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14 Oct 2014
Written by Mean Lean Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:36

If I was to be critical of Jack over the years it would be this part of his game. Passing moves at Arsenal often ended with Wilshere over hitting a pass to a forward or passing it the opposite side of the forwards run. It often brings me back to that game at White Hart Lane before we traveled to Bayern Munich and went on that long unbeaten run. We were very much in control of that Derby game and had started the game with great desire and spirit. We had Tottenham pinned in their own half not managing to get through our pressing. Wilshere had many a chance to play our forwards in as both teams deployed a high line but time after time Wilshere wasted the final pass then came the kick in the nuts. Two quick goals from the home side after poor defending from us. It was the defence that

09 Oct 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 09 October 2014 21:31

We do not have another Mesut Özil. But at least the injury is in the strongest area of the squad. With Theo Walcott almost back someone like the Ox must have wondered where his regular game time would come from. If Oxlade-Chamberlain can stay fit (no giggling at the back) then maybe he can use these 3 months as the time to complete his development or at least head in that direction. Losing Mesut could shore us up defensively a little more and who knows, perhaps the new system will be in full working order by the time Mesut is back so his qualities can be better used with the team firing. That's the last of the positives found in the side of my sofa.

10 Sep 2014
Written by Mean Lean Wednesday, 10 September 2014 21:17

The idea of using Alexis Sanchez in that position was an exciting prospect this summer, a good chance to inject some much needed pace into the team but also having the feet to create his own chances. The team had missed those qualities with Giroud leading the line but when you flipped it around it wasn't difficult to see what the team would miss with that switch. The first half at Goodison park was pretty much all the proof needed. It is the reason why the likes of Walcott and Podolski have not proved to be consistent performers in that centre forward position so far in their Arsenal careers. Playing at centre forward for this Arsenal team is

01 Sep 2014
Written by Mean Lean Monday, 01 September 2014 23:10

The striking thing about this deal is that it effectively kills Yaya Sanogo as Arsène Wenger would say. Sanogo is two years younger than Welbeck but Arsène Wenger isn't going to pay £16m to put the player behind Sanogo. Arsène has been very vocal in his praise for Sanogo, he said we would see what a player Sanogo would be but those comments changed during Arsène's last press conference, telling everyone that the lack of goals were playing on his strikers mind. It looks as if Yaya will be pulled away from the firing line and will have to work hard to get back into the fold especially with Theo on his way back.

21 Aug 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 21 August 2014 21:42

While Joel does not yet have the experience of the German I get the feeling that Campbell has more tools to work with and could offer the team more in terms of mobility, pace and creativity. But League cup games aside it's hard to see Campbell getting a chance when we have more established players in his position. Perhaps there is an area of his game that Arsène wants him to work on before he is unleashed, who knows.
Arsène also said that he was not against signing a defensive midfielder before the close of the window which is probably another way of saying he wants to buy one but in a manner that doesn't come across as

14 Aug 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 14 August 2014 21:01

This summer it looks as if Arsène's dealings in the transfer window has been planned with our approach very much in mind. Alexis Sanchez is naturally a speedy work horse. A player that does not allow the opposition to settle. A little like a faster Tevez in that aspect and I just loved the balance that both Ramsey and Wilshere gave us just ahead of Arteta. It gives the team a lovely balance, especially when it comes to winning the ball back. In many ways I'd really love to see that develop over a longer period but when you have Mesut Özil available for selection you simply have to squeeze him in and that will be at the expense of someone else in midfield and I just don't see Özil used as a box to box midfielder, that simply isn't his game