So the start of the season is here, this could be a time when you can look back and say "this was the season when it all clicked" I guess the opposite could be said as well. Hopefully we can beat Fulham my only worry is that everyone is writing off Fulham and saying that we will hammer 4 goals past them. I think we'll beat them and have alot of the ball but I think it will be tighter than people think.

Arsene Wenger was talking yesterday to the press. And it seems like he is pretty close to signing a new contract, its just a matter of time now. I was always pretty confident that his future would be with us. Its good news.

Arsene also talked about the need for transfers

"I always look at my team and what we need to be strong," he said. "And I feel we are strong, I don’t feel we need more.

"But we are always listening. If something comes up we have the funds to do it, but we don’t have a special need."

"I don’t go into crazy markets. But they might go down again. The amount of top class players available is not necessarily linked with the money available."

Which could mean that we are talking to a club but they are not budging on a price and we are not willing to pay that. We have until the end of August, so lets see what happens there.

Oh and Bernie boy Ecclestone is still eying up the club. To be honest I like eying up Beyonce and nothing ever comes of it so I just ignore all the take over rumours.

Have a great day all, Until tomorrow.