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27 Nov 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 27 November 2014 20:45

Arsenal pull out our best performance of the season so far to put Borussia Dortmund to the sword. This week James (@GoonerFanatic49) and Elliot (@YankeeGunner) are joined by Michael Price (@YouAreMyArsenal) to talk all things Arsenal. They talk Jack Wilshere's injury, the importance of Mikel Arteta, Alexis superhuman efforts and more.

23 Nov 2014
Written by Mean Lean Sunday, 23 November 2014 11:08

Welcome to the first Arsenal Vision Podcast, unfortunately it happened to coincide with arguably our lowest point this season, which is typical of my luck.  It's an idea I have been toying with for a while now. There are plenty of Arsenal Podcasts out there but nothing directly after the game when emotions are usually running high. As it was a first go I came across quite a few teething problems. Mainly because my computer needs to be put down and quickly. I also noticed that I have cut off a second or two at the end, not sure how that happened but there we are.

19 Nov 2014
Written by Mean Lean Wednesday, 19 November 2014 01:14

That was Jack Wilshere's 4th man of the match award in a row for his country which in itself is pretty amazing. Clearly the level of opposition has not been very high, in fact most of the teams have been below average so his new deep role still needs a proper going over by quality opposition. I would like to see  game where England have little of the ball so Jack's concentration can be judged as well as

31 Oct 2014
Written by Mean Lean Friday, 31 October 2014 22:38

It could all be coincidence and nothing to do with Shad Forsythe and his methods but then again he could have had an early impact, it's difficult to say one way or the other. But the most important fact is that we are starting to get players back for selection. Theo Walcott is already back part of the group and training, as is Serge Gnabry but you get the feeling that the latter could be somewhat Campbellised. We love our injuries at Arsenal but chopping through enough wide attacking players so Gnabry can get a regular run in the side sounds a bit optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised to see us build him back to fitness before seeing if he can sink or swim on loan somewhere. Hopefully in the Premier League.

14 Oct 2014
Written by Mean Lean Tuesday, 14 October 2014 14:36

If I was to be critical of Jack over the years it would be this part of his game. Passing moves at Arsenal often ended with Wilshere over hitting a pass to a forward or passing it the opposite side of the forwards run. It often brings me back to that game at White Hart Lane before we traveled to Bayern Munich and went on that long unbeaten run. We were very much in control of that Derby game and had started the game with great desire and spirit. We had Tottenham pinned in their own half not managing to get through our pressing. Wilshere had many a chance to play our forwards in as both teams deployed a high line but time after time Wilshere wasted the final pass then came the kick in the nuts. Two quick goals from the home side after poor defending from us. It was the defence that

09 Oct 2014
Written by Mean Lean Thursday, 09 October 2014 21:31

We do not have another Mesut Özil. But at least the injury is in the strongest area of the squad. With Theo Walcott almost back someone like the Ox must have wondered where his regular game time would come from. If Oxlade-Chamberlain can stay fit (no giggling at the back) then maybe he can use these 3 months as the time to complete his development or at least head in that direction. Losing Mesut could shore us up defensively a little more and who knows, perhaps the new system will be in full working order by the time Mesut is back so his qualities can be better used with the team firing. That's the last of the positives found in the side of my sofa.