Good morning,

Its 7.12am and I haven't been to sleep yet ... don't ask!

We started the Emirates cup with a victory, whay hey! I am looking forward to the game today. Shame that Theo, Rosicky and Adebayor won't be involved. I demand a refund!

Arsene spoke after yesterdays match and said that we are lacking numbers in our squad and are looking to bring in 1 or 2 players.

Yesterday's match saw Diaby and Flamini as wide men so its quite obvious as to where he see's at least one of the areas. I am personally hoping for a right footed left side player in the Marc Overmars type of mould. I say Overmars and not Pires because we have plenty of passes in our side already.

Will Arsene bring in another forward? Maybe another number 9. I speak about that in my MATCH REVIEW

Wenger will already be in talks with players/clubs about these targets. Maybe they are already at an advanced stage and I would imagine that Arsenal have told the club to keep it on the down low so I expect to see a signing out of nowhere and not announced all over the Sunday papers.

Going to cut this short now as I need my sleep, but I will speak about this more in AV Chat 6.

Goodnite morning.