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The season is almost upon us, roughly about 6 weeks before we start that ride, a ride that hasn't been all too smooth in past year or two. Hopefully this year is a lot different, provided we can make the necessary improvement to bulk up our squad, a squad we can agree is lacking a little bit of depth.  The signs are there that this transfer window would be different but one has to hope that it doesn't end at just being signs. We as supporters are desperate for a title tilt and for that to happen changes must be made and made good.

The striker department is my main concern seeing we have been linked with quite a number of them this summer, the names being bandied out are Jovetic, Higuain, Rooney and Suarez. Higuain is one name that has stuck but in the past week Madrid seem to be strolling us and have put up a price tag that I deem outrageous and knowing Arsene, that figure would be laughed off.

From the off, Higuain wasn’t one of my favourites. I rate him as a footballer but I feel he isn’t a kind of striker we are in desperate need of  but with him being ever so close to signing for us then and me being an ardent twitter user I warmed up to the idea of him being a part of us and wanting him desperately because the majority of people on twitter were of the opinion that he’d be great for us. Truth is, now the deal seems to have cooled off which I won’t lie, it has brought a bit of joy provided we can tie up another alternative.

The other alternative seems to be Suarez, according to the English press a bid of say £40million  could force Liverpool’s hand to thereby handing the reigns to us. Barring his bad boy image, Suarez is a player I admire and if you follow me on twitter I’ve been screaming for a Suarez-type of player for the better part of 18 months and us being linked with him has brought my admiration of said player back to the forefront.

Quite understandable that the Suarez links has brought a mixed reaction from Gooners, a lot are of the opinion that the baggage he carries isn’t worth all that money while the other side of the divide just don’t care, they reckon he is a terrific player and one that improves us greatly, what’s there not to like about him joining us indeed?

I’m a bit skeptical about Suarez but the idea of having him is too great for me, which makes me love the idea every passing second of the day. It’s been established that Arsene likes him and reports of a rumoured bid makes one believe that the interest is real.

I’ve deviated a bit, the whole essence of this write-up is to talk about what Suarez or a Suarez-type player brings to the table. A Suarez-type  player is a totally different striker we have had in a long while, a player that would have made it close to that level in ability to take on defenders and also score goals is Carlos Vela but he wasn’t patient enough to hang in there.
Suarez is quick, nimble, nifty, creative and can play across the front 3 with relative ease. The playing across 3 different positions is what tickles me. We play a 4-2-3-1 formation and Suarez is one that can lead the line, play on either flanks and can also play in the hole just behind the main striker. That’s one stone, 4 birds and my word, that’s fantastic. I’m a sucker for industry and a Suarez-type is what offers that.
Another attribute I love about a Suarez-type player is the ability to create goals for themselves and not have to wait for supplies from their supporting cast. Last term I saw Suarez do that a lot and it showed the sort of player he is. Without him, Liverpool would have finished lower than they finished.

A Suarez-type player doesn’t necessarily relegate Giroud to the bench like an Higuain would do instead the two can complement each other greatly and strike fear down the spines of the opposition. Also a forward list of Suarez, Giroud, Podolski and Theo gives us the much needed depth in the forward area.

The problem here as we all know is Suarez’ price tag and what I feel we won’t be able to match, we have bided £30m, reports suggest we are going to bid £35m and in all honesty I feel that’s his worth. If at all Liverpool refuses, going the extra mile for him won’t hurt.

I abused Suarez all through last season, his antics on the pitch leaves a sour taste in the mouth and that episode with Evra is another downer but I won’t lie and say I don’t want him. I really do want him provided he can be born again and what better man is there to turn him around? it is Arsene Wenger!.

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