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1) We were in total control of the game today from start to finish. I don't know the answer to this so I'm intrigued to know your opinion on this. Why was our performance at Stoke so different to the game today?

@BilalKabdani - I think everybody's performance was great and I think that has a lot to do with the players that have come back. Koscielny seems to have recovered from his injury (we could see against Southampton that he was struggling badly) and you could immediately see that there is a much calmer presence when we play from the back. Having Rosicky back in midfield helped us massively as well - he is just so good driving forward and I think that together with Cazorla he really ran the game today. And of course the man mentioned in the next question.

@MananAgrawal1 - I'm not so sure. Played our worst centre back pairing that day and Per had his hands full with trying to help Bellerin and Chambers through the game. Maybe there's something psychologically that makes us look w@nk away at Stoke.

@YearOfTheMesut - I think we were in total control of the game from start to finish although our pace did drop when we brought Ozil and Walcott on(understandably). I honestly wasn't surprised with our victory today even though we had such a horrid time against them last time out. Both teams seem to have a mental block with regards to their respective away fixtures when they play one another. We seem to have the mental edge against them at the Emirates and they seem to have it against us at the Britannia.

2) Silly question coming up. How good was Alexis Sanchez?

@BilalKabdani - Silly question indeed. He was terrific today again, an absolute joy to watch. He can create something for himself out of nothing and that's something we've been missing. It's only his first season in the Premier League as well, which makes you wonder what heights he can reach. Magnificent.

@MananAgrawal1 - Silly question indeed! Run out of superlatives for him. Man, he's too good. Just too good.

@YearOfTheMesut - He is as good as this question is silly.

3) Which other players caught your eye today?

@BilalKabdani - Well Rosicky and Cazorla were running the game from midfield. Rosicky's driving force forward, Santi's quick feet.. Been a while since we had such a performance. Giroud caught my eye as well, but he always does. Should be awarded an OBE for hitting Shawcross in the face.

@MananAgrawal1 - Rosicky and Cazorla. Both of them ran the midfield today. Extra marks to Giroud too for smashing Sharcross across the neck. Bellerin slotted in seamlessly as if he'd been playing for the first team for a lot of time. Great to see everyone appreciating Nacho's performance too, he's been one of our most consistent performers.

@YearOfTheMesut - Monreal seemed solid, such a tough choice to make between him and Gibbs at left back.

Le Coq also did decent but surely needs to work on his passing, I think he will keep his place for the game against City and his performance against them will go a fair way towards our decision to buy a holding midfielder this window.

Chambo also did well but I feel like he needs to work on his decision making/end product, the boy is going to be great though! No two ways about that.

4) Bad news in regards to Debuchy's injury. How would you replace him during his time out?

@BilalKabdani - He's been very unlucky since joining us, looks like he'll be out for a while again. We have an excellent replacement in Bellerin who always excites me when he plays - we've got Chambers who can play there as well. I hope we buy a CB since otherwise the defence cover will be non-existent basically. Can we recall Jenkinson? He's been doing alright for the Hammers this season, might be worth looking at.

@MananAgrawal1 - There is the option of recalling Jenkinson, but I don't think Wenger would take that up unless Debuchy's out for a really long time. What this injury does is make buying a centre half even more imperative. Waiting to see what and who Wenger's move would be.

@YearOfTheMesut - This is a bit of a tough one. my issue with playing Chambers and Mertesacker on the same side of defense(or even as a CB pairing) is that they are very similar to one another. None of them make up for the others faults. It can work once in a while, but any tactical manager would be able to unlock that side according to me. Hector seemed good today, but not sure if he can do it against the big boys. I'd call Jenkinson back from West Ham, I am sure he has got some good defensive knowledge after working with Big Sam.

5) The Cazorla, Rosicky and Alexis trio seems to be kick-starting this team. Would you bring back the likes of Ramsey and Özil or would you bide your time?

@BilalKabdani - Such an exciting trio to watch at the moment. Ramsey and Özil are of course top-class players so it would make sense to play them, but who would you take out? Given that we want to avoid injuries, I would probably start Cazorla, Rosicky and Alexis against City away, give Ramsey and Özil some minutes (or not, based on how the game is going) and play them against Brighton the week after from the start. It sure feels good to finally have a selection problem.

@MananAgrawal1 - Wenger's likely to ease both of them back in slowly to prevent a repeat of the setback that Ramsey had last season, which is probably the best thing to do. Would be surprised if any of the two start against City.

@YearOfTheMesut - With City up next we shouldn't rush these guys back for such a big game. Will bring Ramsey back sooner than the others purely because we need someone in the engine room along side Le Coq.

6) How are you feeling about Manchester City away?

@BilalKabdani - I am actually feeling alright about it, we might just get a result there. City hasn't been in the greatest form lately and I think they might miss Yaya Toure in midfield against us. They have Aguero coming back though I believe, so it really comes down to whether we turn up or not.

@MananAgrawal1 - Conflicting thoughts. On one hand, it's a big team away from home. On the other, they are without Toure and Aguero. If we turn up on the day, we have enough to win the game.

@YearOfTheMesut - With Yaya Toure out of this game we have a better chance of it being a more even game; although Fernando and Fernandinho are no slouches they don't seem to have the attacking presence that Yaya posses and we must capitalize on that. With Kos back I do have some hope that we might be able to restrict their scoring.

We'll give a decent account of ourselves but think a wait for a victory against these big sides might go on.

7) Any other thoughts?

@BilalKabdani - Very impressed with how the players reacted on all the fouling and shithousing by Stoke today. I cannot describe in words how much Ryan Shawcross annoyed me - he's par with John Terry at the moment. I would've probably brought on Flamini just to take him out. Oh well. Referee was quite shit again too. Up The Arsenal!

@MananAgrawal1 - Delighted with the Oz's return. His return coupled with Theo's and Ramsey's could lead to several more goals. As Wenger said, expect many more goals in 2015.

@YearOfTheMesut - We need to add physicality and fire to our game. Were Jack, Flamini(or Debuchy, but not in this case) on the field when Debuchy got thrown into the side board I can assure you they would have got into Anartouvic's face, today we just let him walk away. We don't get much help from the refs, so it would be good to have our players back one another up in times like these.

Alexis needs to stop waving imaginary cards at the ref. Only part of his game which I would like to change.

Lastly, do we need someone to come in and work on the team mentality for these big games or Stoke away? Maybe steal Steve Peters from Liverpool?

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