Bit late for an entry I know, but it would be rude not to.

The Internet has been down all day today due to flooding according to Virgin Media, great! Thanks alot.


I had a great day at the Emirates yesterday but as a performance I think I enjoyed the PSG match more. They played some fantastic stuff as they whipped Valencia's arse. For some reason all they seemed to do in possession was play long balls to David Villa which really did not come off. He never had a sniff.

PSG have a very youthful and attacking side who were all trying to show their skill. Nice to see, I was very impressed with Amara Diane he looks very quick and skilful. I wonder what Arsene made of it? He says that he goes by his first impression on a player.

Hopefully the Eddie shit can be sorted out on Thursday. I really wanted to see him play yesterday. I wanted to watch his runs and see if there was any connection with him and our midfield. Ah well, hopefully I'll get to watch him on the telly in the Amsterdam Tournament.