reading but this isn't an opinion piece. The list has been made by AFC, AW is on it. The decision is now being taken as to whether or not to put together a package to attempt to interest AFC and AW. That's not saying he will or won't be tempted, or he will or won't go. Simply, HE MAY. This is stating that from inside RMFC that this is happening and that an attempt to pry AW from AFC COULD be made in the summer as he's one of the candidates and given that RMFC came after him before this info is interesting. That's all. No more, no less. As some can attest, this is an article I have put off from publishing because I wanted to re-confirm that the info was correct and have done so.

    The funny thing is that I clearly state that the WOB crew should be careful what they wish for. That, to a rational person means that I am of the thinking that Wenger staying may be the best course ie PRO oh my.

    Hope you all have a pleasant evening.
  • paspartu
    where and when have you critisised the disgusting behaviour of the fans? where and when have you called for the idiots to own up and stop the abuse towards our players? where and when have you critisised the mugs who think they can tell wenger how to run the football affairs of arsenal? i dont see anything.

    balancing? how can you balance things out when you dont know the confidential details of club matters? you go by rumour and gossip?

    this isnt about opinions being allowed....this isnt an exercise on democratic rights ffs..this is about our club ..and bashing the manager and players is counterproductive. end of the story.

    go take a nap cause the office is calling tommorow and remember that when you make your opinion public it should carry some responsibility and accountability and some fucking respect for what this manager has done for arsenal.

    the idea that you can think you can critisise his tactics when you dont even have a clue what his overall game strategy is, is something i find very insulting a suggestion to make.....or is that your opinion?

    so basically, you want to offend and insult our manager with your opinion but god forbid if we upset you with our opinion on your opinions....... :wink:

    yep have a nice sleep.....
  • paspartu
    and just so you know havent answered shit mate...all you are saying is that you're entitled to an opinion.....

    whether that opinion of yours is right or wrong is something you obviously arent interested in...

    "But in the end, Arsenal are Arsenal and 8 years without a trophy after going to the highest levels of every competition is simply not enough. Not for the 5th richest football club in the world and for one of the most successful football clubs on the continent."

    is the above your idea of showing balance?

    8 years without a trophy? try 7 .... and then go check the club's history and see if weve gone for longer periods with nothing to show for it.

    one of the most successful football clubs on the continent? what are you on mate? lsd? if arsenal is one of the most successful then what the hell are all them clubs with one or more champions league trophies?

    you talk shit john....lots of it....
  • baldy red
    "This will be my last response as yours doesn't merit any"
    Well said john parpastu forcing more crap down peoples throats.
    In relation to your article it was an interesting piece,clearly you want AW to stay which is fine tho myself id prefer if he did take up the offer shud it be made,do agree with parpastus point of abusing from the stands being counter productive tho can except a fans right to have an opinion after shelling out on a match ticket,would much rather WOB take a leaf out of my book and just stay away if they're not happy,AW does not deserve the abuse directed at him after all he's achieved with the club,there's no doubt he raised the bar at the club,unfortunately the standards he set he has slipped below in recent times,a victim of his own success if u like
  • paspartu
    "would much rather WOB take a leaf out of my book and just stay away if they're not happy"

    well done. finally you understand !!! its exactly what ive been dont liek whats on offer, withdraw...why come and abuse and spread negativity?

    as for forcing crap on peoples throats..sorry its the english media and rivals taunting that have forced crap into the mind of weak arsenal fans...

    dont take it out on me just cause i know what i support and why.....i will humiliate whoever thinks is capable or quailified to critisise and judge wenger;s work.

    opinions are like arseholes...... if you people mean it in that context then sure fart away..just dont complain when others complain about the stink...
  • baldy red
    Believe me lad u won't b humiliating me or changing my outlook on things,I've told you before that my opinions are based purely on what I see both on the pitch and on the bench fuck all to do with the media or rival fans,really do wish u cud digest that simplist of statements
  • paspartu
    i only talked about humiliating those who think they are qualified and experienced to critisise and judge .....but if the cap fits you can wear it :wink:

    perhaps if fans offered a bit support instead of doing a "hansen" on arsenal with every breathe they take, things would be better.

    why would i want to change your opinion? youre the one suffering watching arsenal buddy, not me. i know what to expect.
  • baldy red
    Ive read most if not all of what youve wrote up recently and ive yet to see you humiliate anybody so the cap most definately does not fit.You made a blatent attempt to belittle the blogger after he expressed quite a balanced article regarding his opinion on our club tho it just seems you have no toleration of any negativity whatsoever.

    Youre quite right about me suffering watching arsenal when i see us as close on points to man ure as we are to qpr it hurts like fuck and especially when im of the opinion that we are capable of better.Id rather suffer, be honest and respect peoples views that differ to mine rather than live in a bubble with tunnel vision and antagonise others to the extent that you do.

    i feel for ya lad i really do :roll:
  • LJB
    Wenger will NEVER be offered the real Madrid job.Perez might want him but the fans don't. In a recent survey of Madrid fans Wenger came bottom of the list .Madrid presidents live and die by the fans and Perez wouldn't dare go against such strong opposition;this is not Chelsea we are talking about.In Europe Wenger has a reputation as a LOSER. People don't care about stadiums or oil money;all they see is a man that has failed to win a single trophy for 8 years. Dortmund,with a net spend of 4 mill over the past 4 yrs compared to Bayerns 116 mill net spend over the same period,HAVE WON TROPHIES. Two league titles,a German cup,the hottest young squad of mostly homegrown players in Europe;Klopp is the man Europeans admire,not Wenger with his tired old excuses and predictable CL capitulations in the round of 16.Sorry to be so blunt,but the truth hurts.If Bayern were playing Dortmund in the CL they would be seriously concerned;in contrast , they see the tie against Arsenal as an easy passage through to the quarters,and sadly i'm afraid their confidence is not misplaced. On the subject of PSG,if Wenger were to EVER go there in any capacity ,he would be the biggest hypocrite in the history of football.
  • Sydney Gooner
    Wenger's always made a point about seeing out his contracts throughout his managerial career. So I can't see him going anywhere until his contract expires at the end of the 2013-14 season.
  • barrydogman44  - your lucky
    i know so many fans who would give the right arm to be where you are to have 1 the premiership and the fa cup ect.. stop moaning you can't win everything whould rather be the 2nd division the main thing is you have 1 the main leauge title more than most teams can ever dream off

    so count your chickens you are very lucky
  • paspartu
    baldy red, the blogger is mean lean not that idiot with his wenger out tirades.....

    i will of course antagonise and humiliate any cunt who thinks he is entitled to abuse our players and manager ...something you agree on...(the abuse towards the manager and players)

    as for opinions weve been here are not at a level high enough as a professional to offer one.

    what tunnel vision...will you blame us now for your inability to have perspective on arsenal? :lol:

    take ljb here for instance...wenger is a loser in europe he says....the man that the european organisation of football statistics and results holds him as the best in the can i not laugh at "fans" like ljb.... :lol: :lol:
  • Peter  - Thoughts on Wenger
    Have a look at my article about Arsene on brave-decision/
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