Its just occurred to me that William Gallas is very much like my girlfriend. Not in looks thank god but the fact that he just keeps talking none stop and says stuff without thinking about the consequences is all very familiar to me. (I hope she doesn't read this!)

Willy G has been talking yet again but at least this time he is bigging us up and saying positive things. Gallas claims that Arsenal will not be bullied anymore and that he has seen a difference in our attitude so far this pre season. Which is mega important. I was thinking the same thing watching the Ajax and Inter matches. Even though these were friendly matches our players were running all over the place closing people down and working hard as a team. This will also help us concede less goals over the course of the whole season.

The start of the season is getting close and I'm excited. I really hope we can prove all these big spenders wrong.

Have a splendid day, chat tomorrow.