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1) A 3-0 victory at home is always a good thing. Were you satisfied with our performance this afternoon?

@FlannyBalls – I thought the result was by and large reflective of the performance – we dominated and didn’t really ever look in too much danger of conceding. Obviously it took us a little time to score, and that was a touch frustrating, but if anything, we were unlucky that we didn’t score more.

@HayleyWright - We looked a lot livelier today, perhaps because we’d had a week’s rest. It was encouraging to see us creating a variety of genuine chances throughout the match. The only downside was the worry that we may not be able to capitalise on those chances as the match went on. However, once we’d breached their defence, it was plain sailing.

@Wengerboy1 - By the end, certainly. We seemed to make heavy of work of it, but when you look back at the match as a whole we were completely dominant, and more fluid than we have been recently. I think I saw we had over a million shots today, which is a good indication of our improved attack. Hopefully an important step in the right direction for us.

2) Is there a slight chance that Alexis Sanchez is not actually a real human being?

@FlannyBalls – He’s phenomenal. I desperately hope we can give him the right platform to take us to the next level, because he is a superlative player.

@HayleyWright - Quite possibly. The evidence thus far suggests that he’s a complete footballer, as comfortable with the skilled nuances of the game as he is making a leaping header. His work rate is phenomenal, he creates chances from nothing and he now has ten goals in just fifteen games. He’s on fire.

@Wengerboy1 - He definitely isn't. If you listen in really, really hard on the close ups you can actually hear the subtle mechanised whirr of cogs and wheels turning at an incredible pace. The world looks a lot brighter with him in the side, although that may just be the glow from the uranium cartridges in his legs.

3) Who was your Arsenal man of the match aside from Alexis because, that would be a bit too obvious.

@FlannyBalls – I don’t know about man of the match, but I’m going to give a mention to Nacho Monreal, who looked very assured today. Granted, it was only Burnley (and they do look poor), but he didn’t look at all out of place at centre half.

@HayleyWright - I enjoyed Calum Chambers today. He worked extremely hard down the right flank with his first Arsenal goal and an assist topping off yet another very solid performance.

@Wengerboy1 - I thought Monreal gave a, now typically, solid performance. He's been written off by some of our fans but he's been one of our most consistent players this year. Plus his first name is a delicious Mexican snack, and I was hungry while watching the game.

4) Who did you feel wasn't quite at their best and what brings you to that conclusion?

@FlannyBalls – I thought it was a decent team performance, really, but Flamini had a couple of Flamini moments. I don’t mind him as a squad option – much like with Podolski, there’s a time and a place when he will have his uses – but seeing him start every week and make quite rudimentary errors isn’t very fun.

@HayleyWright - This is difficult because everyone had a pretty good game, but there were a couple of times when I thought Flamini looked like he had no idea what was going on. His positional awareness wasn’t always the best either.

@Wengerboy1 - Cazorla is still struggling to find his shooting boots, which is odd because boots these days are almost exclusively bright pink or green, and theoretically should be a lot more easy to find. He's always shot off target quite regularly, but when he first arrived he balanced that out by scoring a few as well. Definitely someone that needs a goal, especially when a lot of our best chances seem to be falling to him.

5) Going back to Alexis, do you like him in his new role behind Welbeck? Or would you prefer to see him out wide?

@FlannyBalls – It’s perhaps a bit of a facile way of putting it, but I like to have a side’s best player in the position where they will see the most of the ball. And for us that means Alexis at 10. It’s four in two games for him there and I don’t think you can justify moving him elsewhere. Alexis aside, I think the shift in formation to what is essentially a 4-4-1-1 suits our current crop of players more than the 4-1-4-1 we were toiling with before.

@HayleyWright - I think Alexis would make it work wherever he ends up, but his current position seems to suit him better. Both of his goals today came from central runs into the box.

@Wengerboy1 - I'd prefer to see him outside a beautiful Chilean restaurant, before he leads me by the hand - opening the door for me, of course - to a quiet table at the back for a candlelit dinner. But failing that I have to say I like him centrally at the moment, where he can be at the heart of everything. When Ozil comes back, that may change. But right now we're always going to be better off building everything around him.

6) Three wins on the spin, do you think the team are now starting to grow in confidence or is it a case of poorer opposition making us look better?

@FlannyBalls – After the Chelsea result, I suggested that we would need basically full points until the Liverpool game on 21 December in order to even have a say in the title race, and that seemed achievable at that point. We then immediately dropped points to Hull at home. So whilst the opposition hasn’t been great, we have at least got the results we’ve needed. Performances are improving, and we it gives us a basis to build upon.

@HayleyWright - Our last three opponents have all been poor, but the difference today was that we managed to get a performance as well as the result. Winning when you’re not at your best should only improve your confidence and hopefully we’ll carry this momentum forward into the more competitive upcoming games.

@Wengerboy1 - We needed the poorer opposition, and more importantly the wins, to get us our confidence back. A good win against Anderlecht and I think we can start to believe that it's a more permanent change. But even with back to back wins we're yet to deliver back to back performances, and that will be the real indicator.

7) Any other thoughts?

@FlannyBalls – I don’t think we, or anyone if I’m really honest, will be good enough to catch Chelsea this year. But there is nothing to stop us having a good season and, say, finishing second. Our squad lack balance defensively, but we have some lovely players and a good amount of experience on the bench, and if we can get things to click, this season doesn’t have to be the emotional drain it looked like becoming. And in Alexis, we have a player who can win us any match on his own. What an absolute dreamboat.

@HayleyWright - I’ll be interested to see how the midfield shapes up when Özil returns and if Cazorla shoots ridiculously high over the bar again, I’ll do something really, really evil.

@Wengerboy1 - Walcott's return just cannot be downplayed. He is a goal and assist machine, a big game player and arguably our most consistent player in terms of output. Sanchez may be winning our hearts right now, but to win anything else we desperately need another goal threat, and Theo is that guy. And if Ramsey can find even 50-60% of what he had last year then you suddenly have the basis for a varied and threatening attack. Walcott may well be the final piece that helps us click, but let's just take today's performance and build on that.

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