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It wasn't to be was it? Had the opening half hour played out a little differently then who knows. Anyway here are some more questions and answers from a collection of top Gooners on Twitter.

In hindsight, would there have been anything different you would have done during the game?

@1MrT_AFC - After our bright start I think our hand was pretty much forced throughout that game. We looked ready to cause them problems so the setup seemed the right one.

I can understand why subbing both Cazorla and Ozil that early would have been a huge gamble for a number of reasons, but I'd always have Rosicky in a team of 10 for Arsenal: defensively he's brilliant. To be honest I'd have probably started him tonight to help Gibbs/Monreal deal with the Lahm/Robben problem. For me, he's just about clever enough going forward to justify dropping Cazorla for that security.

@DBerry1974 - I don't think there was anything we could have done differently at all after Szczesny's red card, and in all fairness we did everything right after that. We did nothing silly and just tried to contain them, they were always going to have a lot of possession with the extra man, and that's what caught up with us in the end.
The only thing I may have done differently was to try and give Monreal more protection on the left, they were getting a lot of joy down that side, but Gibbs' injury left us limited there really.

@hahostolze - Not during, no. Before the match the team selection wasn't quite to my liking but Wenger proved me wrong as usual. Subbing off Ox for Rosicky was the only mistake. Everything else was as good as we could have done with this squad.

@VENGooner - No, I think that the shame in all this was that we were set up well and only after the red card was there a difference between the teams.

Can Arsenal take any positives from this game?

@1MrT_AFC - Our first few minutes were very impressive. We played with invention and tempo and picked the right times to be expansive. Some times we lost the ball early but we didn't lose our shape. Our key players in the opening exchanges were mostly young ones which was nice to see against a team like Bayern.

@DBerry1974 -Definitely. We battled very well, and showed a lot of fight and tenacity, as cliched as it sounds, and we were really close to going over there with just the one goal deficit.
Those battling qualities are going to be vital for the rest of the season, even if you forget the Champions Leauge, so we can surely take heart from that, given the opposition tonight.

@hahostolze - I'm very happy with this performance and I think everyone should be. Wilshere showed he is still that kid who went and owned Barca in 2011. Ox showed he can torment the very top defenders. Sanogo was superb for such a level of inexperience. And as a whole as a team we went toe to toe with them and for 40 minutes we were as good. So yeah, plenty of positives. I think we showed today that our road to the very top isn't that long to go anymore.

@VENGooner - The first 30 minutes we went head to head with Europe's best and one can argue that we were getting the best of it at times. Should help in other big matches.

Which Arsenal players stood out for you and why?

@1MrT_AFC - Sanogo has something about him. He's got a presence and an aura that suggests he could be a real player.. he won a lot in the air even though we rarely won the 2nd ball, showed quick feet at times, played with his head up and he was a nuisance. He ran a lot across the line to close off angles when we were pegged back. I'm really looking forward to seeing him develop.

Chamberlain has come straight in recently and been key, I was very excited about him after watching preseason so I enjoyed that. Gibbs had a decent start under a lot of pressure on the left, and I thought Wilshere and Flamini's tandem gave us good attacking/defensive balance until the red. Our centre backs were top class today as well.

@DBerry1974 - Laurent Koscielny was immense I thought, and has been for a while now. The Ox looked good early on too, although the red card obviously took the sting out of his game a bit, but he showed enough for me tonight to suggest he could be massive for us for the rest of the season. jack Wilshere put in a decent shift too.

@hahostolze - I thought our goalkeepers and central defenders were superb. I also thought the trials and tribulations of Monreal showes what a great job Gibbs was doing. The aforementioned youngsters also put in a performance. But it was the calm and composed leadership of Mathieu Flamini that really caught my eye today. Less Rambo. More a real leader. It worried me that Özil needed a bollocking from a teammate again but to see Flamini do it made sense after a very good and (sorry) passionate performance

@VENGooner - Sanogo, Kos, Flamini. Sanogo being thrown in with the lions and has the cheekiness to make those passes and interceptions. So raw but so full of go. Kos was defensively immense, just all around great performance although the last run up field and Jack's bad FK did us in for the second. Flamini, organized well, helped the defense keep it to 1-0 until late vs a tough Bayern team. Remember, they beat Barcelona 7-0 on agg last year.

Do you apportion any blame to Szczesny for the red card?

@1MrT_AFC - He did as much as he could to get out of the way once Robben had won the race so you could say he didn't technically challenge Robben, it was more of a coming together. Definite pen, not sure a red. Ref can use his discretion there and I wish he did.

@DBerry1974 - Not really. He had no option but to come for it in my opinion, once Robben had got through. If he doesn't come and just stands there, Robben scores anyway.
I apportion more of the blame to the sniper in the crowd who's bullet bounced off of the ground in front of Robben, causing him to jump up in the air. A better aim and we would all be talking about something else now

@hahostolze - No. I apportion blame to the rules of the game. I apportion blame to whoever injured Gibbs. And I apportion blame to Robben for being a despicable lowlife twat.

@VENGooner -He tried to get to the ball, when he saw he wasn't getting it, he tried to avoid contact. It is what it is, but he got left hung out to dry by his defence, especially Monreal.

Can Arsenal take heart from the opening period of the game or do you feel we should have done more?

@1MrT_AFC - Missing a pen v Bayern is never smart, but they were at sixes and sevens for the first 10 mins as we turned the screw in a way that we couldn't really manage last time round even when we won. These days when we click and get our patterns right we're extremely dangerous, and we showed (very briefly) that we have the ability to do that vs some of the best in Europe tonight. If we concentrate defensively and attack with that kind of cohesion then we have a chance in Munich.

@DBerry1974 - Yes, we can. We came out with the right attitude, went at them, and had them looking worried on the back foot.
The only thing more we could have done was to score the penalty, as that took the wind out of our sails.

But, it's all about how we respond now, and we have responded well to setbacks pretty well this season, so if we try to forget the penalty miss and red card and focus on the fact that we had the best team in the world on the back foot in that opening period rather than reflecting on what went wrong we'll be ok.

@hahostolze - Obviously the penalty was woeful. And if we had a forward who actually combined the attributes of Sanogo and Giroud and who could also finish we might have done more. But we did more than I expected in that first period so I can't suddenly pretend it wasn't good enough. It was.

@VENGooner - Should have been up 1-0 but of course missed the penalty. Think if we would have scored that, you're talking about a different match altogether.

Given our congested fixture list would you want Arsenal to throw the kitchen sink at Bayern in the second leg or shift our priorities to other competitions?

@1MrT_AFC - This won't be popular but I don't mind going out of the Champions League at this stage this year... I think we may have a chance of winning next year when players like Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil are comfortable together and at full tilt. Hopefully we'll have made a top addition upfront as well, that and a right back could really  push us on. This year I think a prolonged run could hurt our league chances: teams often drop important premier league points after champions league games, and the race is extremely tight. We have a much better chance of winning the prem than we're given credit for.

@DBerry1974 -Always a tough question for me, that. As much as the win over Liverpool on Sunday took the pressure off of tonights game, once it got going I just wanted us to go for it.
That being said though, I think we have a real chance to win the FA Cup this year, and the league is far from being beyond us now, so I would rather us put our eggs in those baskets if I had to make the choice.
The Everton game is just a few days before the second leg - go full strength there and take it from there, I fancy a day out at Wembley over Lisbon anyway.

@hahostolze - I want to send out a side similar to today. We'll have Ramsey and Arteta back and from there on will see. We probably won't claw our way back into this but it's not beyond the realm of  impossibility. Besides, we know what futile away wins to Bayern can do for your momentum

@VENGooner - We have depth to go after each match to win it. We were all worried about the depth at ST, but Sanogo's contribution has quelled that a bit. We can go for it and still compete in EPL, FA Cup imo

Thanks a lot to the guys above for the answers on a rather disappointing evening. You can catch them all on Twitter, just click on the names below.





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