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Because I've been ill all week I have missed out on several talking points that I wanted to skim over. Firstly I thought Arsène's response to Mourinho was perfect. Don't engage with him further but throw it back his way whilst making him look small. The exact type of response you would expect from someone intelligent towards someone well, a little bit thick. Arsène is correct when he says that it reflects badly on Chelsea and their manager. The press should really give it the contempt it deserves trouble is they are too busy rubbing Mourinho's belly to do that. I am wasting far too much time on this so I'll move on

Manchester United with a red and white hurricane tomorrow. I don't know how Manchester United will approach the game tomorrow, although I have an idea but I would love to see us pressure their every step. I don't know where you squeeze in Rosicky but I want to see him sprinting after a Manchester United centre back only for said centre back to boot the ball rushed straight to Arteta on the half way line, Arsenal players camped in the Manchester United half, ready to have another go at them. I love when we play on the front foot like that. I want to see Koscielny going through van Persie to win the ball, jogging back into position and not picking up the traitor. I want to see Giroud

A fully fit Arsenal squad can beat any team in Europe, that I am confident of. Which is no mean feat when you consider the quality and of course wealth out there today. I'd say our squad without our top goal scorers outside of Giroud (Walcott & Ramsey) can do the business against our Premier League

We did manage to get some business done, experienced midfielder Kim Källström will come in on loan as back up as we have some short term problems what with Ramsey's injury continuing for 6 weeks at least, Flamini picking up a 3 match ban and Jack Wilshere suffering from trouble some little bit crock leg. So going into the dreaded February and March without our midfield who be scary. I have no idea of his quality and I will reserve judgement until I see him myself. I've been reading about how utterly poor he is from many who said Ramsey is not good enough to wear the shirt and that Flamini is under whelming only to be the saviour a few weeks later so like I said, I will wait before writing him off completely. Hopefully he doesn't get much of a look in anyway because it will mean

Tonight hasn't gone according to plan at all. Firstly Southampton outplay us in the first half for us to race into an early second half lead, only then to concede a silly goal to make it 2-2. Then we find out that Aaron Ramsey has had an injury set back on his thigh which has ruled him out for a further 6 weeks. Oh and Flamini also thought he would add to the fun by getting himself sent off with a two footed 'tackle' so that is three games out for him. But Arsene has sprinkled some magic Arsene dust over the gloom and has given Gooners hope that some transfer action may be done by the end of play on Friday.

Well I wonder if we are already trying to deal with those fixtures today. For weeks now we have raced into leads and then took our feet off the accelerator instead turning to our defensive organisation to see out games. Think back to the Coventry City game where we went into half time 2-0 up. With the quality we have we could have gone for their throats, pushed and pushed for more goals but we

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more