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Written by Iron Man on Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:00

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, there’s little chance you wouldn’t have heard about the outcome of trial in the United States which has caused something of an outrage both nationally and internationally, divided opinion among the country’s residents and possibly set race relations back about 50 years. In case you don’t know, George Zimmerman, having shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, was found not guilty of murder citing self-defence in accordance with the controversial ‘stand your ground’ law. The jury decided that despite the fact Zimmerman was carrying a gun and instigated the confrontation with 17-year old Trayvon Martin, he was well within his rights to pull the trigger on the person he believed ‘looked like trouble’. When the trial began, the judge explicitly said that race should not be taken into consideration. However, at its conclusion, almost all the debate and discussion has centred on the skin colour of the victim, and whether he was ‘racially profiled’ by his killer. The long and short of it is black people in America and worldwide are angry and upset. Why? Because this verdict virtually permits the shooting of black people if you suspect, without evidence, they are up to no good. White America, for the most part at least, says race wasn’t an issue in this case and, while not putting it in these exact terms, seems to be suggesting that black people shouldn’t be so sensitive.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

There is a growing possibility that a certain Luis Suarez may well swap the red shirt of Liverpool for that of Arsenal in the coming days/weeks. A bid has been lodged by the club and Liverpool will almost certainly be prepared to allow their talismanic striker to leave for the right price – even if it is to join a rival. On paper, this would be fantastic. Suarez is easily in the top three players in the league at present. A mercurial talent who is tailor-made for an archetypal Arsene Wenger team and exactly the sort of big name, marquee acquisition that could propel The Arsenal right back into the position to challenge for honours.

Of course, things are never that simple. For all his ability, there comes a Heathrow airport sized conveyor belt of baggage that could undermine anything he sets out to achieve in his career. Including, but not restricted to, a racial abuse charge following an altercation with Manchester United’s Patrice Evra that saw him banned for eight games just last year.

The condemnation when details of the report came to light was almost universal. “[I kicked you] because you are black”  and “I don’t talk to blacks” go above and beyond what is deemed acceptable as far as on pitch ‘banter’ or sledging is concerned. These were calculated expressions of racially motivated insults which are wholly unacceptable in any circumstance, whoever you support. It was embarrassing to see Liverpool fans trying to defend his actions and quite shameful to think that simply because of ‘football’ you would somehow try and justify what Suarez said that day. I wrongly assumed that Arsenal fans would be better than that.

Since it became apparent that the club were trying to sign Suarez, people have been out in force trying to excuse his past and in particular this issue involving Evra – a player who is hardly an angel himself and certainly not one that elicits much sympathy given his own chequered past. Be it fighting stewards, the crass ‘men and boys’ comments aimed at our players or his shocking unprofessionalism during 2010 World Cup. Even on this occasion, the Frenchman’s initial alleged “your sister’s pussy” comment means he hardly comes across as whiter than white if you can excuse the terminology. Nevertheless, none of that means he deserves to be racially abused.  Of course, it would be ridiculous to even try and compare Suarez to Zimmerman. The striker has not killed anybody. But there is undoubtedly a feeling that his very presence stirs up similar feelings of anger and tension. The simple fact that Suarez’ default response in this situation was to attack the colour of Evra’s skin suggests something far more sinister than a simple regrettable heat-of-the-moment reaction.

The idea that it is ‘in the past’ or that he deserves any sort of forgiveness or redemption are unfortunately difficult values to try and endorse for the sake of football. Cultural misunderstanding? Please! I defy you to find anywhere on planet earth where there is no understanding that referring to black people in such an insulting manner isn’t racist. Even so, at the time of the incident, Suarez had been playing in England long enough to know full well what he said was out of order.

Like in the Trayvon Martin case, it seems that only those who can relate to the victim will truly understand the anguish caused by Suarez’ words. If one has ever witnessed, felt and experienced that very prejudice Suarez was found guilty of perpetrating, it becomes quite clear why he should always be persona non grata at The Grove. How could a black Arsenal fan – of whom we have many – go to the Emirates and cheer a player who openly went out of his way to denigrate and belittle another human being simply because of the colour of his skin? It will almost certainly be the case that the majority of people championing his potential arrival have little to no understanding of what it means to face such discrimination or what it is to be a part of an oppressed minority and again, will sit there wondering why black people are ‘being sensitive’.

There is a feeling that the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial has basically inferred that the life of a black person is somehow less valuable. When people attempt to excuse or ignore what Suarez said to Evra, they uphold this view. The inference here is that the voice of blacks in football doesn’t need to be heard. The fact that he offended an entire race means nothing as long as he plays football well.

As far as I can remember, Arsenal football club has always prided itself on diversity, both of its fan base and playing staff. Signing Suarez flies right in the face of that and makes a mockery of the campaigns and various measures being to try and rid the game of racism.

Even without the Evra incident, there are many reasons not to welcome such an individual at our club. Suarez is also a habitual diver, once tried to break Sylvain Distin’s leg and expresses no regret for his many transgressions. There seems to be this belief that he will somehow ‘change his ways’ if he joins us. But let us not forget that he also currently finds himself in the middle of another lengthy ban after biting an opponent in the last competitive club match he played – an offence it wasn’t even the first time he was found guilty of.

Yes, Arsenal has had problem players in the past. Adams and Merson are two that are cited but quite frankly, addiction problems are incomparable to any of the above. Patrick Vieira once spat at a player. Disgusting and indefensible but certainly does not carry the same weight culturally, socially and historically as racism. Not even 1%.

What about when he reoffends? When he inevitably gets booked for diving, will you continue to take the moral high ground when Gareth Bale does the same? If he racially abuses somebody on his debut, could we really say we weren’t forewarned? Or will you wear a ridiculous t-shirt supporting him?

Beyond that, this is a player who has openly stated he wants to play for Real Madrid. When Perez comes calling in 12 months, there’s no evidence to suggest he would show even an ounce of loyalty to us once a bigger, better club come calling. This is a man who is prepared to walk out on Liverpool after everything they did to support him through his many, many troubles. He’d do the same to us in a heartbeat.

When discussing this with a Liverpool supporting friend of mine, he made the poignant remark that while he might miss the player, he wouldn’t miss having to defend a man that has gone some way to tarnishing the name of his club. If he does sign, whatever he does henceforth, he does as an Arsenal player, in an Arsenal shirt and in the name of Arsenal football club. By proxy, fans are ‘supposed’ to support him – even if he decides to kick an opponent “because he is black”. As somebody who takes pride in his race, I’m not sure how I’d be prepared to countenance that.

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  • mavric69  - having a laugh
    So, the Arsenal want to buy arguably a top 5 fwd in the Football World, only to NOT win any trophies? It does not make sense! Yes, Arsenal are always in the CL, but having said that, if he helps LFC to Europes elite, the chances are much greater that they will actually win the trophy for the SIXTH TIME.
  • Dave  - Suarez
    I think he is a little bit unhinged, but to be honest I'm sick of us buying nice guys who are shit footballers.

    I'd welcome Suarez.
  • thabo methie
    i wont defend his racist remarks because frankly speaking that would be ridicilous but do i want him at the club yes very much. I am black but i have to say im not affected by racist comments i dont know why i never have been. But as long as he doesnt cause dressing room unrest i believe we will have a fine player on our books
  • dave  - interesting
    Who among the black players stood against racism? Ashley Cole? Glen Johnson? If it's team before race for them... why shouldn't I welcome Suarez as an average Arsenal fan?
  • I despair at this blog entry  - I despair at this blog entry
    You do know that Martin attacked Zimmerman, bust up his nose and was on top of him and smashing his head off the pavement when Zimmerman acted in self-preservation?
  • Adam  -
    If you can't, then don't. Nobody really cares.
  • Deebo
    As a black Liverpool fan I say please take him and wash the stain off my conscience. Every minute he remains a Liverpool player is a reminder of how my fellow Liverpool sought to excuse the perpetrator and attack the victim of racial abuse. I respect Arsenal as an organisation but I want my club back.
  • safety  - too late?
    I would love Arsenal to have picked him up straight after the world cup. He was one of the best players there but already a controversial player with a dive to win a pen if I remember right. Still I think Arsenals values, discipline and multinationalism might have had a positive effect on him. Arsene doesn't compromise on discipline because he is secure as a manager and has things his way. Not so Liverpool with a succession of new managers under pressure and a culture of circling the wagons. I fear Liverpool also defended and excused him because they are now a second rate team and he was their one world class player. AW has a track record of picking up players that others have rejected for some categorical reason and casting them in a new mould of his own design.

    Racism is a state of mind. Minds can be changed with education. It's a correctible defect. Considering it to be a permanent character flaw is to effectively condemn a person for who they are, for something they can't do anything about, which is what racists do. Of course you have to see genuine contrition and a person must realise they start at the bottom and have to earn the respect and trust of others. Their past behaviour is the only thing others can use as a guide until they can restore their reputation.

    I'd make part of his personal terms a course of behavioural therapy and that Sagna ( an outstanding role model professional with a phenomenal work ethic) has to mentor him. I also fancy us buying Papiss Cisse to play alongside him up front.
  • Tony  - Suarez: Story of a lifetime
    This is a player whose issues have issues. Granted he scored a lot last season but that doesn't justify the fact that he's looney upstairs. While in Ajax, he was banned for biting a player.....3 yrs and a transfer to the EPL, he does it again AND HE IS 26. Added to that is the fact that he's ready to ditch his current team in a manner I can only call bitchy. Come on!!!!! Baines was signed to Everton some 7 yrs back or so, yet you don't see him screaming his lungs out for a move. If a player doesn't understand loyalty....then even dogs are better
  • Shawn
    "Because this verdict virtually permits the shooting of black people if you suspect, without evidence, they are up to no good. White America, for the most part at least, says race wasn’t an issue in this case and, while not putting it in these exact terms, seems to be suggesting that black people shouldn’t be so sensitive."

    Wow. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Do most people feel that there has been racial injustice in the Zimmerman trial? Yes. Do most people come to the conclusions that you made above? No. To say that the verdict permits the shooting of black people if you think they're up to no good is a ludicrous exaggeration. To say that "White America" does not believe that race was an issue is also a bit crazy. I was angered by the Zimmerman verdict, like the majority of Americans, but the reality is that the prosecution bungled the case and the Florida "Stand Your Ground" rules which permit you to shoot someone in self-defense made the case very difficult to win to begin with (and correctly, there is significant scrutiny now being directed toward that law).

    "Of course, it would be ridiculous to even try and compare Suarez to Zimmerman. The striker has not killed anybody. But there is undoubtedly a feeling that his very presence stirs up similar feelings of anger and tension."

    And yet, this is precisely what you are doing!

    "Like in the Trayvon Martin case, it seems that only those who can relate to the victim will truly understand the anguish caused by Suarez’ words. If one has ever witnessed, felt and experienced that very prejudice Suarez was found guilty of perpetrating, it becomes quite clear why he should always be persona non grata at The Grove"

    I am a person of color who has experienced discrimination on several occasions in varying levels of severity (but frankly, I don't find it all that relevant to my feelings about Suarez). The key question is this: are you okay with people being okay with Suarez? Because it doesn't sound like you are. It's one thing if you have a personal opinion that you don't like Suarez -- it's quite another if you have a sweeping opinion that no one should be okay with Suarez.

    I have seen several intelligently-written blogs/articles about the Suarez issue, including the Arseblog one today. I personally don't agree with Arseblog, but he makes the explicit and important point that he is okay with people wanting Suarez . Are you okay with other people wanting Suarez? Or do you think that they are apologists for racism and/or racists themselves? To me, that is the fundamental issue behind this debate/discussion.

    I am personally okay with people wanting or not wanting Suarez. I am okay with people not wanting Suarez because they think he is a racist. I am not okay with people thinking that their view is the only "correct" view, and it is usually those people who believe that Suarez is a racist who hold this view. I am not okay with people who believe that Suarez supporters are apologists for racism or racists themselves.

    "There is a feeling that the conclusion of the Zimmerman trial has basically inferred that the life of a black person is somehow less valuable. When people attempt to excuse or ignore what Suarez said to Evra, they uphold this view. The inference here is that the voice of blacks in football doesn’t need to be heard. "

    The premise is wrong, and the conclusion is a non sequitur.
  • de dog  - ur all confused
    Why is suarez the only one painted so horribly in this picture, didn't evra insult him racially also??...didn't evra refer to him as 'sudaka' a racial insult to south americans?...why is race only ever involved or taken seriously when it concerns black people?....where did u get ur details on what exactly was said?...where did "I kicked him cause he's black" come from??....we don't know the details of what was said on the pitch, as far as I'm concerned 2 players had a spat on the field and exchanged insults...fullstop! bigger concern is the boys half a cannibal for christ sake and if he offends for a 3rd time his ban will be beyond lengthy and will hurt our club.....thought hinguain was our best option....but I sign suarez with my eyes closed!
  • Gunner Gee  - Suarez
    What was disgraceful to me as a black man was not Suarez's behaviour but LFC's unfortunately...I must admit it did make me hate the club..and in many ways I still do!!..

    I do not want Suarez at arsenal for an entirely different reason...AFC has always shied away from getting the 1 or 2 decent £20-25m pound players that we have lacked and have been able to afford for the past 4 years to make us competitive....Dortmund did not buy big but they won the Bundesliga twice and almost won the CL..

    This seems to me like another panick buy due to fan unrest...perhaps they have found it hard to sell all their seasons ticket.....

    I don't believe buying £55m pound players is the way to building.. harmony... quality and a sense of purpose from the club is more important..

    I will take RVP over Suarez anyday even with out Lius's antics and even a fit RVP with out his injury record....spending all that money on Suarez alone will not win us the league after all RVP scored 37 goals and we only managed 4th place

    We want the club to spend wisely and show intent.....
  • anon
    Well you can't really summarise the Zimmerman case with such a simple and biased explanation but okay, at least I know how much salt I needed to take this with.
  • SevenTh  - small dick - racism connections theory
    I think people overusing the whole racism thing. It IS a nonsense...I remember all those years ago at high school one of my teachers mentioned that if somebody calls you a dumb/stupid you can get angry or get affected by it only in case you are dumb/stupid. The problem I guess is the feeling of being victim in the first place. Its all about your perception. If we leave aside race factor...if somebody abuses you by saying that you have a small penis dont you be laughing at it in case you have a 25 cm dildo between will ONLY affect you if you really got nothing to be proud know what I mean? So please stop moaning somebody calls a black person black...if it disturbs you its only your own psychological problem... and stop using that racism THEME ...BTW i like the blog but please talk about football...
  • Rodrick
    Forget about what happened to Evra and other players let's give a guy a chance as long as he going to score goals that 'll lead Arsenal to winning a trophy i 'll be the 1st fan to forgive him. ARSENAL 4 LIFE.
  • Radge
    Gunner Gee: Fully agree. Talent form and the right mentality wins you things. Talent alone will not win you something, afterall if it did we would never see the League and FA cup "giant killings". Form we all know comes and goes. Some players can keep their level of form very high for a very long period of time but it wont always continue. Mentality is the key to all details, get the right mentality instilled in the team and you are more than halfway there. Doesnt matter how talented or what form a certain number of players are on, if they dont have the right head on their shoulders they will lose out. My main question regarding Wenger these days is "Can he instill the right mentality?" I question that part of his management more than anything else.
    You dont need 30mill+ players if you have the right mentality in place.

    As for Suarez. I just dont want him at Arsenal. He may be a great talent but I agree with the strong principles Wenger adhere's to. If we signed Suarez those principles would take a rather large knock in my book.
  • Bobby
    " in accordance with the controversial ‘stand your ground’ law"

    Stopped reading there. If you aren't going to familiarize yourself with the facts of a situation maybe you shouldn't use it as an analogy
  • Lg  - Lg
    Mate. I think you are angry about the Zimmerman case nit Suarez. You are using this site to air your alleged wrongs and slights against your race. Be a pretty White girl walking through Brixton at night. Or perhaps a frightened teenager being shaken down and beaten, maybe worse by gangs of black "youths". In fact just look at the faces in the riots and the victims of the most horrendous muggings during the ordeal.
    You are stuck in the 60's my friend. Racism is no longer a one way street. You obviously feel the resentment so many black men feel today for something that happened decades ago, to their fathers or grand father. Being of Irish decent my family were treated as scum during the same period however we feel no resentment towards English.
    Hell, I am English.
    The sooner we all bury these prejudices the sooner we can perhaps joke at each others expense without starting world war 3.
    However this is something I fear i won't live to see.
  • paspartu  - sorry that was horseshit
    terrible article and terrible thoughts put into paper/keyboards...

    Suarez is a hell of a striker. That's all that matters. What he said to Evra is 100% irrelevant. What the media say about Suarez is again 100% irrelevant.

    No crime has been committed. Noone lost his job because of skin colour or religion or sex. Noone has been denied his right to health or education due to colour, religion or ethnicity. Calling suarez a racist just cause he called evra a negrito in a football match is the dumbest thing ive heard of and it could only happen in stupid England with its idiotic press and pseudopsensitivities. fuck the press and fuck the political correctness of those who slaughtered whole continents telling us that suarez is evil.

    who gives a shit about Zimmerman or what happens in the streets of America.stick to football. I have never heard a white person make a fuss cause he was called a white trash whatever during a match. never. but evra....LOL......sure he was offended..thats why he went about it like a girl.
  • MrBonzai83  - All creed's
    I read these blog's day after day and this one stand's out to the rest why would you combine these two awful incidents i don't see the logic by using either? Wenger is one of the finest coaches football have ever witnessed, Everyone who professes their love for the cannon should appreciate that we are watching one of footballs greatest toy maker's at work. And he have done this in one of the most seductive era's the EPL will ever have. He done the impossible and promoted the beautiful game for over 15 yrs now from England unheard of before. The football drew gasp's from rival supporters but then as we were building a full head of steam, Ashburton grove happened, We had to reduce all cost's that is what happened that is all. Married into that we had unhappy players so it all ballooned into he dont know what he's doing. I think that Suarez will fulfill his true world beating qualities under wenger i also think Wenger is the only manager out there that can bring the best out of him so Luis Suarez will be Wengers last great achievement everything else will click into place. :arrow: Forward and comparing plop like that is not the way too go. COYG!!!!! Suarez beast of a player beast of a bitemark :wink:
  • Anonymous
    deebo you are stupid mate.....
  • jd  - Does it matter
    I hate suarez as a person. He is no doubt a racist evil little bastard. Anyone who cannot see that either thinks that this is acceptable behavour and is guilty of these things themselves of they are denying the truth because they want to try and justify the fact that they want him to be on their team because he is a brilliant footballer which is ignorant and moronic. But it doesnt even matter. At first I thought that it did and the thought of suarez in the shirt I love made my stomache churn but really after a while i realised it doesn't matter. Yes he is a disgusting person and the last person I would chose to save if we were on a sinking ship but I never loved arsenal because of the players. Sure some of them win a place in my heart and become legends like Henry or Adams but how many is that? Really very few. There are nasty little racist/sexist/homophobic tosspots playing all over the world for different teams and they are still cheered by fans and supposrters and they might not eaven know how filthy they are. Some of them may beat their wives or touch other peoples kids. The number of footballers in the world its almost a certainty. To think it isnt true is naieve. The only difference is we know about Suarez because he was stupid enough to do it on the pitch. I love the shirt and my club and sympathise with anyone who won't enjoy seeing Suarez wear the Arsenal kit but its not like he will take our kit and make it a symbol of his own evil racist ways. He gives as much of a shit about wearing our kit as he does Liverpools right now. All it meas to him is 100+ grand a week. He has no loyalty because he is from south america so why feel attached to aresenal or liverpool. Its all the same to him. That is just how modern footballers think just like RVP so Liverpool fans out there crying about loyalty need to get real and realise their team is shit at the moment and winning the carling cup isn't going to keep a player like Suarez happy becuase he wants to win and earn lots. Maybe Wenger will even be able to educate him and maybe coming to the emirates and realising that the man he has to try and emulate and better, the all time leading goal scorer, fan favouite and greatest footballer ever is a black man will teach him a bit of humility. Or maybe not but who cares anymore.
  • Mohamed  - WE ARE IN A REAL WORLD
    I find it amazing when people pontificate and talk as if they are from another planet. Are we not on planet earth where vices are common? Do we want to pretend that we do not know that racism is still much with us and that every race is guilty to one degree or another? The fact is that racism is prevalent all over the world. Among people of the same colour one tribe or ethnic group feels superior to the others. On a personal level, every one feel that he is a better human being than the next person standing by. These feelings are often expressed in obscure corners unnoticed by the public. Some people will never marry someone of another race - every race is guilty of this. Blacks feel they are better than people of other races. The Arabs think that they are the best race on earth. So it is with every race on the earth. Blacks are the greatest recipients of racial discrimination. My argument is that the problem is very common with us on the earth. Those who are caught represent a minute percentage of those guilty of racism.
    On the Suarez's incident, he was banned for 8 games as punishment for the offence. He has been punished for the crime committed. Why can't we overlook the issue now?
    Racism is a more prevalent problem than meets the eye. I think it takes a divine perspective of humanity to eradicate. We are assuming human goodness and denying human depravity than the reality. Suarez is just among a few people who have made a racial comment under provocation as against the vast majority of humans who covertly practice it.
    What would you say about carnivores who eat fellow humans? What about those who kill fellow humans for no reason? What about the high and the mighty who formulate policies that keep people in undeveloped countries perpetually impoverished?
    As for the football side of the story, Arsenal would be depriving ourselves of a prodigious talent if we refuse to sign him because of a human short coming. Signing him will improve us tremendously. If Wenger sees a reason to want him in our squad, then so be it! I will willingly wear his shirt. I will do that purely for football reasons, not moral. I will be supporting him as a footballer, not as a role model - like I did Henry, Van Persie and all. Let me end by letting you know that I am hundred percent black.
  • paspartu
    lol jd, have you met him then? Christ such stupidity.

    Mohamed I praise your open mind. well said sir.
  • paspartu
    "He has no loyalty because he is from south America"

    wow ..this racial/ethnic slur coming from the same person who called suarez an evil racist bastard ?

    :lol: gotcha punk 8)
  • paspartu
    Isnt javier zanetti south american? such a disloyal cunt......
  • paspartu
    lg also great post
  • Lg  - Utter tosh
    Jd. How many professional footballers do you think are "touching other people's kids"? How this nonsense can be shoe horned into what is normally the most sensible of football sites I'll never know.
    Is it Naieve or naive, to think that professional footballers all over the world are touching up kids?
    This lynch mob mentality always occurs with the liberals.
    So one footballer retaliates to another's racist slur with one if his own. Now they are touching our babies.
    Is it only the racist footballers that have an interest in children our the sexist ones also?
    It worries me that this horrific thought would be on your mind as you sit at home, contemplating arsenal signing a football player

    It was a pleasure to read your post. Insightful, articulate and fair. I couldnt agree with you more on all fronts. If we all thought this way we would be so much closer to eradicating "racial tensions" than the original article which to me is more incitement than anything else.
    If everyone on these forums were as thoughtful however we wouldn't have had this debate.
    As it us debates like these which air grievances and bring us closer together then I guess I owe it's author a word of praise also....
  • Jd  - Naieve
    I didn't say I know how many footballers there are touching other people's kids and neither do you. You don't know anything about them but people still choose to idolise them and I was just making the point that I love arsenal but in the modern game that doesn't mean I have to love the footballers who represent the club. How can I if I don't even know them. If Suarez hadn't been caught then people would still be out there putting posters of him in their kids bedrooms and going up and hugging him in the streets. People loved jimmy saville for years because they saw him on tv liked his show and decided that he was a good guy and look how that worked out. It's not racist to suggest that'll I shouldn't expect him to be loyal because he is from South America he could be from anywhere but he just isn't from north London and so far from home when he has played for loads of clubs already why should he care about arsenal or Liverpool. He might but only a few players who aren't from near their club ever do. Zanetti loved inter but throughout his career they have pretty much been at the top and paid the biggest wages so where was he going to go.
  • Man United Killer
    Suarez for more than 40million? Ha..I want us to sign top players but heck no.I don't believe in throwing money away like that.
  • Lg  - Still tosh
    It is ridiculous to mention luis Suarez in the same breath as jimmy saville.
    Absolutely ridiculous. Shame on you...
  • jd  - Misunderstanding
    I am not comparing Luis suarez to Jimmy Saville in the sense that their crimes are on the same level but you have to see that there are so many celebrities and sports stars that are put on pedestalls that turn out to be twisted people. You have to read into it a bit more than just seeing that I wrote the two names in the same paragraph and deciding that I am drawing direct comparison. Use your intelect to understand the concept. My whole point is that it doesn't matter that Luis Suarez is a racist if you lust love watching the football and stop all this ridiculous interest in what players are like off the field. This stupid hello magazine culture where we want to understand the players as heroes is stupid because there will inevitably turn out to be a few who do commit crimes or have nasty secrets. Thats why it doesn't matter if Luis Suarez is a racist in his spare time because i'm not interested in him as a person so as long as he is good as a football player and doesn't do anything stupid on the pitch as an employee of the club i love then why do I care. By supporting arsenal I am not endorsing that all the players are good people.
  • paspartu
    ehhhm jd sorry to disappoint you but people are still in great admiration and respect for suarez and would gladly shake his hand or have pics taken with him on the street. you know why? cause he is an excellent fkn footballer/striker. we don't really care about evra or his girlish moaning, nor do we take the uk media seriously who love to tag foreigners with the most baseless of accusations. these cunts call our manager a paedophile...fuck them ..suarez is the boss of strikers and evra is a stupid arrogant petulant kid showing off.

    and cut the called southamericans disloyal based on stereotyping them like any racist were cought !
  • paspartu
    maradona you prick jd..DIEGO...the greatest player ever...and in this country they call him a should never take the English Press seriously when they talk football....the know fuck all about the game and are full of spite for everyone else who is better than them.
  • Jd  - Sad passpartu
    You always resort to calling people names passpartu like that's the best way to get your point across. Why would I want to listen to you when you just insult me. You are childish and ignorant and I did not stereotype South Americans I made the point that footballers are from all over the world and aren't going to have a lot of loyalty to a club that they were never interested in before they signed for it. It's not a difficult point to understand and if you want to have your picture taken with Suarez like you know him and your his best mate then that's fine but I'm not interested in being his mate or defending his character ill just watch him play football on the weekend
  • paspartu
    jd don't be unfair. I don't do it to all people. ask ML. Only those that deserve it. you know.... you didnt get insulted out of the blue, you probably caused it with your stupid comments, what did you expect? im tired of all you pussies coming out saying whatever you want but as soon as someone says something back to you, you complain. when you insist on presenting a person you've never met as a racist then the only thing left for me to do is to insult you and your way of thinking....

    as for loyalty..hmmmm..yes I forgot how loyal the homegrown a.cole proved to be....

    and as for suarez.. "ill just watch him play football on the weekend" ..just? you called him a definite racist 5 days ago..and stereotyped south americans as being disloyal...
  • ukoh  - Not ALL whites in America agree Zimmerman was "non
    OK, I'm a white English expat in the USA but I can tell you that there are a ton of white Americans who absolutely side with our African American brothers on this one. In short, we are totally ashamed at the verdict and think the idea that race had nothing to do with it is laughable in the extreme. This view is expressed by my white friends, work colleges and prominant white TV hosts in the USA.

    To the guy above who claimed that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman viciously that is far from proven. His injuries did not stand up to that conclusion. However think about this for a moment. Zimmerman followed Trayvon against directions from the police, was no doubt shouting racial abuse at a black kid who was just minding his own business. What do you expect to happen - the kid to be a martyr or a saint? Of course he thumped Zimmerman. The point is the whole confrontation could have been avoided and "self defense" when you instigated the entire episode is very thin indeed.

    All decent people think this - irrespective of color, race, creed or anything.
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