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1) At 0-0 when the clock crept past the 85th minute, were you confident of finding a winner?

@chrisbridge0010 - Yes because we were creating chances. Foster was the only difference.

@gecksy_ - Yes. Although Alderweireld coming off after Koeman had used all his three subs did play a major part in the final outcome, we certainly looked way more fluent and dangerous after Giroud got subbed in. Forster was doing his best (a GK having a world class performance at the Emirates? That's surely a first) to stop that from happening but we didn't give up. Our defense wasn't all over the place and seemed focused on its mission - i.e. preventing a counter attack, so the question was when would we score the winner, not whether. Alexis' goal was rather cathartic.

@ihwright - Yes, we've managed late goals aplenty a number of times this season.  Despite not creating a whole lot of chances Forster was making good saves whenever we did make one, once they went down to 10 I felt sure more would come.

@_Wrighty7 - Honestly, as the clock went on, and the fact Fraser Forster made better saves than Saving Private Ryan, I felt 0-0 was gonna be the score. Simple.

2) I thought we lacked something from our previous two matches, do you agree? If so, what do you think we missed?

@chrisbridge0010 - I didn't think so. We were solid at the back and we created chances.

@gecksy_ - When Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain got subbed off, boos were clearly heard from the stands. That shows how highly Alex is currently rated by the Arsenal faithful. He hasn't been a prolific goal scorer, but he plays a crucial part in our build up play - dribbling opponents, crossing balls into the 18 yard box and most importantly running behind opposing defenses, creating spaces. He under-performed tonight against a disciplined Southampton team; he looked frustrated himself sitting on the bench, and although that sub was integral for the final result, he must have clearly felt that he could have done better.

@ihwright - We seemed to be lacking some sharpness, a number of times when a good ball was on it went just a little bit behind the man and it killed the momentum somewhat.

@_Wrighty7 - I felt we lacked the killer instinct. Nice and tidy, like Mrs Doubtfire or David Beckham's hairdo. No end product. Not Like Luis Suarez biting your ears off. Deffo end product there. And no ears.

3) Which Arsenal player(s) impressed you today and why?

@chrisbridge0010 - Giroud, his physical presence & link up play was vital. Martinez too, he was calm in goal. He claimed all crosses wit ease

@gecksy_ - Laurent Koscielny's return might get the majority the praise from the Arsenal fans (and rightly so), but young Emi Martinez provided another solid performance and helped keeping the clean sheet. He was commanding between his posts, claiming every high ball - even a particular one all the way up to the penalty spot. He's gone a long way after that nightmare 7-5 win against Reading for the Capital One cup a couple of years ago and he seems up for the task.

@ihwright - Emi Martinez didn't have much to do but he looks like a very assertive presence in the area.  Good to have Kos back too, there's a real sense that we're more solid with him around.  Giroud made a huge difference when he came on.  I was surprised to see him chasing back so much in the style of Alexis and Welbeck.

@_Wrighty7 - I'll tell you who impressed me Mr ArsenalVision, and I'll tell you why this fella impressed me. Damian Martinez. Stepped in between the sticks and has looked assured and accomplished. Reminds me of somebody that I used to know. But you didn't have to cut me offffff.....

4) Which Arsenal player(s) were not at their best and why?

@chrisbridge0010 - Ramsey. He always try to score even when not in good position

@gecksy_ - He is our best player this season by a country mile and a freak of the nature, but the piling amount of games seem to have an impact on Alexis Sanchez. He hasn't been at his best over the last 2-3 games, keeping the ball too much, misplacing passes and he could do with some minutes away from action to recover mentally. After all, he has almost played every minute possible since his arrival and overplaying an Arsenal footballer is never a good thing.

@ihwright - It seems churlish to criticise him after he got the winner but Sanchez wasn't as good as he has been, he was overplaying a bit.  Santi wasn't as good as in the last two games either.  Basically anyone that we rely on for a bit of creative spark didn't play to their usual standards

@_Wrighty7 - For me, and I hate to say this more than I hate getting a promise by Kelly Brook because she always leads me on, Aaron Ramsey struggled tonight. I think he's trying too hard. Go simple again, like last season. Stop trying to be a world beater. He'll be a world beater doing the simple things.

5) Would you keep Martinez in goal for the next game even if Szczesny and Ospina are fit?

@chrisbridge0010 - No

@gecksy_ - One shouldn't change something that works. Wojciech started the season as our designated #1 keeper, but he has shown some lapses of clear thought and him having, up till now, almost zero competition for his place in the starting XI didn't really help that cause. Martinez's emergence should make him work more and the feeling of an actual threat for his position must hopefully make him try harder to make himself better and most importantly keep him focused. Until that happens, Emi should keep his position. Sorry Ospina, you've been unlucky.

@ihwright - If Szczesny is fit then he goes straight back in.  He's the number one, has a good history in the side and that's just that.  However if Ospina gets back to fitness I don't think it's as clear cut, Martinez at this point has more experience of playing behind our defence and I think deserves to stay there ahead of another newbie in the squad.

@_Wrighty7 - Gospel. Keep Martinez in goal. Hasn't put a foot wrong so far. Keep him in. If he's dropped then I expect him to suck Arsene Wenger's eyes out and put pork pies in the sockets.

6) With Walcott, Gibbs, Szczesny, Debuchy and Arteta back very soon. What would your team be if the choice was yours

@chrisbridge0010 - Szczesny, Debuchy, BFG, KOS, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Santi, Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott.

@gecksy_ - Debuchy is the player we've missed more than any other this season. His return will provide the much needed balance to our back four in both ends of the pitch. Arteta is still crucial to our midfield, even if his legs are gone and Theo is our best big games player, having scored against every major team we've faced.  Arsene can't leave any of these three out. So, the team should be something like this: Martinez (check #5 again), Debuchy/Per/Kos/Gibbs, Arteta/Chamberlain/Cazorla, Theo/Alexis/Welbeck. The Ox is our most improved player this season and Giroud showed today how great he can be as a super sub. Playing Ramsey to form hasn't really gone great thus far, should be dropped until further notice.

@ihwright - If just those are back then Szczesny; Debuchy Per Kos Gibbs; Arteta Ramsey; Ox (until his form drops or Theo scores a few off the bench) Santi, Alexis; Giroud

But I'd put Ozil and Jack in too if they were fit.

@_Wrighty7 - Oh God. If I had to choose a straight up Arsenal eleven I'd be more stuck than them fella's who sung "'Stuck In The Middle With You". I'll leave that to Arsene because I'm drunk and my brain is at 56%.

7) Any other thoughts?

@chrisbridge0010 - On any other thought; I think today's victory is a very good. 3 wins and 3 clean sheets in a row will help our confidence and improve our game. Onward and upward.

@gecksy_ - Our first half against Manchester United was exceptional. We also delivered very solid performances against BVB, WBA and Southampton. Arteta and Debuchy will be back sooner rather than later. There is upside in this team and Theo's return can provide the much needed efficiency in the final third. This has been said a lot, but the last week might really be the turning point for this season, provided our players stay healthy. Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel isn't as far as we all think.
Also, people leaving the ground early should be punished somehow. On a second thought, they got punished today - they missed the winning goal.

@ihwright - Arsenal have finally beaten a side with more points than them, Chelsea haven't managed that yet.


@_Wrighty7 - Thanks for the questions my son. Feel privileged to have been asked on here.

Thanks guys, and you all know what to do. Get following. @chrisbridge0010, @gecksy_, @ihwright and @_Wrighty7

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more