What a lovely afternoon weather wise ey? London is so unpredictable these days so much so that a warm day in July comes as a pleasant surprise.

So Freddie has joined the Hammers, good luck to you Freddie it will be interesting to see how good he really is. I always thought he was one of the worst technical players in the invincibles side. If he is not making midfield runs and scoring goals then I can just see him being an average player. Sorry Freddie fans... just my opinion.
I find it a shame that he has to make negative comments about the club who made his name. He joins Aliadierre and Henry by spouting crap.

Danny Fiszman has come out on Arsenal TV to tell Arsenal supporters that everything is under control and the garden is smelling of roses and not cat piss.
Apparently Arsene has alot of funds to spend on players if he wants it but Mr Wenger will only spend what he thinks is a reasonable value.

I bet alot of fans wish that he failed his Economics degree.

If Arsene feels that we need a winger then I would imagine that one will be signed by the end of next week, as we will be concentrating on the start of the season.