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Talk about a lepeord never changing its spots. That 90 minutes last night was Arsenal all over. It is important to remember that it is still only pre season, yes it is the final stages of pre season and we need to sharpen up but Cesc Fabregas and Kolo Toure played their first matches of the pre season.

We started off playing good possesion football, not overly penetrating and quick but we were the better side. Walcott played Adebayor clean through from just inside the Ajax half and he should really score those sort of chances but he doesn't seem to have the selection in finishing. Adebayor tries to pass the ball past the keeper and often gets that finish wrong. We know that Thierry Henry would have scored, Fernando Torres probably would have also it is something we have to accept with Adebayor as our front man. He brings so much else to the team and overall had a very effective game. His work rate was extremely high.

His second miss from Eboue's shot looked worse than it was. He lacked composure and could have slotted it low past the keeper but I think many strikers would have hit the defender as well.

On 34 minutes Ajax sent a straight ball forward, the Arsenal back four were in a good line and should have had plenty of time to pick up their players.

Kolo Toure headed the ball into the air and William Gallas should have followed Suarez but he let go and Suarez fired in a fantastic left foot volley past Almunia.

Two minutes later, William Gallas showed even worse defending that the first goal.

Kolo Toure was standing in the correct position but Gallas was standing practicaly next to Clichy. Ajax saw this and played a long pass forward.

Toure had to deal with two attackers as Gallas was nowhere to be seen, the ball was knocked back to Huntelaar who was unmarked and hit a fantastic shot into the bottom corner of Almunia's net.

Hello Arsenal Vision readers,

It was about time Arsenal Vision had a face lift... well more than that more like a Michael Jackson surgery.

I would like to thank Muhenda for his fantastic work in designing the site, you don't get many better designers out there than this man. And a big thank you to Jason Newton for the Arsenal Vision logo. If you are looking to get a site done then click here you know it makes sense.

I had alot of complaints about the size of the AV CHATS and downloading them was a bit ridiculous. So now they are streamed. The early ones do not have the best quality but that will get better in time.

If anyone would like to speak on Av Chat or have any ideas for it then don't be shy, CONTACT US

The new search function is pretty good, you can search for articles by Date, Author, Key words etc

My Vision will be updated daily, so keep your eye out for it. Ok enough is enough, I'm off to bed!

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