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I follow some excellent people on Twitter and thought it would be interesting to get post game views from various tweeters after each game.

It is a shame that I had to pick a game where we got hammered but what can you do?

Here are the questions and answers

1) Oh dear! Erm.. where to start? In your opinion, what went wrong for us today?

@CulannDavies - Just about everything! The mentality, like in most 'big' games, seemed off from the get go. Liverpool were sharp and tireless where we were clumsy and cumbersome. Tactically we played too open against a side with two strikers like Suarez and Sturridge. Monreal and Sagna pushed up and Wilshere left Arteta by himself for almost the entire 90 minutes. Obviously it wasn't helped that we conceded so early from a set piece, I think that forced the players into pushing up when there was no need.

@Jagsy10 - We were put on the back foot very early with the cheap free kick give away, Per was a touch hesitant when dealing with it and then fouled Suarez but not much you can do with that delivery from Gerrard, it may have been offside but not many complaints about the first goal, from then on in we seemed to shoot ourselves in the foot, we were poor in possession, kamikaze in midfield and full back areas and the centre halves had little protection, you can deal with pressing like that if your passing is crisp and perfect, ours was far from it today.

@PascalZidane - We've paid the price for yet another sluggish/lethargic start to a big away game. Saturday morning, 12.45 and early goals.

Little to no protection for Per and defence. Key performers unable to step up. Giroud isolated.

Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Early goals, bad defending, bad attacking, lack of fight, general passiveness which I hate to see in my team.

Except Jack, he looked royally pissed off. He hates to see us losing. I love that man. That's a winner right there.

As Wenger pointed out, "The whole team failed to turn up with the right performance." We should not focus too much on individuals because the whole machine didn't work at all. A bad day at the office.

@SuburbanGooner - It would probably be easier (and less expletives used!) if we try and work out what went right. Arsenal have made a tidy habit of remaining resolute in the first half in preparation for an onslaught in the second, but that game plan was screwed up and chucked into the bin in the corner with the mini basketball desk toy above it after a minute.

Too many players had off days and we looked like we were punch drunk after a blistering start from Liverpool.

2) Is this group of players mentally strong enough to deal with this result and come again strong in midweek?

@CulannDavies - Potentially. Of all the big sides we face in this horrible run of games Manchester United at home is probably the easiest, they're not too high on confidence themselves right now. A win against United and suddenly this week may look alright again.

@Jagsy10 - Evidence this season seems to suggest a different mentality when coming back from set backs, the proof will be there for all to see on Wednesday

@PascalZidane - Of course! This group has shown time and again this season that they can bounce back from adversity.

We've reacted well to bad defeats to Villa and City and shown consistency that gives me hope that we can do so again  - starting with Man Utd on Wednesday.

We have that bouncebackability.

@SuburbanGooner - That is my biggest worry for what people are calling this period 'DEATHRUN1'. I've always said that Arsene Wenger sides are unplayable when their tails are up, but are susceptible to bouts of confidence sapping defeats.

If we can try to look on the positive side, based on what we've seen this season, the team has been able to dust itself off from setbacks like the debacle at Anfield. I/Arsenal fans will expect - nay - demand that there is a reaction on Wednesday. Although Man Utd isn't exactly the type of team you'd want to play after a sitting defeat like that.

3) Assuming that we have the same group of players for the Manchester United game, would you make any changes based on the performance and result today?

@CulannDavies - It'd be nice to change the whole XI after that! However the only changes I'd make, which personally I would have made for the Liverpool game anyway are; Gibbs in for Monreal and Rosicky in for Wilshere. I would move Chambo back into CM and play Rosicky wide. Wilshere doesn't look fully fit to me yet.

@Jagsy10 - Gibbs in for Monreal, Chamberlain moved centrally with Arteta and I'd use Gnabry wide right with Cazorla wide left, Özil at 10 and Giroud up top, Jack seems to lack the positional awareness in defensive areas when playing as the no8 in our system, Ramsey is far more positionally aware and responsible when he plays there, I appreciate Jack tried to take the game to Liverpool but he really needs others further ahead of him to take that responsibility and he needs to remained disciplined in his role, especially if Arsenal are under pressure, was also Jacks first game back so appreciate he may not be at 100%

@PascalZidane - Personally, I'd drop everyone and give the away fans a chance. But I'm not the manager, thank Bergkamp for that.

Jokes aside, we will see a number of changes on Wed. Certain players are struggling physically and/or out of form. We will need fresh legs above all.

I'd definitely start with Rosicky and Gibbs for Ozil and Monreal, respectively. Maybe Gnabry on the right but I wouldn't make too many chances because these players would want a chance to put things right as quickly as possible.

Big game on Wed, can't wait!

@SuburbanGooner - That's a tough question actually. Those players that gave 4 or 5 out of 10 today will be hurting. They'll want to make amends and so it's tricky because you could see the same players give a totally different response on Wednesday. I thought Arteta was poor, but with no Flamini or *cough* Kallstrom *cough*, I'm not sure you can drop him for someone like Rosicky, because the Czech has a different role in the team. I actually thought Jack wasn't too bad at times and so wouldn't take him out. You can question whether Özil and Cazorla deserve a start, but they're kind of 'first name on the sheet' and there's hardly another player in their positions that we'll be stunned isn't starting after what we saw this weekend.

4) Did any Arsenal player come away with any credit in your opinion? If so which player(s)?

@CulannDavies - Oxlade-Chamberlain. It wasn't his best game but he was positive and didn't seem effected by the terrible performance of the team as a whole. Our in-form player at the minute.

@Jagsy10 - I thought Koscielny again was good in his own game, he seems to excel against Suarez after initially struggling with him a few years ago, a sign of Koscielny's growth, I thought Chamberlain showed some signs of form and he kept pushing until the end

@PascalZidane - Szczesny, Wilshere and the Ox. 

Szczesny for just posting "f****** embarrassing" on his facebook after the game. That's exactly how I felt at half-time.

Wilshere for not giving in even when all seems lost and Ox for a measured performance. I thought he was our best player.

@SuburbanGooner - I thought Szczesny made a couple of good saves (Suarez free kick springs to mind) and, in the second half I thought Jack was a little more influential, but no, not really.

5) Lastly, do you think Arsenal still have enough to win the league title this season?

@CulannDavies - Well we didn't get this far by chance! I think to win it now we would need to adopt a smarter and more defensive approach in big games. Our form is based upon good defensive performances and scoring one or two more goals than the opposition. So far this season we seem to go into big games too Gung-ho and it's not what we're about as a team anymore. I wouldn't rule us out but I wouldn't be surprised if our confidence is too damaged by the display today.

@Jagsy10 - I really think a lot will depend on how we come back from this today and what result we achieve Wednesday, we seem to really need a big result against a big side, make no mistake that Utd are not what they were but they still same to have a knack of results against us, beat them Wednesday, get some injured players back and who knows where that can take us but to me we will probably come up short in the League, Chelsea have a favourable run in and belief is growing in their camp, its still been a progression this season and something we can hopefully build on in the Summer.

@PascalZidane - If you'd told me back in August that Arsenal would be challenging for the title in Feb...I would have laughed and called you insane. Crazy. And probably directed you to the nearest Psychiatric facility.

We can definitely win this title but I'm realistic enough to see that we are not favourites. There are oily clubs with bigger squads. But we have the bigger hearts and spirit.

So in short: yes, we can...and hopefully we will! :-)

@SuburbanGooner - Results like this will have us all questioning it. I'm really not sure and I've never really been sure if I'm honest. We need more depth in key positions like centre forward because, when it's not working, you have to be able to change it around a bit. Unfortunately I think we'll pay a heavy price for our botching of the summer transfer window, and our inability to win games like that will be our downfall. But I'm going to hope and hope until it's mathematically impossible.

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