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1) Six points out of six against the Hammers, what did you make of the performance?

@brdgunner - Top, top quality. Very impressed. At times we passed like we used to, however, with a bit more steal. I was a bit worried for a small spell. But all in all. It was a vintage Arsenal display.

@gillianmusic - I thought we were comfortable for the whole game bar that brief spell they had at the beginning of the second. We played some really spectacular football at times, classic Wengerball if you will. I could argue that game tasted better than pizza and with three w@nk worthy goals, it's a joy I will be watching it on loop on p0rnhub today, with some oil off Gervinho's head in my hand. *please Internet, upload them there*

@lewfigo - We capitalised on the Hammers' current lack of form, and looked to put the game out of reach early. If it wasn't for some rusty finishing from Theo then we'd have been out of sight. Giroud's goal on the brink of half-time undoubtedly settled a few nerves, and allowed us to kick on after the break. It is one of those home displays, similar to the home performances against Newcastle and Burnley, where there were a plethora of goalscoring opportunities, and you almost didn't want to end once the 2nd and 3rd goals had gone in.

@theEpicGooner - Good old Arsenal. Classic performance. All the goals were top class and it was a complete team performance. Frustrating moments in the 1st half, but we were focused and got an important goal in the dying minutes of the 1st half.

2) Who was your Arsenal man of the match?

@brdgunner - Ramsey. Without doubt. Fabulous display. We have a general problem with defence from midfield. In the main from the two CM / CDM roles. With Coquelin playing like he is, its really down to Ramsey to stop neglecting his defensive responsibility and the team is so, so much stronger. Interestingly, when Ramsey does his defensive stuff, he scores more. Which has been his problem this season. Trying to hard to score and seemingly ignoring his defensive responsibility.

@gillianmusic - Hands down the Prince of Wales. When will we be attending his coronation as King? He was faultless today, involved in nearly everything. Special praise too must go to the French Boss at CB, how does his shorts manage to stay on his waist with so many players in his pocket?

@lewfigo - Notable mentions for Özil and Giroud, but it would have to be Rambo. He helped to provide the crucial link between defence and attack and seemed to be popping up all over the pitch. Santi has had a few stormers in CM this season, but the position alongside our most defensive midfielder (whether that is Coquelin or someone else moving forward) is surely his for the foreseeable future. In the big games especially we need his combination of physicality and stamina, with the ability to make late surges into the opposition's box.

@theEpicGooner - Tough question, but, it's Giroud and Koscielny both for me. Think Ramsey, Ozil had a a great game too. Giroud looked confident and had his moments in the game while Koscielny absolutely bossed the defence and was solid throughout the game.

3) Who wasn't at their best today?

@brdgunner - Ozil was a bit disappointing. I am his biggest fan, I believe its his quality that got us top last season, and missing him that cost us in the end. However, today it didn't click for him like it can. And like I hoped it would. When I saw Ozil, Theo and Sanchez start I though we were going to smash it. However, all three were probably below their best. With Ozil and Theo being the most disappointing. However, I don't want to nick pick, and Ozil did create the first goal. Even if the final pass was Ramseys.

@gillianmusic - Alexis Sanchez and Callum Chambers at defense. Chambers was good going forward but made some mistakes at LB, he let Jarvis in behind too often. Sanchez was just not on the same wavelength with the rest but I believe he's coming.

@lewfigo - Theo - Wenger's comments earlier this week put his future up in the air somewhat. It is becoming increasingly clear in the modern day wingers need to be up and down their flanks non-stop, and Theo is never going to offer any team that. Granted his pace is a lethal weapon, but it is in games like today when he needs to seize the moment and convince Wenger that he is one of the men to carry us forward - but he was wasteful. Surely on his way out in the summer for a player like Pedro.

@theEpicGooner - I think Per and Alexis. Koscielny covered Per a lot of times and it's sad to see our captain repeating the mistakes which he shouldn't. Alexis had an okay game, but I expect a lot more from him. Maybe he is a bit jaded - but I expect him to turn up against Monaco in the midweek.

4) The choice is yours, Coquelin or Song starting for us next season? The other is transferred to the Japanese league never to be seen again?

@brdgunner - Coquelin on his form. I do wonder if its form and not his ability, however, Songs tendency to creep up the pitch and try to create goals cost us while he was with the club. And Coquelin gives as good as anyone in the tackle. 

@gillianmusic - That is a trick question eh? We have a plethora of players throwing fancy passes,we don't want another. Lemme put it this way, would you sell your iPhone 6 for a Blackberry Bold 9800? Exactly!

@lewfigo - Coquelin. He has his limitations but knows what his primary job is, and sticks to it to aplomb. In the long-term I think he will be an important member of the squad, but not a starter. With that said: Coquelin or the kamikaze specialist Song? The former all day long

@theEpicGooner - I love Coquelin. He is our leader in the midfield, but I still feel we need a DM in the summer and we can always rotate. I don't want to see Alex Song in the Arsenal shirt again.

5) Does the team performance make any difference to who starts in Monaco?

@brdgunner - The only impact today will have is that Theo won't start. Theo had a chance to make Arsene think today, and didn't take it. For me it has to be Danny or Santi. Despite the fact we need goals, as today proved, goals can come late. We only need one before half time without conceding. Danny makes that more likely than Theo. However, with Ramsey playing like that, where does Santi play? He can't get ahead of Ozil. Ozil is too good a player.

@gillianmusic - I'm more than glad Wenger is the one who has to make that decision, but I'd personally keep the same team but replace Chambers with Bellerin.

@lewfigo - Today will have certainly reaffirmed the ongoing dilemma of who Wenger should start as CF, with Giroud's continued run of good form. It will be interesting to see if he retains his place or Welbeck gets the nod. I can see Ramsey starting against Monaco now.

@theEpicGooner - Definitely. We looked very confident and the win at Old Trafford was very important. I don't think that we will go through the next round, but you never know. Need an early goal and then we have a chance.

6) Arsenal score in the 8th minute in Monaco, an Alexis curler for your information. Do you see Arsenal going through or out after that?

@brdgunner - If its 1 0 at half time we can go through. However, the reality is, the final goal we conceded probably cost us a great chance of winning it. Especially with Chavski out. 

@gillianbacci - We are talking about the club that screwed Inter Milan right in their own backyard. I'd like to believe that given that scenario, we won't bottle it.

@lewfigo - Out. The last minute Carrasco goal was the killer blow, in my opinion. It is the hope that kills you, but I'm sure true to form we will go 2-0 up and then falter.

@theEpicGooner - It depends on the team performance. We need to attack as a team and defend as a team. It's a long way to go but I feel if we're up 1-0 in the 1st half we have a small chance. The game depends on the team performance, not an individual performance. I will pray to Bergkamp that we go through. Don't worry.

7) What is your team for that night out of interest?

@brdgunner -


Bellerin,-  Per, - Kos, - Monreal,

Coq - Ramsey

Santi / welbeck - Ozil - Sanchez


@gillianbacci - Same team that started today but with Bellerin at right back. But I have a strong feeling Wenger will bench one of Walcott or Sanchez for Santi Cazorla, he's been immense lately and it wouldn't surprise me. Ramsey has to play tho.

@theEpicGooner - Ospina - Bellerin, Per, Kos, Monreal - Ramsey, Santi - Ozil - Theo, Giroud, Alexis.
Yes, no Coquelin coz I think we should attack from the beginning and Ramsey can always get us goals out of nothing and Theo because his runs and his presence in the box can always be a threat. I will miss OX.

@lewfigo -






8) Any other thoughts?

@brdgunner - Lets get behind Ozil. A few years ago we would have dreamed for a player like him to join our club. Now, he doesn't perform as we feel he should and the fan base is split on him. If he played for Liverpool he would be a hero. I wish we could just get behind players and the manager a bit better than we do at times.

@gillianmusic - Özil had to shoot in that position, it made no sense to pass.


@theEpicGooner - #OneArseneWenger

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  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more