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22 Apr 2014
Written by Mean Lean Tuesday, 22 April 2014 14:46

It was only last season (or was it the one before that) that I thought Rambo could prove to be Mikel Arteta's longer term replacement. Remember when Arteta picked up an injury for a few weeks and Ramsey filled that role very well. In fact I vaguely remember that being the time where he started to simplify his game a little. He was taking a little too much time on the ball before that and made mistakes but playing as the deepest midfielder he was moping up, keeping possession and ultimately that might have done him some good.

17 Apr 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 17 April 2014 21:48

Manchester City were minutes away from losing at home to Sunderland but for Vito Mannone error but a draw will do City no good after losing to Liverpool. But that is the Premier League, every team is capable of dropping points which is why it is great news for us that we are getting some more quality fit and ready for the final push. Had this have been a month or so earlier then we may even be rubbing our hands at the prospect of a title fight but there is little point crying over what might have been. Even with those players fit we may have still dropped the same amount of points, I doubt it but we will never know. Arsène Wenger has told us in his press conference that Mesut Özil and Nacho Monreal will be back for the weekend, that boost on top of the freshness of

10 Apr 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 10 April 2014 16:17

Even if Arsene never spends a penny again, we will always be able to show off our resources to a potential Wenger replacement whenever that time comes. Our club is in fantastic shape, the squad has a very good average age with plenty of scope for player improvements. This is not an 'accident' this is something our manager has worked very hard towards. So while Arsene Wenger has his faults some of those perhaps self defeating at times I am fully aware of his strengths and unlike some,

04 Apr 2014
Written by Mean Lean Friday, 04 April 2014 13:03

Looking back at the Chelsea display you can't help but feel that his defensive game has been missed massively at times, especially in the big games where we do not always have the ball. I remember reading earlier on in the season how Ramsey was among the top scorers if not the top scorer as well as completing the most amount of successful tackles in the league. You can twist stats however which way you choose but that really is as black and white as it gets. A player who was on top of his game at both ends of the pitch.

02 Apr 2014
Written by Mean Lean Wednesday, 02 April 2014 15:17

Almost as if his player valuations are detrimental rather than a club strength. The next sentence I would expect to hear is something along the lines of 'We need a David Dein type, who can strike while the iron is hot, pay the extra monies and seal the deal. Arsene just hands over his list and off Deintype goes and comes back the player' cigar in hand, tie loosened and two top, super, super quality signings underneath his arms.

19 Mar 2014
Written by Mean Lean Wednesday, 19 March 2014 22:39

So what of those who are yet to put pen to paper? I say 'those' but one of those people are in fact the manager along with right back Bacary Sagna. Here is the thing, I think Sagna has turned his Bacary on us (sorry) which is fine. He has been very loyal and has stuck with us for years now. He is coming towards the end of his peak years and is unlikley to improve as a player from this point onwards. He may want to either have a new challenge or indeed one last pay off. As long as it is not to Tottenham then I can pretty much appreciate whatever he does when the season ends. For me, Bac is the best right back I have seen playing for us since I first started watching Arsenal, back in 1990. Better than Dixon and Lauren in my opinion. Wow, we've only had three first choice right backs in 24 years. That is what you call continuity. I think we would struggle to find a right back as good a Sagna defensively but should Sagna want to leave then this could be a chance to evolve rather than replace