Another late night and early start is making my head throb, I really need to learn to get to bed at a decent time.

Reports suggest that Grand Prix chief Bernie Ecclestone was to make a bid to take over at Arsenal. Ol Bernie is on 'collision course' (I nicked that from the mirror) with Silent Stan in the battle to take control of the Gunners.

All this takeover talk is making me feel a little uncomfortable and is making my head throb just that little faster.
I wouldn't be very impressed if some random dude came along and took out a credit card in my name and bought me a new car, loads of expensive clothes and all the Kentucky Fried Chicken that I could wish for along with giving himself a fat withdrawal from the cash point then sticking the monthly bill through my letter box when he decided that he had enough.

Apparently we have bought two south American youngsters, I don't know anything about them. One of them is Brazilian Pedro, and Argentinian Angel Di MarĂ­a. Come on! with a name like that you have to be a future superstar. More on that if/when its official.

When is bloody Reyes going to leave, its dragging on a bit now. If I hear another 'I want to stay at Real Madrid' comment from Reyes I am going to be sick. The sooner we move him on the sooner Arsene can dive back into the transfer market and buy another winger. I hope