Good morning Gunner bredrins,

Not much in the way of Arsenal news this so far. Alot of Jens Lehmann negative and positive views going around various blogs and Arsenal sites.

The next team we play will be high flying Manchester City at home. I think we will continue on track and beat them quite well. Eduardo will look alot sharper at the Emirates so that will be interesting.

A bit late in talking about it but I have to mention how bad that Chelsea penalty decision was.. Absolutely crazy. I saw it first time that it was a dummy, it was obvious. Alot of people say that past players should be referees because they understand the game, in this case I would agree. But what past player would want the job? Especially when they can get buckerooneys chatting rubbish on Sky sports instead.

Anyway, silly little referee has been kicked to the curb.

Arsene claims that he is not close to any signings at the moment. Is this a smoke screen or is this just the way it is. Luka Modric has been linked to the club on more than one occasion. Not quite sure why we would need him? He seems a bit in the mould of Cesc, Hleb, Rosicky etc so I find it hard to believe to be honest.

I got football in Battersea Park tonight and I am looking forward to it,

I feel like I am reaching my physical peak right now, I have a huge belief in myself and don't feel like I need to go into the transfer shop to buy new boots (in my best Arsene voice)

Until tomorrow.