Aaron Ramsey has praised the defensive work of Francis Coquelin in the middle of midfield. The Frenchman who came back from Charlton on loan a different player has given Aaron Ramsey the keys to roam forward and bomb into the opposition box and Ramsey appreciates the cover his team mate gives.

Ramsey said:

"He went out on loan and as soon as he came back, he was thrown straight in and he's done really well. He's very aggressive, he doesn't give the opposition much time on the ball, that's why he wins so many tackles, then he gives the ball and makes us tick.

It's been really good to see his development this year, he's had a superb couple of months so hopefully he can continue that."

Couldn't agree more. It will be interesting to see if he can continue his good performances during the run in and how much captain Mikel Arteta will feature. Francis Coquelin could learn from Arteta, especially his distribution of the ball under pressure. It is just great to have both options.

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