I had a dream about the match today and just incase I have some sort of sick Arsenal dreaming prediction skills, then I thought I would let you know about it first.

We will win the match 2-1. We scored from a corner, it was either Gallas or Toure. I will go for Gallas as Kolo scored last year.
Bentley to score an equaliser from a direct freekick and Eduardo to score the winner late in the second half.

Ok, it has been slightly adjusted because I was involved in the match and its safe to say that i will not be spraying 50 yard passes at Ewood park today.

I will be watching to see how the team plays when not in possession. I hope we kick Blackburn the same way that they kick us. We need to chase in packs and act like we are playing Barcelona or Manchester United. That is the only way that we will have any chance to win the league this season.

Wenger will have to reshuffle the pack as our two wingers, Eboue and Rosicky are out. Maybe Walcott will start on the right which doesn't quite sit with me right now.

I'm off, and don't forget to put a bet on for us to win 2-1