Didn't the boys do well ey?!

I missed most of the first half because the tv screen messed up in the pub that I was at so I had to trek across Camden Town trying to find a pub that had Setanta.
I managed to find one for the start of the second half so that was good news. As I said in my match review, I was very impressed with the way the players were flying into tackles and defending as a team instead of standing around waiting to get the ball back.

I am getting more and more confident in our side the more I see of them since Thierry Henry has left. The good news is that we will only improve during the season.

Fabregas has said that he didn't poke fun at Repka's injury during the Sparta match. I didn't actually see this (Without sounding like Arsene)
But I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. Fabby certainly has a cheeky side to him. Repka is a knob who deserves it anyway. I would be tempted to rest Fabregas in the second leg and play Diaby or Denilson in his place. Revenge could be in one or two Sparta players minds.

Here is something to think about..

Real Madrid should have wrapped up two wingers in Robben and Drenthe. They also have signed midfielder Wesley Sneijder so what now happens to Robinho? Will he stay and fight for his place? Is he surplus to requirements? Is Arsene still interested? The transfer merry go-round will be in full effect soon.

It looks like Eduardo will be fit for the Blackburn game, good stuff. Looking forward to watching him.

Until tomorrow.