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I'm sucked in, there is no way out now.

I have done so well until this point, probably the best and calmest in some time. A transfer window is here, we are bang smack in the middle of it and from a personal point of view it hasn't grabbed me in the slightest. Jackson Martinez? Diego Costa? Nope, never happening in a million years and I thought as much from the very beginning so I found it pretty easy to distance myself from it all.

Who else was there? Oh yeah Mirko Vucinic was the recent rumour that has been doing the rounds. If Arsene thinks he is the solution whether that be short or long term then well, that is his call. I don't have much of an opinion on that player because I have only seen some of his goals on YouTube.

How about a stop gap move for Berbatov? The guy is silk, technically a good fit for Arsenal but we've just shipped out all the players in our squad over the last few years who couldn't give a poo if we conceded a late equaliser. Who thought it was rest time when we lost the ball. Oliver Giroud may not be Dennis Bergkamp but he makes sure he can fight and work as hard probably harder. So it would go against all the work that we have put in so far to get a player in who doesn't give everything like Wilshere, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Giroud, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny and all the rest of the players.

Then there are the of young prospects like Mr N'tep, and that Belgium fella whose name escapes me. Yeah whatever, if you like them Arsene then get them in, if not then fine because they weren't going to be ready for this season anyway. But then there is one who is talked about more than most. You know who it is because you've spoken about him more than the others. But the talented Julian Draxler isn't what we need right? We need a striker in case Giroud gets injured, maybe a goalscoring wide player in the absence of Theo but do we need another creative play maker who can play out wide? There is talk about him being groomed for the centre forward position in the longer term but as I said above, we need a drop and play type of player to help us during this run in.

That is the general thinking isn't it?

Well before yesterday I had watched a couple of Draxler YouTube videos. Hands up those who have done the same? a full show of hands no doubt. The thing is the videos I had been watching had been pretty much exclusively his goals. Long range strikes, half volleys, flick up and lashed in etc. Quality collection of goals from a long and rangy youngster who is always spoken about very highly. But yesterday I found myself listening to some music on YouTube and then coming across a previously watched Draxler video, that lead me to more videos about his overall game. That was it, I fell in love with Draxler YouTube videos last night.

I am no Bundesliga expert, at a push I might watch a Bayern vs Dortmund game if I have the time (which I never do these days) so viewing Draxler was always going to be difficult. But thanks to some excellent compilations by Scout Nation, Scout Report and a few others I got to see more of his touches.

I totally understand the striker conversion thingy now.

I can also see why Arsene would be willing to pay an insane amount of money for a player so young and unproven at Premier League level. He had Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the palm of his hand but lost out eventually, those players went on to become genuine world class players, whatever the definition for it actually is.

Arsene doesn't have to lose out this time, money is no longer an issue thanks to some new sponsorship deals that have come our way and also having a German core must help. It seems as if Arsenal are his choice of club at the moment.

But enough about that, I want to continue swirling around this fantasy world of mine and taking a look at why perhaps Arsene might like a piece of Draxler.

I have cut up a few clips from the aforementioned YouTube clips and glued them together to give you an idea of what I am trying to say.

Draxler the striker

He doesn't play as a centre forward for Schalke obviously but he has appeared as a number 10, in some instances he is pushed higher up the pitch and you can get a sneaky peak at what he might be able to offer for the short but most probably long term. He is 6ft2in and technically fantastic.

Look at this clip. He has so many players around him and finds his man. He gets the ball back and is charged down by four players but has the technique to turn them and still have the vision to slip in one of his players. It is hard to gage how much stronger he will get but his game is based on superb technique. That short snippet really reminds me of Robin van Persie.

{youtube width="460" height="345"}wSyRNJ-DZyM{/youtube}

As seen in the first clip, he can play runners through. Here is another example of this
{youtube width="460" height="345"}I6CKobFa7QM{/youtube}

Theo Walcott and the likes of Aaron Ramsey would appreciate a bit of that from the German. So would Lukas Podolski if he is a) still at the club and b) in our starting 11.

He seems to want to put himself about and get stuck into challenges. 'E ain't nah faaking fairy or anyfink like' which is important being the first line of defence, ask Mr Giroud.

And of course he can smack a ball. Some players have that technique to strike a ball (Podolski) some don't (Gervinho).

{youtube width="460" height="345"}mMF43bahBVY{/youtube}


I am a sucker for a dribbler I must say. In games where space was at a premium, I used to beg for the ball to go to Gervinho. Stop laughing at the back. It was because he could carry the ball past people and it would almost always open up spaces that were not there a few seconds earlier. We know that Gervinho's end product was not up to scratch but this kid looks like he could have both cutting edge as well as being able to take people out of the game with a run with his deceptive pace and close control. While his stature is somewhat van Persie like, he reminds me more of a young Gareth Bale when he runs. Imagine when power is added onto his frame. Woof!

{youtube width="460" height="345"}URjWBm5-YNE{/youtube}

Respecting the game

Watching Draxler charging through on the keeper only to slide it across for a team mate to tap into an empty net reminded me of something that Arsene has said on a number of occasions. I can't find the exact quote but it's basically to do with making the right choices that benefit the game and not just the individual. You get the sense that Arsene thinks that very important in a player. We all know that Arsene likes to limit the amount of long range strikes on the whole, preferring to wait for a better chance of scoring to come up instead. A view I wholeheartedly agree with.

Well what strikes me is that for a player of only 20, Draxler put balls on a plate for players when he could have scored himself. But I have to remember that this is YouTube highlights, he could shunt team mates for the rest of the game and blaze over the bar when players are standing unmarked in the penalty area. I don't know but I get the feeling that he isn't that type of player (Daniel Sturridge, Jermaine Defoe etc)

{youtube width="460" height="345"}k_OwJ-PHSlg{/youtube}

So basically I have written an entire article with videos about a player who doesn't play for Arsenal. I told you I was sucked in. I keep playing out moves on the pitch in my head between our players and Draxler.

* Mesut Özil slipping in both Walcott and Draxler on the break away from home at Old Trafford, Draxler crossing across the face of goal for Walcott to tap in
* Ramsey and Draxler exchanging passes on the edge of the penalty area, carving through deep sitting teams
* Giroud flicking on the edge of the box for Draxler to smash in a half volley. An early trademark it seems

Wilshere, Cazorla, Gnabry, Podolski the combinations are mouthwatering. But as I said, this is all very much dream world right now. A potential deal is more likely in the summer but I am sure there is an outside chance of this happening this month. Especially if Arsenal really want it to happen (Walcott injury) and the player makes is clear that he wants to move on.

As I said earlier on in the article, his capture would be more of an investment for the future at least for next season but I'd be more than happy to get him in now as I'm sure you'd be also.

So that's it, no doubt I will be staring at my television on transfer deadline day. Right, it's late I have pressing things to do


*'Draxler skills 2014*

*Draxler passing*

*Have an unproductive day*

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