Thanks a bunch Jens!

So Lehmann threw away a good away victory. Ah well, it was just a freak, its highly unlikely that it will happen again.. ah! I said that last week didn't I?

The other bad news is that captain fantastic Willy Gallas is out for about three weeks with a groin injury. Senderos has the chance to show everyone that he can be consistant. It would be nice if we played all the long ball teams before Gallas comes back.

Eduardo must have been thinking, what the hell am I doing here, my leg hurts! He will look better at home with more space, and more goal scoring opourtunites.

Eddie played upfront alongside Van Persie and Hleb took Rosicky's position on the left. Someone will have to make way when Rosicky is fit. It will be interesting to see who it is.

The whole Gilberto thing has gone a little quiet hasn't it? We shall see what happens when he comes back.