Two pre season tournaments, two trophies.

Can't really ask for much more than that for pre season I guess. I suppose my only criticism is that I think the team does not score enough goals overall. This may change as the season starts and players start finding their feet.

It was Robin again to come up with the winner. But the credit must go to Gael Clichy who I thought was fantastic yet again. What an amazing run down the left to beat two players and still have the vision to pick the perfect pass to Van Persie at pace who took it well on his right. Its a very good sign that Van Persie is scoring goals on his right. Henry finished many a chance on his left and it opened up his goalscoring options.

Hleb is alot more improved in the middle of the park but I worry about his lack of goals if we are going to start the season that way. It looks like Eddie (Eduardo) may start the season on the bench with Arsene bringing him off the bench in the final 20 minutes to get him adjusted to English football. Although I don't believe that he needs adjusting, adapting, groomed.

A certain website claims to know who we are signing and is even dropping little hints. Time will tell if its complete bollocks or not. I'm sure it will be justified if it does not happen though.

Manchester United vs Chelsea this afternoon. Wow, the season is almost here. I'm kinda excited about it. I suppose I am every year. I always have this optimistic feeling. I have it yet again. I hope I AM justified.