Arsenal have plenty of the ball, play nice football create a host of chances then conceded a stupid goal and lose 1-0. Sound familiar to anyone?

Its only a pre season match so I am not worried about the result to be honest. We were missing Cesc and a few others.
Did anyone think that Hleb looked a much better player on the left? When he joined us I said that he should play on the left so he can cut inside and have more passing options but to be honest I don't think Rosicky is suited to the right at all. We may adopt the 433 which will sort all that out anyway.

Diaby looked good and Eduardo looked sharp. Anyway, read the proper MATCH REVIEW written by our new writer Squid Boy. Take a bow! A good read I must say.

I just read a quote from Jose cry baby Reyes' agent.

"...but if Real don't want Lyon would become his priority"

Is this the same Reyes who doesn't want to live away from Spain? Do Lyon now play in Spain? Why didn't anyone tell me this?

On the subject of ex players (sort of) Sol Campbell looks like he will be rolling his way to Spain to make Reyes jealous. Robert Pires' Villarreal are after the big guy. The Spanish league will really suit Campbell as he is so technically gifted *chuckles to myself*

I can't bloody get my wireless connected to my bloody netgear box, its driving me crazy thinking of you... made a mistake when I le... If anyone has been through the same problem and can help please CONTACT ME cheers, and have a lovely day. Don't worry its almost Friday.